Monday, 16 July 2007

New journal

Here is the link to my new journal so guys put this one on your alerts - I made this one using my AIM thingy and I didnt log onto AOL to do it - so it should work when I get rid of AOL and just have my AIM thingy LOL! YAY so glad I can stay and still see all you lovely guys - I do love you all - you know that dont ya!!

There you go - I will also email it to ya all too!!

Love Lainey xxxxxx

P.S. If you think for any reason I might not have your email address - please please email it to me as soon as possible. Laine xxxx

New journal

Here is the link to my new journal so guys put this one on your alerts - I made this one using my AIM thingy and I didnt log onto AOL to do it - so it should work when I get rid of AOL and just have my AIM thingy LOL! YAY so glad I can stay and still see all you lovely guys - I do love you all - you know that dont ya!!

There you go - I will also email it to ya all too!!

Love Lainey xxxxxx

P.S. If you think for any reason I might not have your email address - please please email it to me as soon as possible. Laine xxxx

Ive now got AIM!!!

Well you thought you'd seen the last of me didn't ya!! ha ha

Right well thanks to Diama and Sugar and ever so many others they suggest that I can use AIM to visit journals and make my own up - well guess what yes it does work - I can visit journals! Not tried to make a journal with it yet but I will coz I will miss you all but Im not leaving for good - I do have all your email addresses and Ive got AIM so I WILL keep in touch - I promise!!!!

Love you all.

Laine xxx

Going to Virgin and goodbye to journal land

I am going to Virgin!

It will take a couple of weeks to sort out but I have decided today to go! AOL is so expensive and Virgin is much cheaper.  I will be keeping my AOL email address and I will have AIM so I wont be gone from AOL completely just journals - so we can still keep in touch through AIM or email! Also if anyone has msn they can add me to that.

My aol address is and my hotmail is - (that's my msn too) its been fun guys - but this is my final journal entry and this is goodbye. I will keep in touch and Ive got all your email addresses.

Goodbye journal land.

Love Laine xxxx

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Sunday evening

Big big thunder storm - we didnt like it! Oscar was very scared! He jumped up onto the chair next to his mummy and he wouldnt move! Joe was on my lap too - we were all huddled together scared. Sam and John were not scared they were whoopdy whooing out the window much to our annoyance!

It went though! Phew!

They are getting worse!


Im eating Lindt chocolate with orange!! mmmmmmmmm

Diama I went shopping today but not found that special special Diama gift yet! I will though - its out there waiting to be picked up.

Im looking for a holiday for me and John oh sorry John and I! whoops bad English!

Im looking on a budget of £500!!! Really hard to find one on that budget! Hmmmm me wants to go to the sun for a week and read and read and sleep and sleep! oh and drink and drink and eat and eat.

YAY everyone Sara was back today - miss my Sara I do! Sara hurry up and get on msn and we can play games!!!! hee hee!!!

Right Im off to look for holidays again.

p.s. by the way I might not be on AOL much longer - when I get me back side into gear I'll be looking for cheaper broadband.!!!!

Laine xxx


I have not been able to get into journals for days!! Wierd I could not even put an entry in my own journal! It kept coming up like everyone elses does like I was just a visitor to my own journal! I was really sad! LOL

So today I clicked on the notify AOL button and I had to put my screen name and password in and hey presto Im allowed back again! Wierd eh!!!

Went to see Harry Potter film last night - fantastic, brilliant very worth seeing!!

No kids this weekend - me and John going for a nice afternoon tea this afternoon - hope weather cheers up!

Not much more to say really.

Laine xxx

p.s. I've got over 100 alerts not sure I will get through them today. :0(


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

know what Im doing

Thanks to lovely Stuart I now know exactly what Im saying for my friend and also thanks to Mary and Sara for giving me their advise!!! You are all lovely and I love ya!!!

Laine xxxx


A very close friend has asked me to do something I don't want to do but I dont want to let her down - really cant say what it is here but I really want to help her but I dont want to lie for her - I dont lie - Im not a liar and I feel sad that she has asked me to lie for her. But, I dont want to hurt her by not doing it.  If I dont do it she might be really fed up with me and she is in a bad place at the moment and I dont want to push her further into a bad place. Sorry this is confusing - I know - sorry I just had to get it out.

Laine xxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Edited Tuesday

When I went shopping yesterday I didnt just buy for Sam - I bought for me too - I bought some lovely new trainers - two pairs because I couldnt decide - one pair is white and pink and the other black and pink.  Hee hee

Faffed all day to day.

Didnt do any tidying up!

Didnt take the dog out - awww poor Oscar - well I took him out but only up the road to my friend's house.

Got to get all ready for France tomorrow - not sure whether to put everything in my rucksack or take a cool bag too.  Advantage of cool bag is nice French wine can go in it at the end of day when we go to hyper market! If everything goes in rucksack it will be heavy but do I want two bags to carry? Whoops looks like I mean Im going to France tomorrow - nooo Im getting ready tomorrow - going on Thursday - just needed to clear that one up! LOL

Been bad today ate chocolate and milk cow gums from Sainsburys - loving milk cow gums at the moment! hmmmmm shall I take some to France?

Need to buy Euros tomorrow.

The book I'm reading 'False Memory' by Dean Koontz is brilliant - really cant wait to read it every night - Im managing about 10 pages before I go to sleep - will take ages to finish it - its about 800 pages long. Im sure one of you will work it out! By the way Im on about page 200. Will post it to you Sara when Im finished :0)

Went in playground today to wait for Joe, I dont normally do that because I really hate going in the playground - because I really dont want to talk to people sometimes.  I find it quite stressful.  Anyway, today I went in because I had to pick up my paperwork for my job. Two girls were so obviously talking about me - its so obvious when they whisper then turn and look at you! Its because one of them had gone for the job and not even got an interview and she knew that I'd got it! LOL! Im glad I wont have to be a mum in a playground again after 25th July!! YAY Hate playground gossip!

My little Joe got his new uniform today for September - awwww he looks all grown up in it - seems wierd seeing himin that uniform!

Laine xxxxx

Thanks Donna for my


Monday, 9 July 2007


Can't believe its a new week already.

What does this week hold for me I wonder.

Sam off school today so feels like I've got a purpose for being here if you know what I mean.

I've actually done something today - done some tidying up and got my finances sorted out.

The boys Dad has eventually paid up so I can pay off a few bills today - phew! Also I can buy Sam some long awaited clothes - not been able to buy him some new clothes for ages.  Joe needs some too but Sam more desparate as Joe has had alot of Sam's cast offs.  Joe also spends all his pocket money/birthday money on latest football kits so he is always looking smart!

Going down the town in a minute. Sam and Joey (his friend) going too.  Im going to meet my friend Maria for a coffee whilst the boys go and shop.

Got a meeting after school for the French Trip on Thursday - we are going early on Thursday and dont get back til late Thurs night - Im dreading it because I dont travel very well. But it should be a good day and its Joe's last school trip with Robsack.

Slept better last night. I was so relieved to wake up this morning and realise I'd slept all night - mind you didnt go off til 1.30am but its still good to sleep right through. I try to put off going to bed until I feel really really tired - I do so hate just laying there and wierd things go on in my mind - so dont like that.

Not sure, apart from day in France, what I will be doing this week. I keep telling myself to tidy up because believe me my house is a tip! It really is. I just cant get up the energy or enthusiasm to do it all. My brain says do it but my body says no!

Hope you are all ok.

Thinking of my lovely journal friends.

Laine xxxxxx

If there are any mistakes or it dont make sense - im sorry - it just all came out!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Wind beneath my wings

I was thinking alot yesterday. Thinking alot about my journal friends. Particulary my lovely friends who are sad at the moment.

I remembered a moment soon after the awful 9/11 in New York when Bette Midler sang to the grieving people of New York.  It was so so emotional. I remember thinking how brave those people were and how the hell do you cope! It proves that with someone beside you to lift you up and someone to be the wind beneath your wings you can move on and you can get there. I share this footage with you today. I think it is so fantastic how New York pulled together and got through, or still getting through, this awful time.  I admire them immensely. What courageous and wonderful people they are. They were all the wind beneath each others wings to help them through such a tragic time.

Just recently my Aunty Maureen died and at her funeral 'Wind beneath my wings' was played. It is such a strong powerful song - I cried buckets - its hard to explain but it felt like it was my aunty singing it and telling us she would be the wind beneath our wings and help us through. 

Yesterday my Aunty June sent me a graduation card - congratulating me on my graduation - but she also sent a card to John - which I felt was so so thoughtful of her. It thanked him for helping me through my degree and that his help and support had not gone unnoticed - she said in her card that he was the 'wind beneath my wings'. He was and he is.  I was so touched that my Aunty had recognised John's part in my degree.

I think by now you will all have got my message in today's entry.  I hope so, especially those who need a little help at the moment.

Love Laine xxxxx

P.S. Thank you Brainwhispers for my lovely flower - I was touched! Laine x

Saturday, 7 July 2007


Sometimes I dont feel like making an entry into my journal - I feel its pointless - sometimes I just cant be bothered. Sometimes I could write reams and reams.

Today I dont know why Im writing.

I feel sad today - sad for two very special people I have met here on J-land - Im not going to mention their names - but they are very special to me. 

I want to help them come out of the dark place they are in but feel so helpless because I cant possibly!

This is what is so frustrating about J-land - you meet some great fantastic people but if they are ill or need help - what the hells does an email or a j-land comment do! It dont flippin solve the issue - it dont give them a hug and reassurance.

Some people might not think that the caring is real and I can admit that some journals I read that I dont think about again until next time I visit - but there are some special people who I really really do care about and when there not well it hurts.

Laine xx

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Thank you

Thank you so so much all of you for such lovely comments yesterday!! I had 18!!! Never had that many before!!! Thank you so so much!

It is starting to hit me now and I'm beginning to realise what I have achieved. I know that sounds silly but its taking a while to sink in!

Im looking forward to the graduation ceremony and I will post pictures!!

I want chocolate - hmmm IM in a chocolate mood.

Hey I didnt tell ya all - I lost 7 pounds in weight recently!! YAY!!!

Laine xx

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

BA Hon Degree in Fine Art

I have got my results!!!

I now have a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art - I got a 2:2!

I got graded two B's and two C's.  So I didnt do really rubbish but I didnt get a first class but Im just estatic that I got a degree at all!!!

Will wear that gown with pride on the 24th July - I did it!!!

Laine xxx

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

End of the rainy day

Had a good day.

Didnt rain so much!

Havent got town sports tomorrow - its cancelled.

Im going into work to see if I can have some work! ha ha!

Postie never turned up with my news Stuart!!!!!!

Had a really good day today - thought it was going to be boring and it ended up being great! But cant be bothered to type it all - its not that great! LOL

Wonder if I will sleep tonight?

Dam forget me tablets!

Bloomin hospital is really getting on my nerves - they havent sorted out Sam's growth hormones yet! Really not good enough!

My Joe had his first day at senior school today - a taster day - he came home full of it! Think he enjoyed it.

Sam came home from his first roller disco tonight! He came home full of it too - me and john think he is developing a stutter - hmmmm not something else!!!

Laine xxxxx

whoops John should have a capital J - my English teacher would not be happy with me!

Another rainy day

Hmmm another day - a rainy day.

Been awake since 2.30am this morning!

Slept all day yesterday so paid the consequences last night.

Tired now.

No post yet, no results yet.

Thinking of going over to Virgin TV, Phone, Broadband - its much cheaper - oh but I would miss you all so much.

My Joe went to big school today with Sam - its his taster day! Awwww my baby its a huge school! Its Filsham Valley School and soon both of them will be there.  There has been alot of news about it not being a very good school but Sam is happy there and I think their happiness is all that matters.

Dont know what to do this morning! But really should make the most of it as Im very busy for the rest of the week. Got to observe a lesson this afternoon for my class I do on a Thursday morning re. teaching support. It should be a good lesson as its music and I.T. Sounds interesting!

Helping out at Town Sports tomorrow all day with the school  (My Joe running 80 meter dash) - thats 9.30 til 2.30 - then Ive got to ferry kids home, then at 4pm its the governors meeting - then after that we are meeting our course tutor Andrew Robey at a pub at 6pm - its our very last meet up - I hope I can make it.

Got my lessons on Thursday. Really enjoying my English class.

Going on a day trip with the school on Friday!

Really busy doing stuff with the school and you know that I went to a meeting re. their gold award for healthy eating - well they got it!! Yay - Oh check out Robsack Wood website and then you will see where my Joe goes to school at present and where I will be working.

Love Laine xxxx


Monday, 2 July 2007

My five girls for the Blogger award

I now announce my five girl blogger awards go to;

Sara of Sara's Days - I love my lovely Sara I do! I think she is a fantastic Mum - and a fantastic person, I love her wit and her charm - she will always be one of my favourites! Always good at listening to me when Im down - bless her! Loves ya looooooods my lovely Sara. 

Diama -  Chocolate Cherried Creations -  Just getting it off my chest 

Diama is one super duper hell of a crazy lovely girl!! I love her! She is brilliant, fantastic and lovely! Diama is so fantastically clever and makes wonderful tags! Loves my lovely Cherry!

Donna - This, That and Hockey- who is always there for me if I want to chat and is crazy as I am too! I just love crazy people - you are all crazy girls like me LOL! And you make a mean tag!! I loves ya!

Annabel - Annabel's blog - well I just love this gal to bits - she is my best friend's daughter and I have known her ever since she was an ickle ickle baby in her mummy's tummy - she has grown into a beautiful beautiful gal and I love her to bits!!! Love you Annabel.

Kat - Walk with Me - A lovely lovely gal - always strong and so much to do in her life - I dont know how she does it but she does! Really really creative and clever too! Loves ya Kat! (by the way this is a private blog so you'll have to email me if you want me to request Kat that you visit.)

There are lots of people I couldnt include because someone else already gave them an award - also all the men bloggers! Dont think they got a men award one but there are alot of fab men out there blogging a way! Think you are all brilliant and everyone deserves an award - if I was able to make graphics I would do a Laine Award and you would all get one!! Specially you Stuart!!!!

Love Laine xxx


Blogger award

Awwwwww I had to find the strength to let you all know that my lovely friend Joan has awarded me with this blogger award - awwwwwww - Im going to pick 5 of my friends tomorrow - but I can't choose Joan as she has already got one! Gonna put this on my side bar!


I did go back to bed - thanks for all your comments.

Still feeling very very weak and tired. Don't know what is wrong with me - must be a virus or something.

No results yet Stuart! Hope we find out before the graduation ceremony.

Got to go now too weak to type.

Laine xxx

So so tired

Really really tired today.

Had a jippy tummy this morning - great pain then rush to the loo!

Took the boys to school - then went straight back to bed.

Have got up but I feel all spaced out and really wierd like I should be sleeping still - I dont know whether to try sit it out or go back to bed. Just had some weetabix that might make me feel better. Don't like feeling like this.

What does everyone think of the smoking ban?

For me its nice as for once I can go into a pub and not smell of smoke or breathe in someone elses smoke - but it must be hard for those who do smoke suddenly having to change.

We went out to lunch yesterday at our favourite pub and it was lovely not to have smoke round you whilst you ate.  All the smokers were in the garden - until it rained LOL

More rain today - spose it wont be a bad thing to go back to bed - feel wierd and weak - may be I will go and read my book in bed - should I feel guilty for doing that - or is that alright? Tescos can wait til later!

Hope you all have a happy and not so wet day!

Laine xxxxx


Saturday, 30 June 2007

Rainy day Saturday

Rain rain go away come again another day!

Shrek III ok - just ok - thing is Shrek and Shrek II are so fantastic how do you live up to them! I fell asleep! So Joan I did a Rob! LOL Still go watch it though Diama - I think you need to see it - its just not as good as the others. I still love Shrek!

Oscar is looking longingly out the french doors - hmmm he wants to go walking in the rain! Might go in a minute if it eases off.

Weather report for Hastings, rain Sunday, rain Monday, rain Tuesday - oh and more rain on Wednesday! So its gonna rain then!

The boys just played football outside in the rain.

John has just gone shopping up to Tesco in the rain.

I might walk the dog in the rain.

I'm a bit fed up as we dont have any money at the mo - hmmmmmph.  Hate money it makes you fed up and you dont want it to! My boys Dad had suddenly stopped paying maintenance without any warning - he owes us £600 now! If he dont pay this month's then it will be £900. He is taking the boys out to dinner tomorrow - how can he afford that if he cant afford the maintenance?  Already in the past he has owed me a couple of thousand and I had to get it back through the courts which took forever - I really hope I dont have to do all that again.  John has never ever ever missed a maintenance payment even when we are struggling.  Of course, me being a student for the last 5 years hasnt helped matters and we are struggling but now he has stopped it makes matters worse. Be so much easier when Im getting a wage coming in - there hasnt even been any work at the holiday park. I hope he pays us soon - I dont want to have a go at him just yet.

Anyway sorry to harp on about all my troubles!! Think its this rain - I feel like Eeoyre!!! LOL

He is kind of gloomy!!

... eeyore_rain.jpg 10-Mar-1997 ...

Lainey Laine xxxxxxxxxxx


Friday, 29 June 2007

Shrek III

Going to see Shrek III tomorrow - awwwwwww I just love that donkey!!!!! He really rocks.




Check out the website - I just downloaded loads of wallpapers and cool stuff and that - its brilliant!!!

Laine xxxx

Thank you

Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and congrats - when I heard the news about my job I couldnt wait to tell you all my journal friends.  Your all so lovely and lovely Sara put a really lovely congrats for me in her journal which Im putting in mine now to keep forever!!!!

See isnt she lovely!!! Awwwwwwww loves that Sara thank you!!!!!

Postal strike today so we wont get our degree results for ages yet!!! They apparently posted them yesterday but we wont get them til Tuesday!!!

Another rainy day!! Oh well!

Hope you are all ok.

Love Lainey



Thursday, 28 June 2007



I got the job!!!!


Just been talking to my lovely friend Joan telling her all about my job - so sorry Joan you got to read it all again!! hee hee Joan is waiting to hear about her future in her job so pop over and give her some good luck!! Good luck Joan I hope you get your interview!

I will be working 15 hours a week with two boys that are brothers, they will be new to the school and will need help and support on a one-to-one.  Start in September. Its temporary at first and apparently thats always the case as funding for the boys isnt confirmed for the whole year - its only confirmed for the first two terms. YAY!!!!

Eileen thanks for your email - cant believe you lost me!!! hee hee!!

Sara - I bought a new Dean Koontz today - your fault you got me into him!!! I bought  'False Memory'.

Love Laine xxxx



Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Interview over

Hi All,

Well Ive been - Ive done it - Im not sure how it went - how can you tell?

All I know is that there were over 100 applicants and I made the final 20 for interview - so thats good anyway!!

There were six of us there for interview all waiting in reception.  The girls waiting round me were looking so nervous - I wondered if I looked the same.  Then the cleaner came past 'Hi Elaine, how are you, have you finished your degree?' - I chatted to her.  Then a teacher I knew came past, ' Hi Elaine - good luck!' - Then another teacher came past 'OOOH Elaine I need to tell you about Thursday!' - Well the girls all looked at me as if to say - well she is well in here then. But that is not the case - yes I am well in with the school - I do alot for them but I still had to be interviewed like everyone else and it was still nerve racking and hard and Im not sure if I did it or not!!

First of all we all went in together for a group interview - the Head told us all about the positions available - 5 apparently!! So 20 of us going for 5 jobs - Im in for a chance maybe!!  The group interview was ok - everyone all so polite and that.  We had to draw some pictures in three minutes that spoke about ourselves then we had to read them out.  I quite enjoyed that bit.

Then we all went back into the staff room - then we were called one by one - I went last!! I spent most of the time reassuring the girls that were sat waiting that they would be ok and gave them interview tips!! Thats just me isnt it!! Blimey I might have even put them with an advantage!! Oh well I cant help helping people even when they are my competition.

My turn finally came and I found it quite daunting - questions thrown at me like bullets - these people that normally are so familiar and nice to me suddenly became like huge giants that had lots of power - the power to my future!! EEEEK  Im not sure if I answered the questions right or not, Im not sure if I babbled or not? I cant even remember what I said most of the time - I just hope I was ok - the thing is they know me but I had to pretend they didnt know me and really sell myself - I hope I did! We wont know for about 4-5 days - so another waiting game!

All I can do now is wait!

Laine xxxx

Monday, 25 June 2007


Postman came- highlight of my day! Not much else going on - oh yeah Ive got to let my friend's dog out for her as she is working. Everyone working or at school - me here bored and feeling useless.

So much to do but I just cant get motivated to do it!

Had letter from school about interview tomorrow. Its at 330pm and Im told to allow 3 hours for the process as all candidates will be there. There will be an informal group interview and a formal interview.  What if I dont get the job!!!! Im sooo nervous.

Laine xxxxx

Sunday, 24 June 2007

The See Show pics at last

Well I finally felt like doing some pics of my show - I still dont know my results but it should be soon!! Here are the pics of my show Please visit the website to see what us students have been up to or up to now - not much probably we still getting over the degree!! ha ha.

This is the first bit of my little room with my cross stitched messages.

Look my lovely Sara there is yours!!

You turned the corner then you saw the film!

This was looking from the film room of my installation out to the corridor.

Right tomorrow I will post more of the show from of the other artists work.

Im still feeling wierd - I wonder why.

I hate Sunday evenings at the moment - it means a long week ahead of nothingness. I hate it! Also I love being with everyone at the weekend - the kids and John - we went fishing yesterday Me, John and Chris whilst Sam and Joe went swimming with my mate Carol.  Then last night we went to my friend Joe's house and we played his game called Risk. We played with little soldiers and you had to conquer the world - it was fantastic - it took about 4 hours and we didnt even finish - I won!!! I managed to make a really strong army and I defended really well - I love computer games but you cant beat the old board games - it was a great evening.  Now Sunday evening is here and Im sad - John just gone off to take Chris home and its all I dont know funny and wierd. Hmmmmm!

I sold my old phone and I found a beautiful pic I took months ago when we were on Camber Sands.

Awwww how I want to be walking along those sands with John now - hand in hand - I feel like crying - why is that?

I just wish life was one big holiday with lots to do! Im bored and I dont know what to do with myself - Im at my happiest when Im with my family and we are having fun - I realised that last night when we were playing the game - I was happy!

Laine xxxxxx


Saturday, 23 June 2007

Can we help Gill and Royston please

The comment below was left for me from Gill and Royston and it speaks for itself - be good if we could all support them! Thanks everyone! Laine xxxxx

Hi Good Luck for the interview Elainey! I wonder if you could do me a favour. I have worked for the last ten years at Crosshill Special School in Blackburn, the Council are after closing us down under BSF (Building schools for the future) and we are campaining against it. they want to build a super school (a big campus!) but our pupils thrive far better in a small school with our mainstream links. We have just put a protest song and video on youtube, if you go on and type in Crosshill it comes on ! We are also going to be on Granada Reports on Monday at 6 pm. We are collecting signatures and we have collected over 7,000 so far. We have our own Crosshill School website  and people can sign the petition online. Could you alert people on AOL journals. We would love your support. Thanks Elainey ! love Gill and royston xx
P.S. Paddy from Emerdale came in to visit and we have his support and the local newspaper "Lancashire Evening Telegraph' is publishing articles about us and being in full support!
#6 Comment from
gillandroyston - 22/06/07 19:25

Friday, 22 June 2007


Well I gave in my application form yesterday and today was the closing date.  I didnt expect to hear anything today but I did!!  Ive got an interview on Tuesday at 3.30!!! EEEEEEEEEK This is it guys - my next step to my future! Ive not had an interview for a job for about 7 years!!!  I will have to sort through all my clothes and find something smart to wear - I dont own any smart clothes!! yikes!!

Started to watch BB a bit more - its a bit better but still Im still not an avid watcher as I have been in the past.

Ive got to write a story for my next English class - cant think of one - does anyone want to give me a title or idea to work with?

Hope you are all well and have a great weekend.

Love Laine xxx

Thursday, 21 June 2007

Hello everyone

Hi everyone,

Well I've decided to make an appearance whether you want me or not! Ha ha.

I'm going to try get round some of your journals tonight. I miss not knowing what you are all up to - I feel out of touch but at the same time find it hard to keep up! Do you know what I mean?

I do feel better ish LOL! I'm starting to get myself motivated and doing stuff.  I joined an English GCSE group today to brush up on my English - I really enjoyed it! It was nice meeting lots of people from different backgrounds and we all had a story to tell. There was a lady who had been brought up in Dr Barnados homes and was pushed from pillar to post as a little girl - her story was touching.  There was a lady who had lived on the streets for six and a half years - her story we are yet to hear - Im not sure if she will share it with us - but she was a lovely lovely lady. A girl next to me had manic drepression - she had a word for it but I cant remember it now - bio something. Each and every one of us had some sort of reason why we had not done English well at school.  I think Im going to enjoy it - Im going to be writing lots of stories and reading Of Mice and Men and Othello!!! Not done any shakespeare in my life!!! I have read John Steinbeck novels but only a few when I was at school.

I put my application form into the school today - that took me a long time to do! I hope its ok!! Fingers crossed!

Today is the day that our grades are decided! Fingers crossed again!!

I must post some pics soon!

Laine xxxx

p.s. Im not sure if I like Big Brother much this time - Im not watching it like I used to! I can't stand that Charlie she is driving me bonkers!


Monday, 18 June 2007

Feeling bit better

Hi all,

I'm slowly getting better. Wierd that feeling of depression - you don't know why you feel so down. No-one else understands you and you dont even understand yourself.  Im really sorry I havent visited any of your journals - I just keep looking at all the alerts piling up in my inbox and I cant deal with them! I dont even feel like writing my journal either.

Ive been out and about loads though - Ive been making the most of the weather when its nice - I feel its better than being on the computer all the time.  I think thats part of it - I need to break away from the computer more and enjoy the out doors while the weather is good.  Ive been walking loads with my dog and even went fishing on Saturday which is something I thought I would never do! I caught three fish!! yay!! Put them back though - poor little fishies dont want to hurt them!

John and I have decided after a lovely walk through a caravan park the other day that we are going to buy a caravan next year when Im earning. So that cheered me up - something to look forward to.  Things like money and stuff have got me down just recently.  John and I really love the outdoor life and I can just imagine us in the lakes with our little caravan - sounds like heaven to me.

Ive been reading alot and I finished my book, Watchers, Dean Koontz. Fantastic book - thoroughly enjoyed it and I would love to read one of his books again. My next book is Fluke by James Herbert.

Ive got my application form to fill out for the school - a Teaching Assistant position has come up - cant remember if I told you all. Anyway, this is my next step to the path of my teaching - I have to work in a school for about a year first before I can do the graduate training programme.  Going to fill that out tomorrow and Im meeting one of the teacher's after school so she can look at it for me to check it and make sure its what they want.

I hope you are all ok and enjoying the weather when we get it.  I will try and visit you all again soon. Im glad I made an entry today - I wasnt going to but now Im glad I did it made me feel a little better - I am much happier - just still feel wierd.

Love Laine xxxxx

Friday, 15 June 2007


I'm just doing an entry for my lovely friend Sara who is missing me - I'm soooo sorry I haven't been visiting your journals or writing my own - just going through a bit of a bad time at the moment - I'm ok so don't worry - just a bit down at the mo and haven't felt like writing. Please don't worry I'm ok! I'm still here just alot to sort out at home thats all.

Laine xxxx

Monday, 11 June 2007

still fed up and bored


Ewwwwwww look what I caught from Donna's journal not one bug but loads!!!! I hope you dont catch them!


Im feeling a bit better today - Ive chatted with a good friend that I made here on Journals - she was there for me she was! Bless her and she really helped too - plus we had to share a bar of galaxy but I ate most of it! hee hee


I just want to share with you all that John wasnt that happy with me last night and it all ended in tears but we are back on track again today. I just hope I can shift myself out of this rut - I laid in bed all morning feeling sorry for myself - just want to sleep and I havent washed my hair! Not like me.

Anyway, Im going to change my journal - the look and the name - Stuart came up with a good one but Im not sure I will be at large Stuart LOL - I cant even get out of bed!!! ha ha

Right off to do nothing - until I pick the boys up - hmm all those weeks I longed to do nothing and now I hate doing nothing LOL!

Laine xx



thinking of new journal name

Hi everyone

Im thinking of renaming my journal as Im not doing a degree anymore - its all done - over now! Its time to move forward.  Can anyone think of a good name I could change it to and if I do change the name of my journal does everyone still get the alerts?

Laine xxx

Sunday, 10 June 2007


Thank you so so much for all your comments they really mean alot to me.

Im still no better today - infact Im worse today - sorry to tell you.  Im really just writing in here to get it all out - so if you dont want to read it I'll understand.

I dont think John is understanding me - and that hurts the most - either that or he is ignoring me and hopes it will just go away.

The thing is that when your normally a bubbly happy-go-lucky person, like me, and then you suddenly feel very sad and moody and you dont know why, and you cant stop it and everything and anything seems an impossibility! well people cant handle it they think that you should just snap out of it.

Trouble is I feel like I cant snap out of it - and anything that happens or anything John does seems wrong to me. Like this morning he decided to go fishing and I felt left out - even though I knew I could have gone - but instead I stayed at home feeling sorry for myself.  But, also John isnt coming near me - no cuddles or asking me if Im alright - why is it that when you need that the most they just dont come near you! Why is it that when he is in a mood and depressed thats ok but its not ok for me!

We took my show down this afternoon and I notice little silly things like John walking ahead of me and not waiting to hold my hand.

Then he and Christopher went fishing again - I stayed away because I didnt want to spoil their afternoon if I was moody.  It annoyed me that John never insisted I came with him - cant win can he!

Then he said we would go for a walk - we went for a little walk and it was hurried - he kept looking at his watch - and he walked in front of me again and never attempted to hold my hand - we always hold hands when we walk! I know I could have held his but I just need him to tell me he loves me.  When we came home I asked to talk to him then Christopher came out and I couldnt talk to him.  Then he took Christopher home so we didnt get the chance - he is gone now and I am so so sad - I want to cry again.

Thanks for listening

Laine xxxx


So sorry I haven't posted any pics of my show yet and I have also not looked at any of my alerts.

I feel so wierd - I think Im a bit depressed or something - I have not been very well for the past couple of days. I have felt really really groggy like you do when you've taken loads of pain killers but felt like it constantly. Very very tired and very sad.

I should be happy and elated this is a new beginning to my life.  Why do I feel so depressed and that everyone is against me.  I snapped at everyone yesterday (tears falling as I write). John woke up this morning early and said he was going fishing with the boys - I cried and cried - why? I could have gone with them but no I get all funny and say no Ive got loads to do here pointing to the pile of washing up and the kids school uniforms to get ready. Why the hell didnt I just smile and say oooh thats nice how lovely I will come (now Im really crying!) Whats wrong with me Im so so sad I want to cry and cry all the time and John is really cross with me now - he doesnt understand he thinks Im just spoiling their fun - Im not I just dont know what to do with myself. Then I stop feeling sad and get all moody and think oh why dont you all just clear off and leave me alone!

John just left for fishing and said to me why dont you come? I said no Im not coming but really I wanted to go!!!

Oh dear - I really dont know what to do with myself.

Laine xxxxx

Wednesday, 6 June 2007

what a day

Well I got my alerts back on, so I will look at them later - ooooh how posh it now tells you what journal it is! lol have they been off that long.

The examiner came in - she was really nice - she really interrogated us about the course - it seemed she wanted to know about our welfare and how we liked it more than our actual work - she seemed to like my work though - she said it was conceptual - yay!!! She was nice - I liked her!

Hey Stuart I got a 2:1 for my dissertation - yay!!!!!! Thanks to you for your advise on that!

Right need to catch up with alerts!

Oh, I forgot to say - Ive got my cousin staying here for a couple of days, the one who lost her mum, bless her.  Can you believe the funeral is not til 13th! There has been alot of family arguing - awful when someone has died.

Love Laine xxxx

Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Turned alerts back on

I just turned my alerts back on! That takes ages!! I wish there was a button that says select all and you can do them all at once!

Had a great day down at my show today - my tutor Sonja came along and she gave me great feedback - she said she was very proud of me and that I had come along way.  She also said that Gina (my friend) and I should do another exhibition of our work soon. Sonja said if I dont get a good mark she will charge down the college and ask them why! LOL

The examiners are in tomorrow - we have to hang around near the gallery all day incase they want to talk to us - I think they might talk to all of us - I will be nervous but in a way its good that they see us as person and not just our work.

I still feel wierd - I think its because we are all in limbo land at the moment - all 22 of us - not knowing what result we have got!  We are all worrying!

I took some pics today - I will put them on soon.

Love Laine xx


Monday, 4 June 2007


Feeling sad - no more school for me! :(

4 years ago I used to go to an organisation called Horizons - they provide free education for local people - and are funded by the government.  They are the one's that got me into going to college and helped me get where I am now.  Well I phoned them today and they welcomed me back with open arms.  I was feeling empty today and didn't have anything to hold on to - hard to explain.  I know I havent got my results yet - but I'm really nervous about those and I want to belong somewhere again. I know, I know its early days yet. Anyway, I'm going for an interview at Horizons next week - I'm going to be a student there again.  I'm going to do a Learner Support Course - learn how to support teachers and its credited and Im going to do ways into English so I can find out what level my English is so I might do GCSE next year! Feel better now and excited yay!!

Thanks for all your lovely comments - internal examination today eeeeeeeek - external on Wednesday - double eeeeeeeeeek.

Can someone tell me how to put the alerts back on - do I have to do them one by one!!! Cant see a way of turning them all on at once!!

Im going to come back visit you all - can't believe I've just fnished 4 years of college!!! Well Im going to start again with something else!! hee hee

Love Laine xxxx

p.s. when I get my degree does that mean I can actually call myself an artist? OOOOOOOh how posh!


Sunday, 3 June 2007

Our website

Yay our website is now up and running - I put on the link to me yes me!!! LOL

Laine xxxx

Thank you and it went well

Hi All

Thanks for all your lovely comments and good wishes yesterday.

I had a lovely evening - my Mum and Dad bought me a huge and I mean huge! boquet of flowers I felt like I was getting married or somehing LOL!! I was really chuffed!

Phil and Catherin (my brother and his wife) and my little nephew Stanley came all the way down from Norwich to see me and my show. They gave me a book on Tracey Emin - I already had it so they will get me a book token. I didnt expect pressies!! yay!!

The show went well and it all looked great! I am down there on Thursday so I will take pics then and let you see the show. My tutors all seemed impressed with my work!

Im now working on my back up studies - getting all my sketch books up to date and writing my review of the year. We need to hand it all in tomorrow. Internal examiners tomorrow then external examiners on Wednesday!! EEEEEK now for the crunch!!!

Right I better get on with it!!

Laine xxxx

Saturday, 2 June 2007

Show Time!

Well it's show time folks - the end is here!! It's my private view tonight! yikes!!

Im looking forward to a good drink and chat with my friends.

I still got tons of work to do tomorrow - finalising my sketch books and writing my review which is to be handed in on Monday - then Im all done!!

Examiners come in on Wednesday - eeeeeeeeeeeek!!!

Im pleased with my show and its what I wanted.

Sara glad you got your books - my pleasure!

Laine xxxxxxxx

Thursday, 31 May 2007

Thanks alot

Thanks everyone for your kind comments - you are all keeping me going - I read your comments and I think right Im doing it, Im doing it!!!

My space is more or less done now - just got to paint floor and fix my cross stitches properly.  I'm just writing my statement now so I can put that up too and then Ive just got my sketch books to pull together and make clear and write my review. Started my review the other day - just got 800 words to do now LOL!

Feel better today although very tired and still got that pain in my head.

Hugs to you all - I really do appreciate you being there for me and letting me sound out on my journal.  I can't wait to get finished now!! When Im done I will be catching up with you all to see what you've all been up to.

Sara your cross-stitch is now in the gallery - it looks so good hun - I cant thank you enough.

Lainey Laine xxxx


Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Even more tired

Really tired and really fed up. The house is a mess - there's shopping to do. Kids to feed. Appointments to attend. Dog to walk and life to live! But there is this show - this degree show and its taking ages to get together! Wonder when Im gonna explode!

Im so so tired.  Finished painting the area now - but its been a nightmare - the area I was given was naff and needed loads doing to it. So glad John was there to help me - and he is busy too!! We also helped my friend - god knows how she would have coped if we hadnt helped her! All the painters got lights put up for them, all the designers got boards put up for them. I had nothing!! No lighting - no power!! I wanted to cry - still feel like crying.

Now today John is so so busy he finding it hard to help me. Cross stitches still need to be pressed. Christopher got opticians. And electric needs to be put in my area! How am I going to do all that. Computers got to be put in tomorrow and floor needs painting. Im tired and fed up.

Laine xx

Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Life is hard in the fast lane but soon my journey will be at an end.


Laine xx

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Even more important!!

How exciting our web site is up and running just details about the show at the moment - YAY all excited now we got a website.  Go visit it - this is the link.


Something wierd happening with my journal - it never sent out an alert yesterday and i put my film on so check that out if you get an alert for this one!!! Also I couldnt edit or add new entries to it last night! Whats going on?

Please go visit my Annabel - she has blogged again and it would be great if people could visit her to encourage her to keep blogging!

Going down to the gallery to paint again today - also to help Hilary with her show.

Pirates at cinema at 3pm!!! Johnny Depp!!! yay!!!

Any Dream will do night!! yay!!

Sorry still not got my alerts on - thank you for still coming to see me even though Ive not been to you - appreciate that I do!  Not long and my alerts will be back on - just couldnt have coped with them at the moment.

Love Laine xxx

Friday, 25 May 2007

Film all finished and even on youtube!!!

Here it is - here is my film to be shown at my show on June 2nd. Now on Youtube!! YAY.

Laine xxxx


Thursday, 24 May 2007

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts - I do feel better this evening - been a wierd sad day.

I spoke to my Mum and she said she and my Dad saw my aunty yesterday and my Mum said that she died very peacefully in her sleep. That's nice to know - least she wasnt in any pain or discomfort.

Got two laptops on the go tonight - really technical in my house!!  Having to use new laptop to re-edit film so Im downloading all the updated software for vista - going to get quicktime pro too!  So Im doing this entry whilst waiting for it to download! This laptop is going to go in for repair when Ive finished college - poor thing not well LOL.

I still feel like Ive got mountains of stuff to do before next Friday which is D-day!! Well I have actually LOL. We are in studio painting tomorrow. Getting film done tonight - hopefully and then Ive got all weekend to get alot of stuff done.

My Joe has got good citizens tomorrow - bless him. It means he has been a good citizen in the school.  They give out these awards at the end of every term. So proud of him I am! Bless him. So I will go along to the assembly tomorrow and see him get that.

Missing John tonight - need his cuddles.

Laine xxxxx

Sad day

Just to let you know my Aunty Maureen passed away last night, peacefully. She is now in God's good hands.  My thoughts are with her family today, my cousins Michelle, Gary and Daryl who has lost a dear mum. her Grandchildren who have lost a dear and devoted nanny. Also with my Dad and my Aunty June who have lost a sister who was very dear to them.  Lots of fond memories of a lovely lady kept in my head - thank you for being a lovely Aunty.

Laine xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

awww for the day - sorry

Well they were lovely pics but never mind they gone now!! LOL

Jan - I eat two!! And Linda its a cereal and I love it! Right cleared that up!! hee hee

Saw Sonja today oh how Im happy!!! yay love Sonja - love her just love her!! She is the best tutor in the world oh yes she is is!!!!!

Right from that Im sure you take it that Im happy!!!

Got to re-edit film - it all makes sense what she said - yes it does! Im gonna do that - and she loves it all - hard to explain but trust me - Ill tell you more later!

Laine xxx

slide shows and stuff

Didnt know the slide show was hated so much! I see what you all mean though - naughty AOL! I just get excited about anything that moves! ha ha!!

Im feeling apprehensive - I wonder what Sonja will say - Im just waiting for John to give me lift in to college - if I drive in now I will not be able to park anywhere - I could have gone early but I didnt have time for me weetabix and if I dont eat me weetabix Im not a happy girl - all happy and full of weetabix now - oh and Im also full of virtual chocolate orange, ;o) winks at Sara!

I'm worried about my friend! She is going through bad times - she rang me last night - I told you all about her a couple of months ago - she had to leave her husband last year as he made life unbearable and she lives with her new man and her girls and things have not been good lately.  Her girls are settled in a new school and happy and get on really well with her new partner. But her partner cant cope with the grief they get from her ex. Last night he flipped and left her - he came back but she is in pieces as he keeps doing this to her.  She is so far away too - I dont know what she is going to do. I feel sad for her.

Windows keep updating - grrrrrrrrrrr.

Its a lovely sunny day - I sat outside and ate my weetabix! Weetabix al fresco!!!

7 days til BB!!!!

Ooooooh Mick Hucknall on GMTV.

Im dancing! Whooooooooo

Laine xxxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

You got to go revisit my NY entry - I just went to look at the pics and its on a slide show now!!!! Yikes how did that happen but its sooooo good and it wasnt me I wouldnt know how to do that!!!!LOL Laine xxxxx

I know, I know I should be doing my statement but I started mucking about LOL


It's late and I'm still up - been trying to write my statement that will go beside my work and my film on my show - wanted to have something to show Sonja tomorrow. Finding it really hard to word!!

Here is what Ive written so far LOL its a bit rubbish!!!#

I had 1,760 text messages sent to me on my mobile in just one year. I kept them all – I couldn’t delete them. They are sent so quickly without a thought of the impact they had on me. I wanted to  take the immediacy out of the text message, take it back to the days when ladies would embroider samplers and have sewing circles.  Technology takes us into a new dimension – in seconds a message is written and sent through the air to far away places.  ‘Tensions’ is a film that demonstrates  the physical and long drawn out process of having to stitch the text message,


Obviously I still have to work on that!! I really, dont know how to say what I want to say - do you know what I mean!!!!


Laine xxx

Feeling wierd

Hi ya peeps

Feel wierd today - funny butterfuly (hee hee will leave that I meant butterfly!) I like the new word!!! Anyway, funny butterfly type feeling in my tummy - hmmm I keep typing wrong tonight - wonder what's up!

John's birthday today - we went out for lunch - it was nice!

My friend Mia bought me flowers today for letting her borrow my car - awww bless her!

My film has been put onto the Mac at college - YAY for John bless him.  I'm meeting up with Sonja (the tutor) tomorrow - she suggested I put it on a projector - well that cant happen - went and saw my space this morning its far too small for a projection and Im going to show it on the Mac anyway! Hopefully she will suggest some good ideas about staging the show so I get a good grade.

Feels wierd today - I don't want the course to end - we probably wont all see each other anymore after its finished - sad! But new beginnings! Scary - for four years Ive known Im at college - then its over just like that!

Bought John a lovely lovely chocolately lovely trifle - we had some earlier - I hope we have smore more later! (lol typing again!).

Does anyone else want some?

Laine x

Monday, 21 May 2007

you need friends in times of need

I was fed up but now Im happier! Just got an email from my friend John at college saying:

I have imported it and there is no problem.
I can use this file for the edit, I can export
it for a mac if you want me to, let me know.

YAY for John!!! YAY


Got this email from one of my tutors - bearing in mind she hasnt seen the cross stitches yet she had this to say:

Elaine, I managed to open your film but couldnt your CD neither on my DVD player or computer. I don't think the film is tight enough as a lone final piece. Maybe in a particular context it will be more engaging. I need to come into college to drop off some assessments, either tomorrow morning or Wednesday morning. Could you be around with your work? Can't at this moment give exact time or day but hopefully tomorrow, Tues. Have you a mobile number you can foreward?
Take note of the bit in red - hmmmm now I thought I was all sorted so I think she is trying to say I have to stage it in a different way - now she is a very good artist so I should meet her and talk to her but I really dont want to change too much now! I just want this to be right!!
Laine xxxx

Fed up

Sam is naughty - oh yes he is!!!  Naughty, naughty Sam - had me really worried - for a whole hour I was beside myself with worry - he was supposed to come straight home from school like he always does - it got to 3.30 and I thought hmm if sam had got a lift he would be home by now. It got to 3.50 - now Im really worried as if he had walked or got the bus he would be home by now.  Then I saw the neighbours kids were all home - asked them had they seen Sam? Nope!!!! So I got in the car and drove around like a mad thing trying to find him - every street seemed so empty! I got to the school - no Sam.  So all I could do was drive home again - still no Sam!!  I really felt sick by that time - then the phone rang - thank god it was Sam! He says - Mummy I am at Matt's can you pick me up - well I hit the roof!!!  He said that Matt's Mum's car broke down so they had to walk home and he walked to Matt's - he forgot to come home - can you believe that!!!!  I went mental and drove up to get him and went mental again - he shouldnt rely on Matt's mum anyway!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KIDS!!!!!!! I really didnt need that today.

My computer has gone wrong - my lovely HP laptop - the one with the film on it - I had to edit the film again and make a new DVD - well now after hours of re-editing the laptop decides it cant burn discs or read the disc drive anymore - I need to get it onto the Mac at college - the apple wont read the files either - I am now getting stressed about it!! The multi-media guys are trying their best to help me - but they are busy with their own shows - I might have to put it on the apple at college and re-edit which will take days in a program called final cut which I know nothing about! This is a nightmare - crikey just when I thought things were coming together - if they let me show it on my laptop then I wouldnt have a problem!!! Im sure it will be sorted it just feels like it wont and its under two weeks to go now and we have got to paint the gallery yet!!!!!

John's birthday tomorrow and his present hasnt arrived - well part of it has the other part hasnt - really annoying as I ordered him Series 1 of Lost and Series 2 and Series 2 arrived and Series 1 hasnt so he probably thinks why she bought me just Series 2!!!! Its probably Lost in the post - ha ha my attempt at being funny!!!

Oh bother!

Laine xxxx

Sunday, 20 May 2007


No news yet about how my Aunty is - we just know that it will be very soon that she will pass away - that's what the doctors say - as long as she is comfortable an peaceful then thats ok. It will be a release for her - she has been in a confused and frail state for so long - she is not the aunty I once knew.

I've been thinking back to times spent with her as a child - I liked her and I remember that she never liked hugs - I always like hugs and I used to hug her and she would laugh embarrasingly. She hated any fuss. I feel guilty that I havent seen her for ages but my Mum said it best if i didnt as she isnt who she used to be and she didnt even know my Dad. Im so glad that we all had family holidays together that we can now have as memories.  My  Aunty partcularly loved the holiday we had in Florida - she loved being with my Sam and Joe - Im glad we had that holiday.  I remember that was the holiday that I found out that her and my uncle were not together - they were in separate rooms and its a shame as he hasnt been there for her through her worsening years.  He had a lady friend up the road - and my Aunty knew about it. She must have felt lonely. She had my cousin though, her daughter.  My cousin has never left home and always spent time with her mum and dad.  Now my cousin will only have her Dad left - it must be really sad for her to see her mum so frail.  Its scary now - my parents are getting older - my aunties and uncles are getting older - why cant we all stay young and alive - I hate losing people I love, that's the trouble with life so we should make the most of it while we have it!

Laine xxxxx

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Feeling sad

Really enjoyed the football and had a lovely day and soon after the football my Mum phoned to say my Aunty is very  very ill - she has been in a nursing home for a long time now and they were all called this morning as they thought she would pass away - My mum said it was really sad a nurse came in who was going off shift and gave my aunty a kiss on her forehead and said goodbye to her. Anyway, they all went home as she is still with us - bless her - my Mum said that she doesnt look like the Aunty Maureen I know - my mum said she looks really white and tired and frail.  I feel for my Dad - its his sister and he is very fond of her. Its really sad.  I also feel for my cousin as its her Mum, obviously, I will be there for my cousin when she needs me. I feel sad.

Laine xxx


Chelsea Chelsea!!!!

Chelsea Chelsea!!!! They won - they won!!!! Yay!!!!! We are all happy in this house!!!!

Laine xxxx


First of all messages to the peeps;

Jenny - yes I will cheer for Exeter too - I love that part of the country - been to Exeter many times.

Sam - No Sam I won't be doing any art classes during the summer - I will be forming an art group with my friends though - not sure we will do any work yet - probably rest!! yay!

Jan - Yes Jan all my cross-stitches are the messages from my mobile - Ive put one in the photos below to show you. Actually its the one my lovely Sara did - isnt she clever! Have a good Saturday all. xxxx

Laine xxxxx Blue for Chelsea!

Friday, 18 May 2007

Friday again

I'm tired - very very tired - but happy - very happy.

Went to the gallery this morning - got my space all measured up and all the men are down there today putting the panels up. Bless them! They didn't need me - I can't help really because of my back. But feel happy with my space and excited now - I will help with the painting next week.

Nearly finished another cross-stitch - I think I just got one more to go. Then I've got to do my sketch books and a 1,000 word review and the labels for the work space. Also got to work out the frames.

The house looks a mess but Im so tired! Oh well that can wait!

Sam going to his dad's this weekend. Joe staying here to watch football with us - please let Chelsea win! Then my little Joe will be happy!

Joe's SATS over today - he will be pleased. Sam's finish on Monday and then its just me to go! I get marked on 6th June. Then what will I do with myself?

Right Im off to stitch another letter before picking Joe up from school.

Bye for now journal peeps

Laine xxx

Possibly the coolest thing ever!

Possibly the coolest thing ever! :

If anyone likes ELO and socks then go visit Sara today - and if your feeling blue then it will uplift you! LOL

Thursday, 17 May 2007

worked hard today

Nearly completed one cross-stitch in one day today - will have it finished by tonight. Just kept at it all day.

Wish BB was already on now then I could be watching it whilst stitching! Have to make do with Phil and Fern - quite like them though.

Joe out at a party tonight - really nice as he is being picked up and dropped back - its a ten-pin bowling party.

Joe doing ok with his SATS.

Sam went back to school today - he feels ok about having growth hormone - I asked him how he felt and he said well its one of those things isnt it - if I have to have it I have to have it - bless him! Cant believe he is going to be 14 in three months time!

Sam started his year 8 exams today - all exams in this house!

Don't know what to cook for dinner - hard these days as I dont have time for cooking - hmmm think it will be pizza!  Does anyone actually cook from scratch these days - or is it all convenience - after my course Im going to start cooking from a cook book - proper meals and healthy ones!

Better get on with some more cross stitch.

Laine x

(Whats this tags thing at the bottom now?)

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Wednesday and tired

Hello my lovely peeps

Well we are back from London - oh and what a faff! LOL I like that word - well it's hard to explain but it was like getting blood out of a stone talking to those doctors! It really annoys me - they seem to hold info back or they dont know what they are talking about.

The upshot is that Sam IS growth hormone deficient and apparently I was supposed to have had a letter to tell me that officially - I never did get that!

Anyway, then she says that when Sam had his first lot of tests he was supposed to have had a primer or something (Jeannette what does that mean?).  Anyway, it was some sort of tablet he was supposed to have and he didnt which meant the tests werent accurate or something - didnt really understand as the doctor was not speaking good English - and was very quite in her voice - mumbled alot! Anyway, I got all confused - but then Mr Stanhope (the consultant) came in and he explained to me that Sam's pituatry gland is fine (cant spell that), and I said then why is he growth hormone deficient and he said that it can just happen. (You see Joe's pituatry gland is abnormal).  Anyway bit complicated to explain but Joe's is more complex than Sam. So Sam's growth hormone is ordered and she said - you go to the GP for the growth hormone and I said what all of it and she said yes and I said I dont think so. She looked confused - and I said No I only get the growth hormone from the GP - I said dont you have to sign Sam up with the pharmaceutical company so they can send a nurse out.  She said oh yes I think I do - flaming hell - she should be telling me that!! Now if I didnt already have a child who was growth hormone deficient I wouldnt have known would I!!!   Then she said to me that Sam will have growth hormone til he is 16 so I said right so he will only have it for two years - I said surely thats not long enough then she says oh no it will be 18 - she had meant the bone age - blimey they just dont explain stuff!!  I feel a bit in limbo now - Im not sure if they will contact the nurse.   Oh this will make you all laugh - she said to Sam - how would you like to inject yourself - well how the hell would he know!!!! That made me cross - when Joe was diagnosed we saw a nurse and she explained all the possibilities - showed us all the pens and the injections - she didnt do that with Sam.  So I said well Im used to the pen that Joe has and she said to Sam will that be ok Sam - and I said how would he know he isnt Joe!!! OH dear sorry I went off on one then didnt I! It probably doesnt make any sense at all!  I might phone up Mr Stanhope and talk to him about it - the growth hormone will be available at the GP in three weeks time - I dont know if the doctor will contact me or not and also I need to get the nurse from Ferring (the pharmaceutical company) to come along when the hormones are ready so she can show Sam what to do. She also needs to bring the pen and all the stuff that comes with it.  Blimey think I will need a bigger fridge with all that growth hormone!

Phew sorry had to get that all out it probably dont make sense!!!


Tuesday, 15 May 2007

For Eileen

Woo hoo from me too...........are you on anything tee hee or is it just end of degree work?????????  Eileenx
Comment from
egre328 - 15/05/07 20:04

Eileen Im being silly tonight - I should still be doing my degree work - degree work not finished yet  - I like tee hee - yes Im definately tee hee - just ask Sara or Stuart they know Im always tee hee! Yes I must calm down now and get on with some work!

Laine xx

Hee hee coz Sara said


Yes Sara I did want to and I only put this one on coz my boys love it - we like the whooo hoo bits we all sing it in the car. LOL

Laine xxxxx

Sing a long with me I know you want to.

promise its the last one


Can't help it, cant help it - last one I promise

I promise this is the last one - but couldnt resist as Im so into Joseph at the moment - wtih my Saturday night Any Dream will Do - I just couldnt resist - also found out today that the show in London starts in July - I just got to go!!! Ive seen the musical about 5 times already!! LOL Im sad I know but I love it so so much!!

Laine xxxx

p.s. I like a bit of Jason Donovan too!!! hee hee

Well your not going to stop me now!!! hee hee


Hee hee - Sara's fault she showed me how to do it and Im in singy dancy mood!! hee hee

Love Laine xxx

Lollipop - Mika


I really really love this - so everyone join in YAY - thanks Sara. Hope it works. Laine xxxx


Thanks for all your comments yesterday! I was a happy gal - still am!

I bought loads of CDs today with my money I earned on Saturday - should have saved it really but I felt like being happy and buying happy stuff!

I bought 'Life in Cartoon Motion' - Mika and if I knew how to do that youtube stuff I'd put it on my journal coz I love it - especially the track called 'lollipop' - I love the whole album - makes me bounce up and down in my car whilst Im driving and singing along! hee hee

I also bought 'The Sweet Escape' - by Gwen Stefani - fantastic!!!

Also 'Stay' by Simply Red - not listened to that one yet.

I also bought Diana Ross & The supremes - The No. 1's - awwwwwwww that reminds me of sunday mornings and the roast dinner cooking and me and my mum singing along to Diana Ross songs!! Love it!!

I also bought Floorfillers - Anthems and Floorfillers - Club Classics - I likes a bit of a boogie sometimes and its great driving music!!! hee hee Some old dancefloor classic in them too!! Reminds me of my clubbing days!

Well I did buy alot didnt I! But that made me happy! See me smiling all across the journal! Think my boys think Im mad - Im singing and dancing in the car when I picked them up hee hee!!!

We went into Tescos on way home from school and the boys said they wanted to go to the toilet so they did and they didnt come back for ages - was bloomin annoyed then! LOL I waited around ages and walked round Tesco about 10 times - in the end I embarrassed them and got a tannoy call out for them LOL - They came back red faced hee hee!!! Naughty mummy arent I!

Right Im off to London tomorrow - should find out all about Sam! Will let you know - take care and I will try pop into your Journals sometime again soon - just dont get much time! I still got alerts off.

Thanks for listening to me through this stressy time - it so helps to write it all down!

Laine xxxxxxxx