Sunday, 8 July 2007

Wind beneath my wings

I was thinking alot yesterday. Thinking alot about my journal friends. Particulary my lovely friends who are sad at the moment.

I remembered a moment soon after the awful 9/11 in New York when Bette Midler sang to the grieving people of New York.  It was so so emotional. I remember thinking how brave those people were and how the hell do you cope! It proves that with someone beside you to lift you up and someone to be the wind beneath your wings you can move on and you can get there. I share this footage with you today. I think it is so fantastic how New York pulled together and got through, or still getting through, this awful time.  I admire them immensely. What courageous and wonderful people they are. They were all the wind beneath each others wings to help them through such a tragic time.

Just recently my Aunty Maureen died and at her funeral 'Wind beneath my wings' was played. It is such a strong powerful song - I cried buckets - its hard to explain but it felt like it was my aunty singing it and telling us she would be the wind beneath our wings and help us through. 

Yesterday my Aunty June sent me a graduation card - congratulating me on my graduation - but she also sent a card to John - which I felt was so so thoughtful of her. It thanked him for helping me through my degree and that his help and support had not gone unnoticed - she said in her card that he was the 'wind beneath my wings'. He was and he is.  I was so touched that my Aunty had recognised John's part in my degree.

I think by now you will all have got my message in today's entry.  I hope so, especially those who need a little help at the moment.

Love Laine xxxxx

P.S. Thank you Brainwhispers for my lovely flower - I was touched! Laine x


jeadie05 said...

What a profound entry Laine ,how lovely of your Aunt to recognise Johns part in your degree , Jan xx

egre328 said...

It is always the small things that have a big impact on our lives............full marks to your aunty.  Eileenx

aniracj said...

We are all the more stronger for knowing there is someone there for us, supporting our every move........even if they don't particularly agree with what you are doing. That is why J-land is so special, we are there for our friends even though we may have never met in the flesh!!! Take care my friend, love Joan

brainwhispers said...

You are welcome, but I didnt touch you anywhere!.

ukgal36 said...

Your Aunt was very kind to include John.. I have had officers of my hubby's various commands send me thank you cards saying that without me he would not be where he is today..and believe me that helps..sometimes it is hard living in the shadow of hubby..he is so highly decorated, respected and admired that I think I pale beside when others acknowledge me it is nice...
Songs can have such significance can't they??
Great entry today ..

nightmaremom said...

that was so sweet of your Aunt....  and thank you for thinking of all those who need a bit extra.  
love ya my friend

louiseb411 said...

That was nice of your Aunt to think of John like that, I bet he was dead chuffed!Louise xx

ally123130585918 said...

I love that song Laine it never ceases to make me sad and happy at the same time :o) How lovely of your Auntie June to send John a card what a thoughtful person she is ~ Lovely entry ~ Ally x

cherry2sweet2eat said...

thanks for posting that.