Sunday, 20 May 2007


No news yet about how my Aunty is - we just know that it will be very soon that she will pass away - that's what the doctors say - as long as she is comfortable an peaceful then thats ok. It will be a release for her - she has been in a confused and frail state for so long - she is not the aunty I once knew.

I've been thinking back to times spent with her as a child - I liked her and I remember that she never liked hugs - I always like hugs and I used to hug her and she would laugh embarrasingly. She hated any fuss. I feel guilty that I havent seen her for ages but my Mum said it best if i didnt as she isnt who she used to be and she didnt even know my Dad. Im so glad that we all had family holidays together that we can now have as memories.  My  Aunty partcularly loved the holiday we had in Florida - she loved being with my Sam and Joe - Im glad we had that holiday.  I remember that was the holiday that I found out that her and my uncle were not together - they were in separate rooms and its a shame as he hasnt been there for her through her worsening years.  He had a lady friend up the road - and my Aunty knew about it. She must have felt lonely. She had my cousin though, her daughter.  My cousin has never left home and always spent time with her mum and dad.  Now my cousin will only have her Dad left - it must be really sad for her to see her mum so frail.  Its scary now - my parents are getting older - my aunties and uncles are getting older - why cant we all stay young and alive - I hate losing people I love, that's the trouble with life so we should make the most of it while we have it!

Laine xxxxx


nightmaremom said...

{{{Laine}}}} Great entry!  You are so right.. make the best of the time we have and create wonderful memories.
love ya

jeadie05 said...

Laine you have some lovely memories,of your Aunty ,your Uncle has to live with his own concience ,Meanwhile Aunty is in no pain ,and needs her rest now, Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

youj are quite right enjoy life as we have it

cherry2sweet2eat said...

well i agree wit your aunty i dont like hugs either i dont know why i just dont like it. Im sorry about this but im sure she has seen alot of things through her life time i hope she goes peaceful as well.

jmoqueen said...

Awww it's such a shame for your cousin I can imagine that they are quite close if she has stayed at home :(  Poor things.  My best wishes are with you and your family xx


zoepaul6968 said...

youre so right hun,and your aunty showed her love in another way,she will live on always xxzoe xx