Saturday, 31 March 2007


Worked today - first time in ages - been asked to work next Thursday, Friday and Bank Holiday Monday - no work for ages then suddenly loads - Good Friday and Monday are double time!! YAY!!!

Chatted to my friend Cean on phone - we were getting all excited about soon having to order our gowns for our graduation in July!!! I will probably cry when I get that gown on!

Fluke not in book shop yet - hope its in on Monday.

John out mowing the lawn - Im sitting here being lazy!

Kids going to pictures this afternoon - to see Mr Bean - John and I will mooch round town.

Friends coming tonight - Shelley and David - going to have Chinese.

When do I fit the dog walk in?

Must take Oscar for a long long walk tomorrow - its got to be an Oscar day.

Start of school hols - kids all being good so far - Got mine til Thursday and Chris goes back on Tuesday - Wednesday hospital with Sam - Thursday they go to their Dad's - Then all of them back on Sunday night and then thats three of them for the whole of the second week.  Must try fit some artwork in amongst kid. Typical that when John and I have no kids I've got to work!

Have a good weekend all.

Laine xx

Friday, 30 March 2007

Friday feeling

Well its Easter hols now! Yay!

Awww I just chatted to my Mum and she said that my Dad bumped into my friend (who I havent seen for years) she told him to tell me her husband has left her for someone else.  It made me feel sick inside - I used to be very close to her and her husband and they were like the most devoted couple I knew - they both helped me through my divorce - I thought they were forever!  I cant believe he has done this to her! I felt awful then for not seeing them for so long.  I tried to ring her but no answer - I will ring her again over the weekend - wonder how she is coping.

I wonder sometimes if it is best that me and John are not married -yesterday I sat with my two friends and listened to them moan non-stop about their husbands. One of my friends's has only been married to hers for a couple of months.  She said she wondered if she had done the right thing.  All they do is moan, moan, moan - I do wonder why people stay together if they are so unhappy.  I no that I havent got a perfect relationship because nobody is perfect but if I was reduced to moaning about John to all and sundry I would certainly wonder if my life was happy!  We are happy and thats all that matters - we do want to get married one day but I wonder sometimes if that would spoil it all.  But, if we are that happy it shouldnt spoil it!

Then there is my friend who is married with kids and is seeing a married man.  She will not leave her husband and her married man wont leave his wife. What is the point! She keeps getting upset - she misses 'her lover' and her husband gets on her nerves. What kind of a life is that? I feel I should be there for her but I just get really cross when she goes on missing her lover and  moaning when he hasnt text her back! She cant stand the sight of her husband and she has told him but they stay together for the kids - surely the kids live in a very wierd atmosphere then.  I never know what to text her back so the other day I was very harsh and said leave your husband and I also told her that her man doesnt love her and he is just using her - Ive not heard from her since! She might not be happy with the truth!

Oh I cant be doing with everybody elses problems! Does that sound awful? But, it seems that everyone around me needs me to tell me their problems and really Ive got a lot on my plate at the moment.  But then Im someone who feel that they should be there for people when they need me. But then John tells me not to be and to think of myself more.

Anyway, I got to go work tomorrow so thats good - a bit of money!! Not worked for ages and ages.  Im only casual so only get called in when they busy.  But this is the longest Ive gone without work.  It will be hard getting back into it tomorrow. Still it will be good to get paid again!

Take care all and have a good weekend.

Bought loads of Easter Eggs today, Yum!

Laine xxxxx


Thursday, 29 March 2007


Don't believe it - twice I lost my entry!!! grrrrrrrrrr - my own fault - but why did I do it twice.

What I was trying to do was write the blurb for the book I told you about yesterday - anyway I'll try again and if it dont work this time I will not be doing it again!!! hmmmph!!!

Short listed for the Richard & Judy Book Club 2007. An uplifting story set in Los Angeles about one man's effort to bring himself back to life. Richard is a modern day everyman; a middle-aged divorcee trading stocks out of his home. He has done such a good job getting his life under control that he needs no one. His life has slowed almost to a standstill, until two incidents conspire to hurl him back into the world. One day he wakes up with a knotty cramp in his back, which rapidly develops into an all-consuming pain. At the same time a wide sinkhole appears outside his living room window, threatening the foundations of his house. A vivid novel about compassion and transformation, "This Book Will Save Your Life" reveals what can happen if you are willing to open up to the world around you. Since her debut in 1989, A.M. Homes has been among the boldest and most original voices of her generation, acclaimed for the psychological accuracy and unnerving emotional intensity of her storytelling. Her keen ability to explore how extraordinary the ordinary can be is at the heart of her touching and funny new novel, her first in six years. (you can get this on Waterstones web site)

Right, are you still there, good, phew!!

Can't remember what I said before - probably aload of rubbish!

Relieved Ive done dissertation and thinking of all my fellow students rushing round getting theirs done in last minute ha ha!!!  I dreamt I was told that I got a first class honours degree - ha ha what a joke!!! LOL be lucky if I get a 2-2!

I ordered a book at Waterstones today, Fluke by James Herbert - kept thinking about it after I mentioned it to Sara.  I remembered that I loved it and wanted to read it again - it should be here by Monday yay!! Sara what was that book you recommended I read? I forgot!! I was trying to look for it today and I couldnt remember it! LOL

Right Im going now just incase it get all deleted again! LOL Oh yeah thats what I was going to say - glad lots of you visited me yesterday - and its probably a mixture of alerts and lovely weather - as it gets warmer more peeps are gonna be out and about arent they!

Love Laine xxx

Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Where has everyone gone?

I wonder where all my readers have gone? Not many people visit me these days. Has J-land gone quiet? Or am I boring?

Went into college this morning put my dissertation in the dreaded cabinet and shut the drawer!! Its in and its out of my hands now! Only 5 in there and there are 22 of us - lots of peeps still beavering away and very busy! Glad I made my deadline for Sunday - means I can relax a bit this week and get on with everything else next week.

I felt quite good today as I helped Andrew (my course leader) with his interview - he was interviewing a girl for the course for next year and he asked me to show her round the college - was really good and lovely to meet her - I told her not to worry that she had kids and that she would be able to fit it all in although it isnt easy. She was really nice - seems wierd that there will be a new lot of people there in September and I will not be at college anymore - now thats 4 years of my life!! Awwwww sad!!!!

Im reading a good book, can read now Ive finished dissertation!! Its called

This Book Will Save Your Life Im really enjoying it so far - I'll let you know how I go with it.

Laine xxx


Tuesday, 27 March 2007


First of all, Happy Yay! Day! Sara!!!

And, please pop over to Stuart's journal and sponsor his girls!!! Go on do it!! Now! hmmmm what you doing still here!

Right, well seeing as your still here then I'll go on - but remember go to Stuart's journal after! OK.

Had a lovely day today - a bit of a yay day Sara LOL.  Walked to school, normally drive, well we drove halfway then walked the rest.  Was lovely!  Then I went with Carol and her dog to the park with my dog.  We walked into town (Hastings) and we stopped for lunch then walked back - it was such a beautiful day!  It was so nice to be out and about after working so hard stuck indoors writing that dissertation!  Then at 3'oclock because I didnt have kids to pick up I sat in the sun for 45 minutes and it was glorious!!! Loved it - oh I love the sun and the sun loves me - oh how happy we can be. LOL Sorry.

Sam is better today although he didnt go into school - I kept him off as his cough was still quite bad.  He will go tomorrow - Its Easter soon Yay!!! That means two weeks off for the kids and two weeks off for me too!! I still got tons of work to do - I must get back on with it - double quick!!!

Anyway, hope you are all ok - not many peeps coming to see me these days! Bloomin alerts!! Never mind.

Love Laine xxxxx


Monday, 26 March 2007


Hi everyone

Hope you are all ok.  I got my dissertation printed and bound today - I got it printed professionally and it really looks good. I was really annoyed though because when I went into college today people kept asking me how set up the presentation of their dissertation and where did I get all the information from - well it has been clearly explained to us so many times - why dont people listen - why do they always rely on me to tell them!! Annoying!!

My Sam was poorly today - was worried about him as he has asthma and he looked quite rough - bless him.  John was at home today so I could still go to college - I only stayed til lunchtime so I could go home and see if he was ok.  I think he is a bit worred about all the tests he has to have done next week - cant believe that's next week! Time goes quick.

Its so nice to have the lighter evenings now - means we can go out for early evening strolls - I like doing that.  It stretches the evenings out a bit.

I will be turning my alerts back on and will come see you all.

Laine xxx

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Huge Thank you

Just want to say a huge huge Thank you to Stuart for proof reading my dissertation for me and believing in me! I really, really appreciate it and I want everyone to know how thankful I am!!!

Love Laine xxxxx

Dissertation update

Actually finished writing all the words now!! Now Ive got to tidy it all up - put all the proper quote marks in and margins and spellings and stuff.  Then Im finished - thanks to my friend Stuart who kindly read it for me on the way - much appreciation Stuart - especially when he has been feeling poorly.

Be back soon folks.


Friday, 23 March 2007

Book Awards

Just popping in to tell you about the Galaxy book awards - there is a nomination for Peter James, Looking Good Dead! Please could I ask you to vote for him he is a friend of one of my best mates and she asked me to get as much votes for him as possible.  It is a good book!  Also you might want to vote for you fav books or authors on there.  I just did and you get the chance to win book vouchers. So please click on the link and vote - will only take five minutes.Thanks Laine xxxxxx

Wednesday, 21 March 2007


Just to let you know that Im taking a few days off journals to get my dissertation finalised - Ill be back on Monday to let you know how Im doing.  So if I dont get round to visiting ya its just coz Im busy ok!!! Now Mr Stuart will tell me off if I keep journaling and not getting on with it so Im off!!!!

Laine xxx

Getting there

Well Ive been at it all day - ahem Sara!!! Work!! I meant!! LOL bless keep getting at you dont I!! Can see that Zoe smiling too!!

Well I've written over 3,500 words now - not sure if they are all any good or not - well I know most are as our Mr Stuart been kind enough to help me by reading it for me! Bless him - really appreciate that. Anyway, peeps - gonna bore you with interesting facts about artists after I finish this essay as I'm learning loads.

For instance, did you know that Andy Warhol was an avid collector and he collected everything from his life and put it into cardboard boxes and it is now all in a museum! Have a look its amazing!

Museum Archives

Imagine having all them boxes with all your stuff in!!!


Laine xxxxxx


I won the lottery!!!


Woo hooo I won the lottery - over 48 million - wow what am I gonna do with the money!!  I really really cant imagine - Im whooping all over the place in excitement!!! Look I got an email to prove it!!! Yay im rich - all you peeps out there you can come to my part!!! hee hee


OUR REF: 12190/14
TICKET NUMBER: 112-4540-525-106

This E-mail is to inform you that you emerged a winner of 480,152,00
GBP on our online draws which was played on the 7th of March, 2007.
For further Information about your Winnings,contact our Lottery
Fiduciary Agent with the contact address below.

Official: Mr. Henry Preston
Representative office.
10 Camelot close Thamesmead.
London E280 ES United Kingdom.

Congratulations once more from all members and staffs of this program.

Yours Truly,
Sir. Stephen Smith.
Co-ordinator(Online Promo Programme).

Oh Dam now Ive broadcast it anyone could pretend to be me and use my ticket number!!!  How dumb am I! Oh well who wants 48 million anyway - I dont really want it. So guess Ill not bother claiming it! I wonder if anyone does claim on these things? And why do they bother sending you these things whats the point? I probably got a nasty virus on my puter now for opening it. Oh and John tells me we won a holiday the other day - yee haaaaaaaaaa.

Anyway, seriously now! My new fridge and freezer just arrived - Hotpoint Futures in graphite!! Yay!!! Been waiting for 5 years for them! No silly I didnt order them 5 years ago!!!  Ha ha.

Stuart is a star!! Just wanted to say that and he knows what I mean. Thank you Stuart.

Love Laine xxxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2007


Im making a good start - it still seems bewildering to me - Ive had a phobia about this for ages - written nearly 2,000 words that Im happy with now.  Still keep wondering what Im going to write for the next 3,000!!  Its really bad that we have never been taught properly how to do it and just expected to know how - Im not the only one on my course feeling it really hard right now.  Do you reckon I can get it done by Friday? Ive got all day tomorrow - Ive worked on it all day to day and felt like I got no where!! Still its my fault for not doing it before and kept putting it off - but my mind couldnt cope back then - I was really down and depressed and stuff and it wasnt easy to study.  I really want to hand it in next week - I dont want to ask for an extension.

I got three promotional objects ordered today! A really good site - I got postcards ordered, a desk calendar and some post-it notes - will show you pics when I get them. So thats something done!!

No-one reading my journal much - bet alerts are playing up again - I still not getting yoru alerts Jan - I will come see you as soon as I can - at the moment Im very busy with my college stuff - but I still like to see you peeps - it keeps me sane!!!

Laine xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Monday, 19 March 2007


Feel funny today - can't put my finger on it.

Went to school for work placement - loved it! Really like being in a school - its a good atmosphere - there are so many troubled kids though - its sad - how do they know how to behave when their parents behave in such a bad way - some of them only know that shouting and swearing and storming out of a room is normal behaviour - how can you tell children off for that when that is all they know? All you can do is say that its not acceptable and hope they learn from the outside world and the world inside school - its very sad, very very sad.

One boy, who when we first entered the class was shouting and throwing things came out with such a beautiful statement it made me want to cry.  At the end of the day we were looking at the photographs we had taken and a picture came up of the sky and we asked the class what feeling it gave them. This little boy put his hand up and said 'freedom' - bless him - he said that sky is freedom there are no rules and no telling off - on the ground you get told off and cant do things.  Bless his little heart - he had so much anger in him - it makes you wonder what happens to him at home.  Can I be a teacher? Would I be able to do it? Its so hard!

I've got so much work to do - Im getting on with the dissertation - doing more and more each day - Im very confused with it though - and keep changing my mind on things - still got a bit of reading to do to - this is the list of other work I have to do:

Make power point presentation (15 mins) of my work or my dissertation.

Write a 500 word essay on what Proffessional Development means to me.

Keep a journal of work placement and write up how it helps me with my professional development.

Write a CV

Write an artist's statement.

Get together a folder with all my bits and pieces do with professional development - i.e. any emails, letters Ive written/received - any publications Ive been in or been part of, exhibitions Ive been to etc.

Make six promotional objects!

Do my actual artwork - which is cross stitch of text messages and film me doing it.

Keep a journal of my artwork too.

I think that is it - I might even have other little bits to do!!

Oh yeah I remember Ive got to get together a cd of all my pics in jpeg, and pfd or something cant remember got it written down somewhere. Oh blimey!!!

Well Ive got tomorrow, Ive got wednesday (thursday im in hospital having my hysteroscopy thing - got to rest all day after) and Ive got Friday - really want my dissertation finished by Friday then its got time to be looked over by tutor before deadline.

Sorry about all this - not interesting really is it but it really helped for me to write it all down - I really need all of you - you dont realise how much it helps to know you are listening! You have helped me through - especially Dianna - she is good at telling me straight - get on with it Laine!! LOL

Take care all

Laine xxxxxxx

Sunday, 18 March 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all you mum's out there.  A special wish for our Jeannette and Sugar - Jeannette is home now and hopefully on the road to recovery.  Been praying for our friends.

Had a nice Mother's day - my mum and dad came for tea and also John's mum and dad too.  My boys werent that bothered really about making a fuss - sad when they grow up and its not exciting for them to make a fuss of me. John offered to take them out shopping yesterday - my Joe didnt want to be bothered and he said sam picked up the first thing he saw without any thought - awww sad isnt it!  But boys will be boys I spose!! John made up for it he did all the shopping and the cooking and the washing up today! Bless him - I will repay him later!! LOL Sara you stop thinking what you thinking!! ahem!!!!

Right Im off to do more college work - after Corrie!! LOL

See ya peeps

Laine xxxxx

Friday, 16 March 2007



John gave me these lovely flowers today for our anniversary - we also went out for a lovely lunch together in Rye - it was lovely to spend some time together on our special day.

Laine xxxxxxxxx


Six years today

John and I have been together six years today - on the 16th March 2001 we first met and went out together for a drink - we have been together ever since.

I met John on the internet - yahoo actually - back in them days Yahoo had directories and you could look through lists of people and see who was on line.  John was lonely - he knew his ex had met someone online - so one lonely night he looked through the list and clicked on me - he said Hello and said 'I said Hello as everyone else says Hi'.  I will never forget that first conversation!!  I was always chatting to people but somehow I knew John was different - I just had a feeling.  We arranged to meet after we had chatted on phone and sent numerous emails to each other, which I still have!  I was going through my divorce at the time and had just split up from my boyfriend Jason - so I was not feeling ready for another man at the time. John said he was not ready for another woman either.  We had the children in common and used to chat about them.  I think we got close without realising.  John's children lived in Sittingbourne, he had a caravan in Hastings and I lived in Brighton.  Mostly, we got together at weekends. I remember one Sunday night as John was leaving I cried and cried and hurt like I'd never hurt before - that day I knew how much I loved him - the love came over me without even trying. 

I still hurt when he leaves me - I still hurt when I leave him.  Somebody once said to me 'oh that wont last, you'll soon be moaning about him'. How wrong they were.  I still love him as much as that day I first realised I loved him - in fact I love him more and more each day.

Laine xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 15 March 2007

Good day

Hi All,

Had great day at the school - my first day of work placement with the artist Susan Diab - click on the link and you will see who Im working with and the school.  What is on the website is the project they did last year with my Joe's year. This year we are working with year 3/4's - I can't post pics on here but you might see some on that website.

We have now finally succumbed to the fact that we have to buy a new fridge and freezer - in fact Im on my way to the web sites in a mo to try find them.  Hopefully can get interest free - we have not got much money at the mo - what with my trip to NY and we also have to replace 7 fence panels in our garden going to cost £540!!  Hopefully my student loan will be here soon!! Last installment!!! boo hoo!!

Thanks for all your comments - now Im wondering if Sara actually did google Dion and I wonder what you think of his art Sara!

Im at home all day tomorrow - so dissertation day again! Amazing how little time we have and how precious time is when you do have it!

Also after today working at the school - I really appreciate how lucky I am that my kids are brought up in a loving environment and that they are well behaved and lovely children - the teachers said to me today that they have never had such good children as sam and joe - how proud am I!!  I wonder if I will be able to be a good teacher - some of the children are very challenging!!

Nearly weekend!!!  Yay!!! 11 weeks left of college yikes!!!

Love Laine xxxx


Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Oscar says thanks

Oscar says woof woof and thanks for all his lovely birthday greetings - he did have a good day and he is asleep now and tired out - he went to his favourite beach at lunchtime and the tide was out - he retrieved pebbles out of rock pool and ran across the sands - mummy and daddy sat on a rock in the lovely sunshine.  His mummy got a bit of dissertation done but not as much as wanted - but at least its a start. 

Night night all and god bless xxxxxx

Oscar's birthday

This is my entry - I'm five today - Mummy never got me anything though - Grandad bought me some boneos!! I got one card! Hmmm life's tough being a dog you know! I still got the same old toy Ive had for 4 years! Mummy just stuck tapping on that computer - five minutes she played with me today. Still going out with my Mummy and Daddy at lunch time for my birthday! They both so busy they need a break.

Love to all my lovely furs

Oscar xxxxxxxxxx


Why is it when you want to find something you can't. And, why is it because I want to get on with my work I just have to find the paper Im looking for!!!

Why am I not more organised!!

My own fault!

Got council tax bill this morning and John cross with me coz I should have sent off my exemption certificate for discount and I havent and now I cant find it and now I cant concentrate and now IM fed up!!!!

And, also not many alerts and dont think people getting alerted about my entries - oh well.

Oh, and Stuart your comment was so encouraging thanks - can you find my certificate too for me LOL Laine xxxxxxx

Tuesday, 13 March 2007


Got to make an effort and get on with my dissertation - I've only got three weeks left - I feel that I need to rewrite what I've done already - it really isnt good enough what I have already done! What a time to change it!! But I really want to dowell so its best I get it right.

My thesis is:

Artists who collect, are they collecting in the traditional sense or are they collecting to purposefully form a piece of art.

I am going to be writing about Mark Dion and his 'Cabinet of Curiosities' and Candy Jernigan and perhaps Joseph Cornell.  I will let you know how I get on. I actually wrote three paragraphs today LOL

Infact here is the start of my dissertation - wont make much sense to you though not yet.........



Artists who collect, are they collecting in the traditional sense or are they collecting to purposefully form a piece of art.


Mark Dion


What is it that makes ‘The Thames Dig’ a piece of art rather than a social history exhibit?  Gilda Williams, art critic and editor at Phaidon Press writes; ‘Dion’s work is certainly about the obsessive act of collecting, whether by a naturalist or a shopaholic, but collaterally it is about the act of looking: what artists traditionally do best.’


Onecould argue with this statement by saying its just a lot of junk put together in the cabinet of curiosities to make us believe the artefacts have some value just because they aredisplayed into a beautiful cabinet and placed in an art gallery.  ‘The cabinets of curiosity he uses were a phenomenon of wealthy collectors, typically from the 17th to the 19th century. The cabinets demonstrated the owners’ status as the collector of the rare and wonderful but also their standing as a semi-professional, or ‘gentleman scientist’. (

See told you it wouldnt make much sense, I have a lot of work to do!! Got to write 5,000 words!!!

Well I will work at it all day tomorrow!!! Then got governor training tomorrow night, then work placement on Thursday, then I can work again on dissertation on Friday.

Anyway, take care y'alls!!

By the way I miss New york! Boo Hoo!!!!

Thanks Diama for my lovely tag.

Monday, 12 March 2007

New York

I loved New York!! Here are some of my pics  - I didnt put them all!! LOL Anyway, I haven't captioned them as AOL didnt like it last time and they disappeared.

So I'll leave you to look through and if you have any questions ask away!!

By the way Teddy is Hilary's bear and he sat looking out of the window whilst we went out for the day and we bought him a jumper one day whilst we were out shopping he shows it off!! LOL

Also Teddy didnt tell us that the office block he was looking at all week was only the Chrysler Building!!! We didnt realise this til Thursday how funny is that!!!

Sorry Ive not been round to your journals yet - Im still trying to wake up!

Love Laine xx

Sunday, 11 March 2007

I'm back from the big apple!!

Hello peeps!!!

I'm back!!! Not a long entry as Im very very tired still! Got back yesterday morning but missed out on Friday night sleep! I went to bed at 8pm last night and didnt wake up til 1pm today!!! Still feel like Im in New York time!!!

Had a fantastic time! I love New York and I love Americans! Want to go again - so much to see and do - was very very cold - got to minus 10 one day!!! thats cold!!! Anyway I will update you all as soon as I feel up to it and post all my pics too!!!

Love to you all and hope you are well.

Laine xxxxxxx

Friday, 2 March 2007

Au revoir (only for a week!)

Just to say see you all in a week's time.  I'm signing off now for a week - I've got to get ready for my trip to New York - so probably won't have time to add entries and visit you all. So I will turn off my alerts for now.

Look after yourselves and take care - I want to know all your gossip when I get back. 

Love Laine xxx


Thursday, 1 March 2007


Tired today.

Hope rats dont make noise tonight - takes 4 days to kill them.

Keep having nightmares about them!

Wanted to do lots of work today - didnt get much done.

Bought flower Rescue remedy to help my nerves for the plane - hate flying - really scared - always think its gonna be my plane that crashes - its the turbulence I hate. But then I have had bad experiences on planes so that dont help.

Bought myself new straighteners today in Boots - they were reduced from £50.00 to £25.00 - so hair looking nice and straight and smooth!

Zoe and I found out a friend of ours was ok that we were worried about so that made us feel better!

Still not got into dissertation - got it out today and looked at it - thats a start - new deadline date 26th March - thats only 26 days away.

Not even started packing for New York yet - not sure if I have enough clothes - sposed to be cold there - so prob take my big coat. Gonna buy jeans there and converse hopefully.

Me and John had talk this morning, I thought he wasnt supporting me, he thought I wasnt supporting him. Had talk and a good cuddle - decided we both been distant with each other and now we cleared the air its better.  We always got to talk otherwise we will drift apart - probably be good for us to be apart next week.

Got Seminar at college tomorrow - not got any work ready for it! Also got to have interview with my tutor see how Im getting on.

Wonder why Oscar doesnt bark at the rats!

Going to have pancakes again tonight! Loved them so much the other night - want them again!! Naughty but nice.  Really don't know what to feed the kids.

Think we should share dinner ideas - what to give the kids - I keep running out of ideas!!!

I'll tell you one thing my kids love and they are fussy!! They like mince cooked in gravy (Bisto Best, has to be!!) and tomato ketchup (yes ketchup!) then with mash potatoe on top - yes just like cottage pie!! Coz it doesnt have any onions or chunks of tomato they love it!!  Might do that tonight.  Otherwise, all Joe eats is rubbish - wish he would eat better.

Right I've gone on long enough!

Better go and cook tea - when am I ever going to get time to do this dissertation - keep putting it off! that's because I got a phobia about it - scared of it - feel I cant do it!

New York next week!!!!

Love Laine xxxxxxxx

I was going to put in pictures but file manager wouldnt load - what a surprise!!!  Oh and Sam just said he dont want cottage pie!!! Oh well.