Saturday, 7 July 2007


Sometimes I dont feel like making an entry into my journal - I feel its pointless - sometimes I just cant be bothered. Sometimes I could write reams and reams.

Today I dont know why Im writing.

I feel sad today - sad for two very special people I have met here on J-land - Im not going to mention their names - but they are very special to me. 

I want to help them come out of the dark place they are in but feel so helpless because I cant possibly!

This is what is so frustrating about J-land - you meet some great fantastic people but if they are ill or need help - what the hells does an email or a j-land comment do! It dont flippin solve the issue - it dont give them a hug and reassurance.

Some people might not think that the caring is real and I can admit that some journals I read that I dont think about again until next time I visit - but there are some special people who I really really do care about and when there not well it hurts.

Laine xx


sugarsweet056 said...

I know I treasure each & every comment I get, & those that actually send a snail mail card, well I go bananas!!! Since I don't get out much, & really don't have much of a family...J-Land IS my family. I love hearing from my friends & reading about their lives.
Many are like me & a comment can make their day! So never think your comments don't help, they do.
I'm sending prayers for your friends, may God bless.

sarajanesmiles said...

((((( You're a good friend )))))
Sara   xxx

aniracj said...

I know what you mean Laine, I so want to reach out and give a mega hug to some people but due to the distance it is just not possible.....internet hugs just do not have the same effect!!! All we can do is try and make those people laugh and smile again, and reassure them that we are here to listen no matter what! Take care my friend, think I may do an entry tomorrowmif I can summon the willpower, lol! love Joan

brainwhispers said...

Aww, well arent you a kind and considerate person.
They are lucky to have you as a friend.
Im sure they feel your love and comfort.

egre328 said...

An email can make the world of difference Lainey, honestly.  Ok it is only a cyber hug, but nevertheless the love and care is still there.  Just continue being supportive, it is never a waste of time.  Take care. Eileenx

sdrogerson said...

you are so sweet

am4039 said...

I'm so sorry you are sad. It's hard meeting people then we care so much about everyone. Hugs and love.

nightmaremom said...

I hear you Laine... but an email and or comment does help... it's not as fullfilling for you but the person receiving it feels better.  Trust me

louiseb411 said...

Ahh , I am sure these people know you are thinking about them and that would mean alot to them. Louise xx