Monday, 16 July 2007

New journal

Here is the link to my new journal so guys put this one on your alerts - I made this one using my AIM thingy and I didnt log onto AOL to do it - so it should work when I get rid of AOL and just have my AIM thingy LOL! YAY so glad I can stay and still see all you lovely guys - I do love you all - you know that dont ya!!

There you go - I will also email it to ya all too!!

Love Lainey xxxxxx

P.S. If you think for any reason I might not have your email address - please please email it to me as soon as possible. Laine xxxx

New journal

Here is the link to my new journal so guys put this one on your alerts - I made this one using my AIM thingy and I didnt log onto AOL to do it - so it should work when I get rid of AOL and just have my AIM thingy LOL! YAY so glad I can stay and still see all you lovely guys - I do love you all - you know that dont ya!!

There you go - I will also email it to ya all too!!

Love Lainey xxxxxx

P.S. If you think for any reason I might not have your email address - please please email it to me as soon as possible. Laine xxxx

Ive now got AIM!!!

Well you thought you'd seen the last of me didn't ya!! ha ha

Right well thanks to Diama and Sugar and ever so many others they suggest that I can use AIM to visit journals and make my own up - well guess what yes it does work - I can visit journals! Not tried to make a journal with it yet but I will coz I will miss you all but Im not leaving for good - I do have all your email addresses and Ive got AIM so I WILL keep in touch - I promise!!!!

Love you all.

Laine xxx

Going to Virgin and goodbye to journal land

I am going to Virgin!

It will take a couple of weeks to sort out but I have decided today to go! AOL is so expensive and Virgin is much cheaper.  I will be keeping my AOL email address and I will have AIM so I wont be gone from AOL completely just journals - so we can still keep in touch through AIM or email! Also if anyone has msn they can add me to that.

My aol address is and my hotmail is - (that's my msn too) its been fun guys - but this is my final journal entry and this is goodbye. I will keep in touch and Ive got all your email addresses.

Goodbye journal land.

Love Laine xxxx

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Sunday evening

Big big thunder storm - we didnt like it! Oscar was very scared! He jumped up onto the chair next to his mummy and he wouldnt move! Joe was on my lap too - we were all huddled together scared. Sam and John were not scared they were whoopdy whooing out the window much to our annoyance!

It went though! Phew!

They are getting worse!


Im eating Lindt chocolate with orange!! mmmmmmmmm

Diama I went shopping today but not found that special special Diama gift yet! I will though - its out there waiting to be picked up.

Im looking for a holiday for me and John oh sorry John and I! whoops bad English!

Im looking on a budget of £500!!! Really hard to find one on that budget! Hmmmm me wants to go to the sun for a week and read and read and sleep and sleep! oh and drink and drink and eat and eat.

YAY everyone Sara was back today - miss my Sara I do! Sara hurry up and get on msn and we can play games!!!! hee hee!!!

Right Im off to look for holidays again.

p.s. by the way I might not be on AOL much longer - when I get me back side into gear I'll be looking for cheaper broadband.!!!!

Laine xxx


I have not been able to get into journals for days!! Wierd I could not even put an entry in my own journal! It kept coming up like everyone elses does like I was just a visitor to my own journal! I was really sad! LOL

So today I clicked on the notify AOL button and I had to put my screen name and password in and hey presto Im allowed back again! Wierd eh!!!

Went to see Harry Potter film last night - fantastic, brilliant very worth seeing!!

No kids this weekend - me and John going for a nice afternoon tea this afternoon - hope weather cheers up!

Not much more to say really.

Laine xxx

p.s. I've got over 100 alerts not sure I will get through them today. :0(


Wednesday, 11 July 2007

know what Im doing

Thanks to lovely Stuart I now know exactly what Im saying for my friend and also thanks to Mary and Sara for giving me their advise!!! You are all lovely and I love ya!!!

Laine xxxx


A very close friend has asked me to do something I don't want to do but I dont want to let her down - really cant say what it is here but I really want to help her but I dont want to lie for her - I dont lie - Im not a liar and I feel sad that she has asked me to lie for her. But, I dont want to hurt her by not doing it.  If I dont do it she might be really fed up with me and she is in a bad place at the moment and I dont want to push her further into a bad place. Sorry this is confusing - I know - sorry I just had to get it out.

Laine xxx

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Edited Tuesday

When I went shopping yesterday I didnt just buy for Sam - I bought for me too - I bought some lovely new trainers - two pairs because I couldnt decide - one pair is white and pink and the other black and pink.  Hee hee

Faffed all day to day.

Didnt do any tidying up!

Didnt take the dog out - awww poor Oscar - well I took him out but only up the road to my friend's house.

Got to get all ready for France tomorrow - not sure whether to put everything in my rucksack or take a cool bag too.  Advantage of cool bag is nice French wine can go in it at the end of day when we go to hyper market! If everything goes in rucksack it will be heavy but do I want two bags to carry? Whoops looks like I mean Im going to France tomorrow - nooo Im getting ready tomorrow - going on Thursday - just needed to clear that one up! LOL

Been bad today ate chocolate and milk cow gums from Sainsburys - loving milk cow gums at the moment! hmmmmm shall I take some to France?

Need to buy Euros tomorrow.

The book I'm reading 'False Memory' by Dean Koontz is brilliant - really cant wait to read it every night - Im managing about 10 pages before I go to sleep - will take ages to finish it - its about 800 pages long. Im sure one of you will work it out! By the way Im on about page 200. Will post it to you Sara when Im finished :0)

Went in playground today to wait for Joe, I dont normally do that because I really hate going in the playground - because I really dont want to talk to people sometimes.  I find it quite stressful.  Anyway, today I went in because I had to pick up my paperwork for my job. Two girls were so obviously talking about me - its so obvious when they whisper then turn and look at you! Its because one of them had gone for the job and not even got an interview and she knew that I'd got it! LOL! Im glad I wont have to be a mum in a playground again after 25th July!! YAY Hate playground gossip!

My little Joe got his new uniform today for September - awwww he looks all grown up in it - seems wierd seeing himin that uniform!

Laine xxxxx

Thanks Donna for my


Monday, 9 July 2007


Can't believe its a new week already.

What does this week hold for me I wonder.

Sam off school today so feels like I've got a purpose for being here if you know what I mean.

I've actually done something today - done some tidying up and got my finances sorted out.

The boys Dad has eventually paid up so I can pay off a few bills today - phew! Also I can buy Sam some long awaited clothes - not been able to buy him some new clothes for ages.  Joe needs some too but Sam more desparate as Joe has had alot of Sam's cast offs.  Joe also spends all his pocket money/birthday money on latest football kits so he is always looking smart!

Going down the town in a minute. Sam and Joey (his friend) going too.  Im going to meet my friend Maria for a coffee whilst the boys go and shop.

Got a meeting after school for the French Trip on Thursday - we are going early on Thursday and dont get back til late Thurs night - Im dreading it because I dont travel very well. But it should be a good day and its Joe's last school trip with Robsack.

Slept better last night. I was so relieved to wake up this morning and realise I'd slept all night - mind you didnt go off til 1.30am but its still good to sleep right through. I try to put off going to bed until I feel really really tired - I do so hate just laying there and wierd things go on in my mind - so dont like that.

Not sure, apart from day in France, what I will be doing this week. I keep telling myself to tidy up because believe me my house is a tip! It really is. I just cant get up the energy or enthusiasm to do it all. My brain says do it but my body says no!

Hope you are all ok.

Thinking of my lovely journal friends.

Laine xxxxxx

If there are any mistakes or it dont make sense - im sorry - it just all came out!

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Wind beneath my wings

I was thinking alot yesterday. Thinking alot about my journal friends. Particulary my lovely friends who are sad at the moment.

I remembered a moment soon after the awful 9/11 in New York when Bette Midler sang to the grieving people of New York.  It was so so emotional. I remember thinking how brave those people were and how the hell do you cope! It proves that with someone beside you to lift you up and someone to be the wind beneath your wings you can move on and you can get there. I share this footage with you today. I think it is so fantastic how New York pulled together and got through, or still getting through, this awful time.  I admire them immensely. What courageous and wonderful people they are. They were all the wind beneath each others wings to help them through such a tragic time.

Just recently my Aunty Maureen died and at her funeral 'Wind beneath my wings' was played. It is such a strong powerful song - I cried buckets - its hard to explain but it felt like it was my aunty singing it and telling us she would be the wind beneath our wings and help us through. 

Yesterday my Aunty June sent me a graduation card - congratulating me on my graduation - but she also sent a card to John - which I felt was so so thoughtful of her. It thanked him for helping me through my degree and that his help and support had not gone unnoticed - she said in her card that he was the 'wind beneath my wings'. He was and he is.  I was so touched that my Aunty had recognised John's part in my degree.

I think by now you will all have got my message in today's entry.  I hope so, especially those who need a little help at the moment.

Love Laine xxxxx

P.S. Thank you Brainwhispers for my lovely flower - I was touched! Laine x

Saturday, 7 July 2007


Sometimes I dont feel like making an entry into my journal - I feel its pointless - sometimes I just cant be bothered. Sometimes I could write reams and reams.

Today I dont know why Im writing.

I feel sad today - sad for two very special people I have met here on J-land - Im not going to mention their names - but they are very special to me. 

I want to help them come out of the dark place they are in but feel so helpless because I cant possibly!

This is what is so frustrating about J-land - you meet some great fantastic people but if they are ill or need help - what the hells does an email or a j-land comment do! It dont flippin solve the issue - it dont give them a hug and reassurance.

Some people might not think that the caring is real and I can admit that some journals I read that I dont think about again until next time I visit - but there are some special people who I really really do care about and when there not well it hurts.

Laine xx

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Thank you

Thank you so so much all of you for such lovely comments yesterday!! I had 18!!! Never had that many before!!! Thank you so so much!

It is starting to hit me now and I'm beginning to realise what I have achieved. I know that sounds silly but its taking a while to sink in!

Im looking forward to the graduation ceremony and I will post pictures!!

I want chocolate - hmmm IM in a chocolate mood.

Hey I didnt tell ya all - I lost 7 pounds in weight recently!! YAY!!!

Laine xx

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

BA Hon Degree in Fine Art

I have got my results!!!

I now have a BA Hons Degree in Fine Art - I got a 2:2!

I got graded two B's and two C's.  So I didnt do really rubbish but I didnt get a first class but Im just estatic that I got a degree at all!!!

Will wear that gown with pride on the 24th July - I did it!!!

Laine xxx

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

End of the rainy day

Had a good day.

Didnt rain so much!

Havent got town sports tomorrow - its cancelled.

Im going into work to see if I can have some work! ha ha!

Postie never turned up with my news Stuart!!!!!!

Had a really good day today - thought it was going to be boring and it ended up being great! But cant be bothered to type it all - its not that great! LOL

Wonder if I will sleep tonight?

Dam forget me tablets!

Bloomin hospital is really getting on my nerves - they havent sorted out Sam's growth hormones yet! Really not good enough!

My Joe had his first day at senior school today - a taster day - he came home full of it! Think he enjoyed it.

Sam came home from his first roller disco tonight! He came home full of it too - me and john think he is developing a stutter - hmmmm not something else!!!

Laine xxxxx

whoops John should have a capital J - my English teacher would not be happy with me!

Another rainy day

Hmmm another day - a rainy day.

Been awake since 2.30am this morning!

Slept all day yesterday so paid the consequences last night.

Tired now.

No post yet, no results yet.

Thinking of going over to Virgin TV, Phone, Broadband - its much cheaper - oh but I would miss you all so much.

My Joe went to big school today with Sam - its his taster day! Awwww my baby its a huge school! Its Filsham Valley School and soon both of them will be there.  There has been alot of news about it not being a very good school but Sam is happy there and I think their happiness is all that matters.

Dont know what to do this morning! But really should make the most of it as Im very busy for the rest of the week. Got to observe a lesson this afternoon for my class I do on a Thursday morning re. teaching support. It should be a good lesson as its music and I.T. Sounds interesting!

Helping out at Town Sports tomorrow all day with the school  (My Joe running 80 meter dash) - thats 9.30 til 2.30 - then Ive got to ferry kids home, then at 4pm its the governors meeting - then after that we are meeting our course tutor Andrew Robey at a pub at 6pm - its our very last meet up - I hope I can make it.

Got my lessons on Thursday. Really enjoying my English class.

Going on a day trip with the school on Friday!

Really busy doing stuff with the school and you know that I went to a meeting re. their gold award for healthy eating - well they got it!! Yay - Oh check out Robsack Wood website and then you will see where my Joe goes to school at present and where I will be working.

Love Laine xxxx


Monday, 2 July 2007

My five girls for the Blogger award

I now announce my five girl blogger awards go to;

Sara of Sara's Days - I love my lovely Sara I do! I think she is a fantastic Mum - and a fantastic person, I love her wit and her charm - she will always be one of my favourites! Always good at listening to me when Im down - bless her! Loves ya looooooods my lovely Sara. 

Diama -  Chocolate Cherried Creations -  Just getting it off my chest 

Diama is one super duper hell of a crazy lovely girl!! I love her! She is brilliant, fantastic and lovely! Diama is so fantastically clever and makes wonderful tags! Loves my lovely Cherry!

Donna - This, That and Hockey- who is always there for me if I want to chat and is crazy as I am too! I just love crazy people - you are all crazy girls like me LOL! And you make a mean tag!! I loves ya!

Annabel - Annabel's blog - well I just love this gal to bits - she is my best friend's daughter and I have known her ever since she was an ickle ickle baby in her mummy's tummy - she has grown into a beautiful beautiful gal and I love her to bits!!! Love you Annabel.

Kat - Walk with Me - A lovely lovely gal - always strong and so much to do in her life - I dont know how she does it but she does! Really really creative and clever too! Loves ya Kat! (by the way this is a private blog so you'll have to email me if you want me to request Kat that you visit.)

There are lots of people I couldnt include because someone else already gave them an award - also all the men bloggers! Dont think they got a men award one but there are alot of fab men out there blogging a way! Think you are all brilliant and everyone deserves an award - if I was able to make graphics I would do a Laine Award and you would all get one!! Specially you Stuart!!!!

Love Laine xxx


Blogger award

Awwwwww I had to find the strength to let you all know that my lovely friend Joan has awarded me with this blogger award - awwwwwww - Im going to pick 5 of my friends tomorrow - but I can't choose Joan as she has already got one! Gonna put this on my side bar!


I did go back to bed - thanks for all your comments.

Still feeling very very weak and tired. Don't know what is wrong with me - must be a virus or something.

No results yet Stuart! Hope we find out before the graduation ceremony.

Got to go now too weak to type.

Laine xxx

So so tired

Really really tired today.

Had a jippy tummy this morning - great pain then rush to the loo!

Took the boys to school - then went straight back to bed.

Have got up but I feel all spaced out and really wierd like I should be sleeping still - I dont know whether to try sit it out or go back to bed. Just had some weetabix that might make me feel better. Don't like feeling like this.

What does everyone think of the smoking ban?

For me its nice as for once I can go into a pub and not smell of smoke or breathe in someone elses smoke - but it must be hard for those who do smoke suddenly having to change.

We went out to lunch yesterday at our favourite pub and it was lovely not to have smoke round you whilst you ate.  All the smokers were in the garden - until it rained LOL

More rain today - spose it wont be a bad thing to go back to bed - feel wierd and weak - may be I will go and read my book in bed - should I feel guilty for doing that - or is that alright? Tescos can wait til later!

Hope you all have a happy and not so wet day!

Laine xxxxx