Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Feeling wierd

Hi ya peeps

Feel wierd today - funny butterfuly (hee hee will leave that I meant butterfly!) I like the new word!!! Anyway, funny butterfly type feeling in my tummy - hmmm I keep typing wrong tonight - wonder what's up!

John's birthday today - we went out for lunch - it was nice!

My friend Mia bought me flowers today for letting her borrow my car - awww bless her!

My film has been put onto the Mac at college - YAY for John bless him.  I'm meeting up with Sonja (the tutor) tomorrow - she suggested I put it on a projector - well that cant happen - went and saw my space this morning its far too small for a projection and Im going to show it on the Mac anyway! Hopefully she will suggest some good ideas about staging the show so I get a good grade.

Feels wierd today - I don't want the course to end - we probably wont all see each other anymore after its finished - sad! But new beginnings! Scary - for four years Ive known Im at college - then its over just like that!

Bought John a lovely lovely chocolately lovely trifle - we had some earlier - I hope we have smore more later! (lol typing again!).

Does anyone else want some?

Laine x


sarajanesmiles said...

Lovely chocolatey lovely trifle here please :o)
Happy Birthday your John!!!
You're bound to feel this way hon, butterfuly's - he he - of wierdness, hopefully of excitement too though :o)
Sara   x

jeadie05 said...

Will that chocolately trifle ,settle those Butterfulys ,good luck with Sonja tomorrow...love Jan xx

geocachelinda66 said...

Oooo chocolate!  Linda

sdrogerson said...

pass on the trifle
it is like a mini death when college is over

jmoqueen said...

I'd never say no to trifle ;-)  tee hee hee.........Happy birthday John xx  Sorry to hear your feeling weird today lainey ~ Hope everything goes positively with Sonja tomorrow xx