Monday, 11 June 2007

still fed up and bored


Ewwwwwww look what I caught from Donna's journal not one bug but loads!!!! I hope you dont catch them!


Im feeling a bit better today - Ive chatted with a good friend that I made here on Journals - she was there for me she was! Bless her and she really helped too - plus we had to share a bar of galaxy but I ate most of it! hee hee


I just want to share with you all that John wasnt that happy with me last night and it all ended in tears but we are back on track again today. I just hope I can shift myself out of this rut - I laid in bed all morning feeling sorry for myself - just want to sleep and I havent washed my hair! Not like me.

Anyway, Im going to change my journal - the look and the name - Stuart came up with a good one but Im not sure I will be at large Stuart LOL - I cant even get out of bed!!! ha ha

Right off to do nothing - until I pick the boys up - hmm all those weeks I longed to do nothing and now I hate doing nothing LOL!

Laine xx




sdrogerson said...

get your butt over to Kafka!

acoward15 said...

Nice to see you're a BB8 fan. Get Charley out! (and put her on an ASBO).

sugarsweet056 said...

Hi Oscar...TY for coming over & visiting us. Tell your Mom that our Mom says "Hi & have a good week".
Keep your paws up...woof!
Angel, Sweet Pee, & Monkee

(& mom Sugar)

louiseb411 said...

glad things are looking better! Theres nothing like a galaxy is there!! Louise xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Lainey, you are infested with little crawly bug things!!
Looking forward to new look/new name journal :o)
Sara   xxx

labdancer51 said...

Hi Laine, I`m glad you and John have sorted things out, sometimes it`s good to clear the air.  I think I must have caught some of your bugs, I`m starting to! ;o)

Love Sandra xxxx

jeadie05 said...

Isaw the bugs too ,have sent some to my Grandson he will love them lol Jan xx

cherry2sweet2eat said...

lol at the bugs.

jlocorriere05 said...

Glad you and John have cleared the air. I'm sure you'll feel better soon. It's early days yet since you finished your art work. Jeannette xx  

sarajanesmiles said...

((((( )))))'s for Lainey.
Missing you.
Sara   xxx