Sunday, 15 July 2007

Sunday evening

Big big thunder storm - we didnt like it! Oscar was very scared! He jumped up onto the chair next to his mummy and he wouldnt move! Joe was on my lap too - we were all huddled together scared. Sam and John were not scared they were whoopdy whooing out the window much to our annoyance!

It went though! Phew!

They are getting worse!


Im eating Lindt chocolate with orange!! mmmmmmmmm

Diama I went shopping today but not found that special special Diama gift yet! I will though - its out there waiting to be picked up.

Im looking for a holiday for me and John oh sorry John and I! whoops bad English!

Im looking on a budget of £500!!! Really hard to find one on that budget! Hmmmm me wants to go to the sun for a week and read and read and sleep and sleep! oh and drink and drink and eat and eat.

YAY everyone Sara was back today - miss my Sara I do! Sara hurry up and get on msn and we can play games!!!! hee hee!!!

Right Im off to look for holidays again.

p.s. by the way I might not be on AOL much longer - when I get me back side into gear I'll be looking for cheaper broadband.!!!!

Laine xxx


nightmaremom said...

I love a good storm.. so long as I don't lose power.  Remember to look into free aol..  and create your aim before you dump it.  Good luck

jeadie05 said...

I dont like thunder storms either ,I was in the middle of my entry today when I heard the storm coming ,couldnt wait to finish so I could turn off the PC lol Jan xx

sugarsweet056 said...

Poor Oscar, Angel is the same way. {{{ }}}
There's free aol, you just need cable or broadband.

am4039 said...

don't leave, as long as you have your journal and we can talk. I know I scared you away. LOL. To bad everyone was scared of the storms. Hope you find a holiday to go on.

cherry2sweet2eat said...

u just gonna leave us for another internet company lainey :(

aniracj said...

I've just reduced my aol price by going back down to silver on wireless....quite a saving and just as fast!!!