Friday, 15 June 2007


I'm just doing an entry for my lovely friend Sara who is missing me - I'm soooo sorry I haven't been visiting your journals or writing my own - just going through a bit of a bad time at the moment - I'm ok so don't worry - just a bit down at the mo and haven't felt like writing. Please don't worry I'm ok! I'm still here just alot to sort out at home thats all.

Laine xxxx


egre328 said...

Glad you are alright, I was wondering where you were.  Hope the clouds soon move on and you are bathed in sunshine once again.  Eileenx

ally123130585918 said...

Laine just glad to know you are OK ~ Hope you get everything sorted out at home ~ Ally x

sdrogerson said...

Kafka's World is a great tonic

sarajanesmiles said...

Take your time Lainey Laine, we will all still be here when you're feeling better m'dear.  Can say that and still miss you :o)
Take care.
Sara   xxx

getmeslippers said...

If you do change your journal name, please send me an email.  I don't have alerts and can only use my work computer, so when I am at home I can't get emails or do journal.  I will get a new computer soon, when I have some spare cash. I am slowly catching up on all your entries, takes ages when you have missed a few weeks.

jlocorriere05 said...

No hurry Laine! We can wait, it's just good to know you're OK. Hope you get everything sorted at home, I imagine there's a lot to do with kids around! Jeannette xx  

aniracj said...

Just come back when you are ready.....take care and hope you are feeling brighter've had a stressful time!

jacksj989 said...

It is hard enough to fit in all the studies that you must undertake to get the course work out of the way never mind try to keep abreast of all the mail you must be getting from other bloggers.

I do hope that your studies are leaving you some quality time.

By for now,