Saturday, 30 June 2007

Rainy day Saturday

Rain rain go away come again another day!

Shrek III ok - just ok - thing is Shrek and Shrek II are so fantastic how do you live up to them! I fell asleep! So Joan I did a Rob! LOL Still go watch it though Diama - I think you need to see it - its just not as good as the others. I still love Shrek!

Oscar is looking longingly out the french doors - hmmm he wants to go walking in the rain! Might go in a minute if it eases off.

Weather report for Hastings, rain Sunday, rain Monday, rain Tuesday - oh and more rain on Wednesday! So its gonna rain then!

The boys just played football outside in the rain.

John has just gone shopping up to Tesco in the rain.

I might walk the dog in the rain.

I'm a bit fed up as we dont have any money at the mo - hmmmmmph.  Hate money it makes you fed up and you dont want it to! My boys Dad had suddenly stopped paying maintenance without any warning - he owes us £600 now! If he dont pay this month's then it will be £900. He is taking the boys out to dinner tomorrow - how can he afford that if he cant afford the maintenance?  Already in the past he has owed me a couple of thousand and I had to get it back through the courts which took forever - I really hope I dont have to do all that again.  John has never ever ever missed a maintenance payment even when we are struggling.  Of course, me being a student for the last 5 years hasnt helped matters and we are struggling but now he has stopped it makes matters worse. Be so much easier when Im getting a wage coming in - there hasnt even been any work at the holiday park. I hope he pays us soon - I dont want to have a go at him just yet.

Anyway sorry to harp on about all my troubles!! Think its this rain - I feel like Eeoyre!!! LOL

He is kind of gloomy!!

... eeyore_rain.jpg 10-Mar-1997 ...

Lainey Laine xxxxxxxxxxx



nightmaremom said...

It needs to stop raining there!!!!  GRRRRR
I hear you about not having $$$  it comes with the territory of being an adult I think.  Keep the faith.
love ya

sdrogerson said...

money and rain - the worst nightmare

louiseb411 said...

The rain is getting depressing now! I thought Shrek 3 was ok too. I just love the Donkey don't you!  Louise xx

jeadie05 said...

It hasnt rained here all afternoon ,but it would like too , Jan xx

sugarsweet056 said...

Raining here too. :(
Was hoping Shrek would be really good!!!
Have a good wkend.

egre328 said...

It is raining here too and has been ALL day!!!!!!!!!!  Hope you don't have to take your ex to court.  Can't understand why they deprive their own children either, can you?  Eileenx

mariebm56 said...

A belated congrats on the job...sorry for your gloomy weather.
What kind of job did you get??  Sounds like something you really wanted....congrats again!

ukgal36 said...

I saw on the news the rain...they were showing about the car bombers and everyone walking around in their macs with brollies...never know it was summer huh?
Hope you have a better day tomorrow..

cherry2sweet2eat said...

of course not only with horror films can you keep making more movies about one damn thing lol. But i will see it on bootleg :)

geocachelinda66 said...

I know how you feel, my ex is $270 behind.  It really affects you.  I couldn't buy my kids food.  We scraped by and barely made it to my next check.  He doesn't talk about it either.  Just ignores it.  To busy with his own agenda I guess.  Send some of that rain our way!  Linda

aniracj said...

So its going to rain then? Is that wet rain or drenching rain rain? (we have both sorts at the moment; the journey -75 miles- back from the gig last night was a nightmare!!!). Tee hee, I can only assume you were very tired, lol......or was Donkey just very quiet for a change? love Joan

getmeslippers said...

Bloody rain and bloody men, that's what I think.  Sorry for saying bloody.

radar446 said...

I agree with you about Shrek III.  It was OK, but nothing special about the storyline.  My favorite parts were all the parts they used in the commercials.  It was funny, I happened to see the first one on TV shortly after seeing III, and I could really see the difference in animation between the two.  Thanks for visiting my journal, and I do hope you come back soon.