Monday, 2 July 2007

So so tired

Really really tired today.

Had a jippy tummy this morning - great pain then rush to the loo!

Took the boys to school - then went straight back to bed.

Have got up but I feel all spaced out and really wierd like I should be sleeping still - I dont know whether to try sit it out or go back to bed. Just had some weetabix that might make me feel better. Don't like feeling like this.

What does everyone think of the smoking ban?

For me its nice as for once I can go into a pub and not smell of smoke or breathe in someone elses smoke - but it must be hard for those who do smoke suddenly having to change.

We went out to lunch yesterday at our favourite pub and it was lovely not to have smoke round you whilst you ate.  All the smokers were in the garden - until it rained LOL

More rain today - spose it wont be a bad thing to go back to bed - feel wierd and weak - may be I will go and read my book in bed - should I feel guilty for doing that - or is that alright? Tescos can wait til later!

Hope you all have a happy and not so wet day!

Laine xxxxx



nightmaremom said...

if you don't feel well take your time and rest.  Not bad at all to go back to bed.
Kids in school?  When do the end for summer break?

ukgal36 said...

We have had the no smoking ban here for ages...I bet it will hard for the hardcore brits though...
P.S. hope your tummy is better!

jeadie05 said...

I should go back to bed ,you wont be able to whenthe kids break up ,or when you start work Jan xx

sugarsweet056 said...

Get some rest. :)

sdrogerson said...

no results yet?

cherry2sweet2eat said...

if only they could make smoking illegal.

ally123130585918 said...

Don't feel guilty Laine you go back to bed ~ rest and get better ~ Ally x

getmeslippers said...

Hope you feel better soon.  Bed is the best place.  I think smokers can smoke where they want provided it does not interfere, touch, pollute non smokers.  You shouldn't feel sorry for smokers having to change.  It is their choice to have such a weird smelly habit.  PS have some lemonade.

louiseb411 said...

Hope you are feeling better soon, theres loads of nasty bugs about at the mo.. Louise xx

aniracj said...

Lots of gastro-enteritis around at the moment! Get well soon Laine and take as much as possible.