Thursday, 31 May 2007

Thanks alot

Thanks everyone for your kind comments - you are all keeping me going - I read your comments and I think right Im doing it, Im doing it!!!

My space is more or less done now - just got to paint floor and fix my cross stitches properly.  I'm just writing my statement now so I can put that up too and then Ive just got my sketch books to pull together and make clear and write my review. Started my review the other day - just got 800 words to do now LOL!

Feel better today although very tired and still got that pain in my head.

Hugs to you all - I really do appreciate you being there for me and letting me sound out on my journal.  I can't wait to get finished now!! When Im done I will be catching up with you all to see what you've all been up to.

Sara your cross-stitch is now in the gallery - it looks so good hun - I cant thank you enough.

Lainey Laine xxxx


Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Even more tired

Really tired and really fed up. The house is a mess - there's shopping to do. Kids to feed. Appointments to attend. Dog to walk and life to live! But there is this show - this degree show and its taking ages to get together! Wonder when Im gonna explode!

Im so so tired.  Finished painting the area now - but its been a nightmare - the area I was given was naff and needed loads doing to it. So glad John was there to help me - and he is busy too!! We also helped my friend - god knows how she would have coped if we hadnt helped her! All the painters got lights put up for them, all the designers got boards put up for them. I had nothing!! No lighting - no power!! I wanted to cry - still feel like crying.

Now today John is so so busy he finding it hard to help me. Cross stitches still need to be pressed. Christopher got opticians. And electric needs to be put in my area! How am I going to do all that. Computers got to be put in tomorrow and floor needs painting. Im tired and fed up.

Laine xx

Tuesday, 29 May 2007


Life is hard in the fast lane but soon my journey will be at an end.


Laine xx

Saturday, 26 May 2007

Even more important!!

How exciting our web site is up and running just details about the show at the moment - YAY all excited now we got a website.  Go visit it - this is the link.


Something wierd happening with my journal - it never sent out an alert yesterday and i put my film on so check that out if you get an alert for this one!!! Also I couldnt edit or add new entries to it last night! Whats going on?

Please go visit my Annabel - she has blogged again and it would be great if people could visit her to encourage her to keep blogging!

Going down to the gallery to paint again today - also to help Hilary with her show.

Pirates at cinema at 3pm!!! Johnny Depp!!! yay!!!

Any Dream will do night!! yay!!

Sorry still not got my alerts on - thank you for still coming to see me even though Ive not been to you - appreciate that I do!  Not long and my alerts will be back on - just couldnt have coped with them at the moment.

Love Laine xxx

Friday, 25 May 2007

Film all finished and even on youtube!!!

Here it is - here is my film to be shown at my show on June 2nd. Now on Youtube!! YAY.

Laine xxxx


Thursday, 24 May 2007

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts - I do feel better this evening - been a wierd sad day.

I spoke to my Mum and she said she and my Dad saw my aunty yesterday and my Mum said that she died very peacefully in her sleep. That's nice to know - least she wasnt in any pain or discomfort.

Got two laptops on the go tonight - really technical in my house!!  Having to use new laptop to re-edit film so Im downloading all the updated software for vista - going to get quicktime pro too!  So Im doing this entry whilst waiting for it to download! This laptop is going to go in for repair when Ive finished college - poor thing not well LOL.

I still feel like Ive got mountains of stuff to do before next Friday which is D-day!! Well I have actually LOL. We are in studio painting tomorrow. Getting film done tonight - hopefully and then Ive got all weekend to get alot of stuff done.

My Joe has got good citizens tomorrow - bless him. It means he has been a good citizen in the school.  They give out these awards at the end of every term. So proud of him I am! Bless him. So I will go along to the assembly tomorrow and see him get that.

Missing John tonight - need his cuddles.

Laine xxxxx

Sad day

Just to let you know my Aunty Maureen passed away last night, peacefully. She is now in God's good hands.  My thoughts are with her family today, my cousins Michelle, Gary and Daryl who has lost a dear mum. her Grandchildren who have lost a dear and devoted nanny. Also with my Dad and my Aunty June who have lost a sister who was very dear to them.  Lots of fond memories of a lovely lady kept in my head - thank you for being a lovely Aunty.

Laine xx

Wednesday, 23 May 2007

awww for the day - sorry

Well they were lovely pics but never mind they gone now!! LOL

Jan - I eat two!! And Linda its a cereal and I love it! Right cleared that up!! hee hee

Saw Sonja today oh how Im happy!!! yay love Sonja - love her just love her!! She is the best tutor in the world oh yes she is is!!!!!

Right from that Im sure you take it that Im happy!!!

Got to re-edit film - it all makes sense what she said - yes it does! Im gonna do that - and she loves it all - hard to explain but trust me - Ill tell you more later!

Laine xxx

slide shows and stuff

Didnt know the slide show was hated so much! I see what you all mean though - naughty AOL! I just get excited about anything that moves! ha ha!!

Im feeling apprehensive - I wonder what Sonja will say - Im just waiting for John to give me lift in to college - if I drive in now I will not be able to park anywhere - I could have gone early but I didnt have time for me weetabix and if I dont eat me weetabix Im not a happy girl - all happy and full of weetabix now - oh and Im also full of virtual chocolate orange, ;o) winks at Sara!

I'm worried about my friend! She is going through bad times - she rang me last night - I told you all about her a couple of months ago - she had to leave her husband last year as he made life unbearable and she lives with her new man and her girls and things have not been good lately.  Her girls are settled in a new school and happy and get on really well with her new partner. But her partner cant cope with the grief they get from her ex. Last night he flipped and left her - he came back but she is in pieces as he keeps doing this to her.  She is so far away too - I dont know what she is going to do. I feel sad for her.

Windows keep updating - grrrrrrrrrrr.

Its a lovely sunny day - I sat outside and ate my weetabix! Weetabix al fresco!!!

7 days til BB!!!!

Ooooooh Mick Hucknall on GMTV.

Im dancing! Whooooooooo

Laine xxxx

Tuesday, 22 May 2007

You got to go revisit my NY entry - I just went to look at the pics and its on a slide show now!!!! Yikes how did that happen but its sooooo good and it wasnt me I wouldnt know how to do that!!!!LOL Laine xxxxx

I know, I know I should be doing my statement but I started mucking about LOL


It's late and I'm still up - been trying to write my statement that will go beside my work and my film on my show - wanted to have something to show Sonja tomorrow. Finding it really hard to word!!

Here is what Ive written so far LOL its a bit rubbish!!!#

I had 1,760 text messages sent to me on my mobile in just one year. I kept them all – I couldn’t delete them. They are sent so quickly without a thought of the impact they had on me. I wanted to  take the immediacy out of the text message, take it back to the days when ladies would embroider samplers and have sewing circles.  Technology takes us into a new dimension – in seconds a message is written and sent through the air to far away places.  ‘Tensions’ is a film that demonstrates  the physical and long drawn out process of having to stitch the text message,


Obviously I still have to work on that!! I really, dont know how to say what I want to say - do you know what I mean!!!!


Laine xxx

Feeling wierd

Hi ya peeps

Feel wierd today - funny butterfuly (hee hee will leave that I meant butterfly!) I like the new word!!! Anyway, funny butterfly type feeling in my tummy - hmmm I keep typing wrong tonight - wonder what's up!

John's birthday today - we went out for lunch - it was nice!

My friend Mia bought me flowers today for letting her borrow my car - awww bless her!

My film has been put onto the Mac at college - YAY for John bless him.  I'm meeting up with Sonja (the tutor) tomorrow - she suggested I put it on a projector - well that cant happen - went and saw my space this morning its far too small for a projection and Im going to show it on the Mac anyway! Hopefully she will suggest some good ideas about staging the show so I get a good grade.

Feels wierd today - I don't want the course to end - we probably wont all see each other anymore after its finished - sad! But new beginnings! Scary - for four years Ive known Im at college - then its over just like that!

Bought John a lovely lovely chocolately lovely trifle - we had some earlier - I hope we have smore more later! (lol typing again!).

Does anyone else want some?

Laine x

Monday, 21 May 2007

you need friends in times of need

I was fed up but now Im happier! Just got an email from my friend John at college saying:

I have imported it and there is no problem.
I can use this file for the edit, I can export
it for a mac if you want me to, let me know.

YAY for John!!! YAY


Got this email from one of my tutors - bearing in mind she hasnt seen the cross stitches yet she had this to say:

Elaine, I managed to open your film but couldnt your CD neither on my DVD player or computer. I don't think the film is tight enough as a lone final piece. Maybe in a particular context it will be more engaging. I need to come into college to drop off some assessments, either tomorrow morning or Wednesday morning. Could you be around with your work? Can't at this moment give exact time or day but hopefully tomorrow, Tues. Have you a mobile number you can foreward?
Take note of the bit in red - hmmmm now I thought I was all sorted so I think she is trying to say I have to stage it in a different way - now she is a very good artist so I should meet her and talk to her but I really dont want to change too much now! I just want this to be right!!
Laine xxxx

Fed up

Sam is naughty - oh yes he is!!!  Naughty, naughty Sam - had me really worried - for a whole hour I was beside myself with worry - he was supposed to come straight home from school like he always does - it got to 3.30 and I thought hmm if sam had got a lift he would be home by now. It got to 3.50 - now Im really worried as if he had walked or got the bus he would be home by now.  Then I saw the neighbours kids were all home - asked them had they seen Sam? Nope!!!! So I got in the car and drove around like a mad thing trying to find him - every street seemed so empty! I got to the school - no Sam.  So all I could do was drive home again - still no Sam!!  I really felt sick by that time - then the phone rang - thank god it was Sam! He says - Mummy I am at Matt's can you pick me up - well I hit the roof!!!  He said that Matt's Mum's car broke down so they had to walk home and he walked to Matt's - he forgot to come home - can you believe that!!!!  I went mental and drove up to get him and went mental again - he shouldnt rely on Matt's mum anyway!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KIDS!!!!!!! I really didnt need that today.

My computer has gone wrong - my lovely HP laptop - the one with the film on it - I had to edit the film again and make a new DVD - well now after hours of re-editing the laptop decides it cant burn discs or read the disc drive anymore - I need to get it onto the Mac at college - the apple wont read the files either - I am now getting stressed about it!! The multi-media guys are trying their best to help me - but they are busy with their own shows - I might have to put it on the apple at college and re-edit which will take days in a program called final cut which I know nothing about! This is a nightmare - crikey just when I thought things were coming together - if they let me show it on my laptop then I wouldnt have a problem!!! Im sure it will be sorted it just feels like it wont and its under two weeks to go now and we have got to paint the gallery yet!!!!!

John's birthday tomorrow and his present hasnt arrived - well part of it has the other part hasnt - really annoying as I ordered him Series 1 of Lost and Series 2 and Series 2 arrived and Series 1 hasnt so he probably thinks why she bought me just Series 2!!!! Its probably Lost in the post - ha ha my attempt at being funny!!!

Oh bother!

Laine xxxx

Sunday, 20 May 2007


No news yet about how my Aunty is - we just know that it will be very soon that she will pass away - that's what the doctors say - as long as she is comfortable an peaceful then thats ok. It will be a release for her - she has been in a confused and frail state for so long - she is not the aunty I once knew.

I've been thinking back to times spent with her as a child - I liked her and I remember that she never liked hugs - I always like hugs and I used to hug her and she would laugh embarrasingly. She hated any fuss. I feel guilty that I havent seen her for ages but my Mum said it best if i didnt as she isnt who she used to be and she didnt even know my Dad. Im so glad that we all had family holidays together that we can now have as memories.  My  Aunty partcularly loved the holiday we had in Florida - she loved being with my Sam and Joe - Im glad we had that holiday.  I remember that was the holiday that I found out that her and my uncle were not together - they were in separate rooms and its a shame as he hasnt been there for her through her worsening years.  He had a lady friend up the road - and my Aunty knew about it. She must have felt lonely. She had my cousin though, her daughter.  My cousin has never left home and always spent time with her mum and dad.  Now my cousin will only have her Dad left - it must be really sad for her to see her mum so frail.  Its scary now - my parents are getting older - my aunties and uncles are getting older - why cant we all stay young and alive - I hate losing people I love, that's the trouble with life so we should make the most of it while we have it!

Laine xxxxx

Saturday, 19 May 2007

Feeling sad

Really enjoyed the football and had a lovely day and soon after the football my Mum phoned to say my Aunty is very  very ill - she has been in a nursing home for a long time now and they were all called this morning as they thought she would pass away - My mum said it was really sad a nurse came in who was going off shift and gave my aunty a kiss on her forehead and said goodbye to her. Anyway, they all went home as she is still with us - bless her - my Mum said that she doesnt look like the Aunty Maureen I know - my mum said she looks really white and tired and frail.  I feel for my Dad - its his sister and he is very fond of her. Its really sad.  I also feel for my cousin as its her Mum, obviously, I will be there for my cousin when she needs me. I feel sad.

Laine xxx


Chelsea Chelsea!!!!

Chelsea Chelsea!!!! They won - they won!!!! Yay!!!!! We are all happy in this house!!!!

Laine xxxx


First of all messages to the peeps;

Jenny - yes I will cheer for Exeter too - I love that part of the country - been to Exeter many times.

Sam - No Sam I won't be doing any art classes during the summer - I will be forming an art group with my friends though - not sure we will do any work yet - probably rest!! yay!

Jan - Yes Jan all my cross-stitches are the messages from my mobile - Ive put one in the photos below to show you. Actually its the one my lovely Sara did - isnt she clever! Have a good Saturday all. xxxx

Laine xxxxx Blue for Chelsea!

Friday, 18 May 2007

Friday again

I'm tired - very very tired - but happy - very happy.

Went to the gallery this morning - got my space all measured up and all the men are down there today putting the panels up. Bless them! They didn't need me - I can't help really because of my back. But feel happy with my space and excited now - I will help with the painting next week.

Nearly finished another cross-stitch - I think I just got one more to go. Then I've got to do my sketch books and a 1,000 word review and the labels for the work space. Also got to work out the frames.

The house looks a mess but Im so tired! Oh well that can wait!

Sam going to his dad's this weekend. Joe staying here to watch football with us - please let Chelsea win! Then my little Joe will be happy!

Joe's SATS over today - he will be pleased. Sam's finish on Monday and then its just me to go! I get marked on 6th June. Then what will I do with myself?

Right Im off to stitch another letter before picking Joe up from school.

Bye for now journal peeps

Laine xxx

Possibly the coolest thing ever!

Possibly the coolest thing ever! :

If anyone likes ELO and socks then go visit Sara today - and if your feeling blue then it will uplift you! LOL

Thursday, 17 May 2007

worked hard today

Nearly completed one cross-stitch in one day today - will have it finished by tonight. Just kept at it all day.

Wish BB was already on now then I could be watching it whilst stitching! Have to make do with Phil and Fern - quite like them though.

Joe out at a party tonight - really nice as he is being picked up and dropped back - its a ten-pin bowling party.

Joe doing ok with his SATS.

Sam went back to school today - he feels ok about having growth hormone - I asked him how he felt and he said well its one of those things isnt it - if I have to have it I have to have it - bless him! Cant believe he is going to be 14 in three months time!

Sam started his year 8 exams today - all exams in this house!

Don't know what to cook for dinner - hard these days as I dont have time for cooking - hmmm think it will be pizza!  Does anyone actually cook from scratch these days - or is it all convenience - after my course Im going to start cooking from a cook book - proper meals and healthy ones!

Better get on with some more cross stitch.

Laine x

(Whats this tags thing at the bottom now?)

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Wednesday and tired

Hello my lovely peeps

Well we are back from London - oh and what a faff! LOL I like that word - well it's hard to explain but it was like getting blood out of a stone talking to those doctors! It really annoys me - they seem to hold info back or they dont know what they are talking about.

The upshot is that Sam IS growth hormone deficient and apparently I was supposed to have had a letter to tell me that officially - I never did get that!

Anyway, then she says that when Sam had his first lot of tests he was supposed to have had a primer or something (Jeannette what does that mean?).  Anyway, it was some sort of tablet he was supposed to have and he didnt which meant the tests werent accurate or something - didnt really understand as the doctor was not speaking good English - and was very quite in her voice - mumbled alot! Anyway, I got all confused - but then Mr Stanhope (the consultant) came in and he explained to me that Sam's pituatry gland is fine (cant spell that), and I said then why is he growth hormone deficient and he said that it can just happen. (You see Joe's pituatry gland is abnormal).  Anyway bit complicated to explain but Joe's is more complex than Sam. So Sam's growth hormone is ordered and she said - you go to the GP for the growth hormone and I said what all of it and she said yes and I said I dont think so. She looked confused - and I said No I only get the growth hormone from the GP - I said dont you have to sign Sam up with the pharmaceutical company so they can send a nurse out.  She said oh yes I think I do - flaming hell - she should be telling me that!! Now if I didnt already have a child who was growth hormone deficient I wouldnt have known would I!!!   Then she said to me that Sam will have growth hormone til he is 16 so I said right so he will only have it for two years - I said surely thats not long enough then she says oh no it will be 18 - she had meant the bone age - blimey they just dont explain stuff!!  I feel a bit in limbo now - Im not sure if they will contact the nurse.   Oh this will make you all laugh - she said to Sam - how would you like to inject yourself - well how the hell would he know!!!! That made me cross - when Joe was diagnosed we saw a nurse and she explained all the possibilities - showed us all the pens and the injections - she didnt do that with Sam.  So I said well Im used to the pen that Joe has and she said to Sam will that be ok Sam - and I said how would he know he isnt Joe!!! OH dear sorry I went off on one then didnt I! It probably doesnt make any sense at all!  I might phone up Mr Stanhope and talk to him about it - the growth hormone will be available at the GP in three weeks time - I dont know if the doctor will contact me or not and also I need to get the nurse from Ferring (the pharmaceutical company) to come along when the hormones are ready so she can show Sam what to do. She also needs to bring the pen and all the stuff that comes with it.  Blimey think I will need a bigger fridge with all that growth hormone!

Phew sorry had to get that all out it probably dont make sense!!!


Tuesday, 15 May 2007

For Eileen

Woo hoo from me too...........are you on anything tee hee or is it just end of degree work?????????  Eileenx
Comment from
egre328 - 15/05/07 20:04

Eileen Im being silly tonight - I should still be doing my degree work - degree work not finished yet  - I like tee hee - yes Im definately tee hee - just ask Sara or Stuart they know Im always tee hee! Yes I must calm down now and get on with some work!

Laine xx

Hee hee coz Sara said


Yes Sara I did want to and I only put this one on coz my boys love it - we like the whooo hoo bits we all sing it in the car. LOL

Laine xxxxx

Sing a long with me I know you want to.

promise its the last one


Can't help it, cant help it - last one I promise

I promise this is the last one - but couldnt resist as Im so into Joseph at the moment - wtih my Saturday night Any Dream will Do - I just couldnt resist - also found out today that the show in London starts in July - I just got to go!!! Ive seen the musical about 5 times already!! LOL Im sad I know but I love it so so much!!

Laine xxxx

p.s. I like a bit of Jason Donovan too!!! hee hee

Well your not going to stop me now!!! hee hee


Hee hee - Sara's fault she showed me how to do it and Im in singy dancy mood!! hee hee

Love Laine xxx

Lollipop - Mika


I really really love this - so everyone join in YAY - thanks Sara. Hope it works. Laine xxxx


Thanks for all your comments yesterday! I was a happy gal - still am!

I bought loads of CDs today with my money I earned on Saturday - should have saved it really but I felt like being happy and buying happy stuff!

I bought 'Life in Cartoon Motion' - Mika and if I knew how to do that youtube stuff I'd put it on my journal coz I love it - especially the track called 'lollipop' - I love the whole album - makes me bounce up and down in my car whilst Im driving and singing along! hee hee

I also bought 'The Sweet Escape' - by Gwen Stefani - fantastic!!!

Also 'Stay' by Simply Red - not listened to that one yet.

I also bought Diana Ross & The supremes - The No. 1's - awwwwwwww that reminds me of sunday mornings and the roast dinner cooking and me and my mum singing along to Diana Ross songs!! Love it!!

I also bought Floorfillers - Anthems and Floorfillers - Club Classics - I likes a bit of a boogie sometimes and its great driving music!!! hee hee Some old dancefloor classic in them too!! Reminds me of my clubbing days!

Well I did buy alot didnt I! But that made me happy! See me smiling all across the journal! Think my boys think Im mad - Im singing and dancing in the car when I picked them up hee hee!!!

We went into Tescos on way home from school and the boys said they wanted to go to the toilet so they did and they didnt come back for ages - was bloomin annoyed then! LOL I waited around ages and walked round Tesco about 10 times - in the end I embarrassed them and got a tannoy call out for them LOL - They came back red faced hee hee!!! Naughty mummy arent I!

Right Im off to London tomorrow - should find out all about Sam! Will let you know - take care and I will try pop into your Journals sometime again soon - just dont get much time! I still got alerts off.

Thanks for listening to me through this stressy time - it so helps to write it all down!

Laine xxxxxxxx


Monday, 14 May 2007

Even bigger Yays!!!!


I cant tell you how happy I am - what a relief - a relief - bloomin relief!!

They liked my film - my tutors liked my film!!! YAY

And, the tutor that said I couldn't pull it off - was so pleased with me!! And, he loved my cross stitches and do you know what my lovely Sara - it's yours he liked the bestest - oh yes!!! YAY YAY

He thinks I should display the cross stitches too - he said he takes back what he said about not displaying them.

So the plan is that you will walk into the room and see the cross stitches on the wall, then you will walk round the corner and watch the film.! Dont worry Stuart and Sara I will send you a copy - too big to put on email - I know you both requested to see it! So when the show is all done I'll do some copies for you both.

Im so happy!

Love Laine xxxx



Toothache gone! YAY

Just popped home from college as lady coming to trim oscar!! OOOOH Oscar hair cut day - not sure he will like it!

Will let you know how we get on!

Laine xx

Saturday, 12 May 2007

4am toothache

It's 4am, and I'm awake! hmmm and its a toothache - a real bad one!

I broke my tooth over two years ago and it has never ever given me any trouble and all of a sudden it is throbbing - it has hurt before but not like this - this is typical just when Im soooooo busy and need to be ok for all my work to be done!  Im petrified of the dentist - that's why I never went to sort the tooth out - I'm hoping that it will go away just for now - then I'll go to the dentist when Im done with college.   It's so bad its hurts to swallow!! Oh dear!!! Me own fault - should have gone to dentist when I first did it! Then it would all be done now!

I worked really hard today (well yesterday really now isnt it - saturday anyway!).  Went with my mate Judy to work at a 70th birthday party. The house was gorgeous - huge, huge house with a huge huge driveway - with electric gates!!! Awww and in the garden was a swimming pool!!! The gardens were gorgeous! They had a huge summer house too! Wish I could have taken pics to show you all.  Hmmmm how the other half live! Anyway, we arrived at 10.30am (4 of us) and the elderly couple were so so nice (ooooh my dad is 70 and I dont call him elderly) anyway we did not stop from the moment we got there to the moment we left, 6.00pm!  54 people to cater for - there were 4 courses - I washed up everything! I was shattered and dont want to see anymore washing up for weeks! But I enjoyed it even though I was so tired.

My John is the best! When I got home from working I gave him half my money to spend on himself and he refused to take it - said I deserved to spend the whole lot on just me! Bless him. And, whilst I'd been out all day he had got all my photos printed and sized for the exhibition in Hastings station - so thats one job less for me to do. Isn't he a star!

YAY - watched Joseph this week. I'm sorry Stuart but I love it! Can't help it! hee hee.

James here this weekend - awww got all my boys this weekend! James said he was bored with his mates - bless him! I told him that I missed him! 15 year olds dont want to hear that do they LOL.

Toothache easing off - hopefully can go to bed soon. Taken disprin and bonjela! Disprin is the best for toothaches.

Now Im rambling and if your still reading - wow your not bored yet?

Feel in a wierd place at the moment! Can't wait til degree show over and I know what grade I got - I will be estactic with a 2-2 - disappointed if I get a 3 - don't think I'll get a 3 - hope I don't but at least that's a pass isnt it. Just be glad when its over now really -then I can do art for art and not for a stupid examiner. 

Some of us are forming an art group after college has finished - we can all exhibit together and meet up and stuff to encourage us to keep our art going.  Can't wait!

Anyway, I'll go now - this is a good place for me this journal - at the moment especially - it helps getting it all out on here - you don't have to read it all! Thanks for listening if your still this far though.

Love Laineyx xxxxxx


Friday, 11 May 2007

thank you Joan and Jeannette

Made my mind up thanks Joan and Jeannette.

Kept Sam's appointment for next week and made new one for Joe in August (22nd!!). So at least I still get to see how Sam is doing next week!

Welcome back Jeannette.

Laine xxx

SATS Tests need your help!!!!

Oh I need your help journal peeps - what do I do?

Just goes to show how muddled my mind is - I thought Sam and Joe's London Hospital appointments were on 22nd May and they are not - they are next week on 16th May!

Well, Joe has his SATS tests next week - just phoned the hospital and the earliest next appointment they can do is middle of August. 

Now, don't know what to do.

Shall I just take Sam next week (as I need to know whats going on with him and Joe's is just a routine appointment) - then it means taking Joe in August (two train fares!)

Or do I put off both appointments til August!

Or, do I take them both next week and Joe misses a day off SATS - need to speak to his teacher about that - I know the SATS are really important for how they are streamed in Senior school - so I don't want him streamed wrong!

Oh hate this.

Laine x

Thursday, 10 May 2007


Achieved alot today! Feel happy!

Tired, but happy. Don't worry I took my lenses out very early today so looking after my eyes!

I went to work this morning and that was hard going but least I get a bit of money.

Then straight after work I took Oscar out with my mates Carol and Joe. Joe had to muzzle his new dog as his new dog does not like Carol's dog. As Joe hasn't had her for long he can't trust her at the mo. Poor thing hated the muzzle but it was for the best. Had a lovely long walk through the woods near Carol's house. First time Joe had been on it - was nice to see him - hadnt seen him in a while.  We met up with a guy with a lovely Roteweiller (not sure how you spell that) awwwwwwwww I want one! I loved him - he was like a giant teddy bear!!! He looked so good with Oscar too! Awwwww - nope can't have another dog!

After the walk I came home and got on with my work - I got so so much done! Loads in fact - I'm really pleased with myself - and I also managed to get organised and tidy up my papers and books and stuff - so feel so much better now.  And............. the lovely Sara had sent me her cross stitch back - and its lovely! Bless her!

Then this evening I managed to sort my film out onto DVD format without having to have a title screen on - and now it  plays in top quality on windows media player and loops!!! YAY!!! So pleased about that.

On the downside though, one cross stitch that my friend Andrea did came back in a bit of a state and I've got to do it all again myself - it was one that I really liked so I got to do it.  But that dont matter as I have plenty of time. Feeling a tinsy bit more confident now.

Another day dedicated to my college stuff tomorrow! Yay!!

Im working on Saturday for a friend - doing catering - not looking forward to that it will be tiring! Also got all 4 boys this weekend - will be nice but I need to get on with my work! Be nice to see James though - he doesn't come down as much lately.

And Joe still calling me Mummy!

Love Laine xxxxx

Wednesday, 9 May 2007

so tired

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr so so tired but can't sleep!

So got up at 12.30am and guess what? It took me half an hour to get my computer to go on internet! Grrrrrrrr again! I had to do a system restore!


Wish there was someone to talk to!

Im bored now.

Laine xx

Mummy or Mum

My Joe says, "Mummy?"

I say: "yeah Joe?"

He says, "I've thought about it, and Im not going to call you Mummy anymore."

"awwww I say, why is that"

"Coz it's not cool to call your Mum Mummy anymore"

"ok" I say, feeling rather sad - as he is my baby (11 yrs old!)

Ten minutes later, Joe comes down the stairs shouting........ "Mummy?"

I say, "Don't you mean Mum?"

Joe says: "oh, oh yeah"

Five minutes later Joe comes down again and cuddles me and says "I don't want to stop calling you Mummy, Mummy!"

Awwwwww am I pleased!!!!

Hee hee

Laine xxxx

Another day and tired eyes

Right, about to embark on another day.

Just been to opticians and she says I have eye infection - too much studying - no really she told me off - my eyes are not coping with the strain! Whoops! Got blood vessels appearing too. Another whoops - means I got to remember to take my lenses out earlier and not to stay up too long studying when my eyes are tired.

Had another cross-stitch back this morning!

Right Im off to do some more!

Love Laine xx


Tuesday, 8 May 2007

wierd mood again

I started my entry about ten times tonight - I dont really think I know what to say and I dont really know why Im doing an entry - thats wierd eh!

Well I had a good day at the school - thats prob what I needed to tell you - infact it was more than good it was great!  The children played around with their photographs that we took the last time we were there and they were able to draw on them and extend them in any way they wanted.  Some cracking little artists in that class - brilliant, brilliant - children are so clever and imaginative and fantastic and artistic and inspiring - I loved every minute of it today!

Because Ive been at the school all day Ive not done any of my work - I feel unmotivated now - silly how one day puts you off - hmmmm.

Sara my lovely Sara has finished her cross-stitch - bless her lil heart - what a lovely friend she is! Thanks Sara.


My thoughts are today with little Maddy - beautiful little Maddy and her poor, poor parents - I pray to god that he finds Maddyand she is back with her Mummy and Daddy again safely and hope she is ok - it makes me so so sad.

Laine x

Feeling bit better

Im still working hard - but do feel a bit better - the more I do the better I feel. My head still full of stuff at night even though I read my book to get me to sleep.

I'm at the school today doing the art project - I want to keep going to see it through to the end.

Time creeping away!

Thanks Sara for recommending Watchers (Dean Koontz) - Im really, really enjoying it - Im making time to read when I go to bed now - its my relaxation - thing is the book is so so good Im reading til quite late! This book gets you gripped right from the start and it even made me jump last night! hee hee!

I finished The book entitled 'This book will save your life' - AM Homes, quite a good book actually - wierd and different but good - kept me wanting to read more - wouldnt say it was the best book Ive ever read but I would recommend it.

Right, spose I ought to get ready to go to the school!

Hope you are all ok.

Laine xxx

Monday, 7 May 2007


Im tired and oh so busy. Lots on my mind. Can't sleep - not much time.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Any dream will do

Oh so mad so mad!!! furious in fact - we went out tonight - which was lovely by the way!! Forgot to set the recorder for Any dream will do - Im gutted!! Really really gutted - love that programme - wait for it all week then forget it!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Laine xx

Friday, 4 May 2007

Feel funny again

Hmmmm feel funny again - why is that?

Thought I was only working Monday but my boss texted me and asked me to work tomorrow too.

Oh well need the money - we terribly skint at the mo - went over my overdraft limit last week - it charges you loads when that happens. Oh how I cant wait to be earning and John doesnt have to keep supporting me and we can have some money instead of debt, debt, debt.  Shouldn't keep buying stupid computers then we would be ok!!! Cant believe all of my student loan went just like that - but that was to buy the laptop for the show and also I had to pay £150 for the show - well we all did - so thats £3450 they have got from all of us - and we went to see the gallery this morning and we are not impressed with what we have spent our money on - the gallery only cost £600 and the other one about £400 so whats the rest of the money being spent on!! I hope we get some back!!

Oh dear sorry Im having a moan.

I can't wait til my degree is over and I can get back to all your journals - Im missing you all.

Love Laine xxx


Don't rely on spell checker!

Just had to share this with you! A nice lil poem about spell checker - or should I say spell chequer. hee hee

Eye halve a spelling chequer
It came with my pea sea
It plainly marques four my revue
Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

Eye strike a key and type a word
And weight four it two say
Weather eye am wrong oar write
It shows me strait a weigh.

As soon as a mist ache is maid
It nose bee fore two long
And eye can put the error rite
Its rarely ever wrong.

Eye have run this poem threw it
I am shore your pleased two no
Its letter perfect in it's weigh
My chequer tolled me sew.


Thursday, 3 May 2007


Doing this film is harder than I thought! So much to it - its unbelievable - I thought I had done it but I havent so its back to the drawing board.  Had a good day at college though. One of the multi-media guys helped me alot with my film - we are going to have a website soon with all our work on  - I will let you know the link when we get it.

We go visit the gallery tomorrow where we are going to display our degree show - I expect everyone will be mega stressy - arguing about space - Im not going to stress - Ive got to have a space and Im going to get one so whats the point stressing over it! Also my favourite tearoom is just round the corner so I will be hurrying along there after!! Hee hee!!!

Laine xxx

Wednesday, 2 May 2007

worked really hard today

I worked really hard today - got the film put onto DVD - now I've got to work out a way of looping it so it plays over and over - not sure how to do that on the new computer! I might actually make a huge file with it copied several times and play it from the hard drive.

I had two cross-stitches back - there is a tiny mistake on one and a huge mistake on the other but easily rectified by me later! Im so glad I thought to give people plenty of time as I didnt think about correcting mistakes!

I feel guilty that I havent been in anyone's journals but its nice to see that a few of you still read my journal even though I dont get to yours at the moment - funny though the majority havent been to my journal at all since I turned my alerts off - not that Im bothered as long as I still got the ones I really care about and you know who you are! I promise I will be along to visit you soon - thanks for still looking in on me - I need you all to tell you how Im doing along the way - its like a kind of therapy and it helps me think of the next step!


Love Laine xx


How wierd I just wrote in my old journal by mistake!!!

The film is now being burnt on to the DVD - never been so nervous in my life!!!!


Chelsea and thanks for trying Sara

Thanks for trying to send your positive thoughts my way my lovely Sara.

Chelsea didnt do it! My poor little Joe was devastated - he cried and cried - sobbed is the right word!! What do you do when your kid is that upset and it makes you want to cry too!! I kept saying to him well no worries Joe they will get the next one! Awwww bloomin football!!!

Laine xx

Tuesday, 1 May 2007


Just can't believe it this is too stressy!

Chelsea please win

As if I havent got enough stress - now Chelsea are not scoring tonight and its driving me mad!!! Cant stand anymore stress - please win Chelsea - please!!!!!