Thursday, 17 May 2007

worked hard today

Nearly completed one cross-stitch in one day today - will have it finished by tonight. Just kept at it all day.

Wish BB was already on now then I could be watching it whilst stitching! Have to make do with Phil and Fern - quite like them though.

Joe out at a party tonight - really nice as he is being picked up and dropped back - its a ten-pin bowling party.

Joe doing ok with his SATS.

Sam went back to school today - he feels ok about having growth hormone - I asked him how he felt and he said well its one of those things isnt it - if I have to have it I have to have it - bless him! Cant believe he is going to be 14 in three months time!

Sam started his year 8 exams today - all exams in this house!

Don't know what to cook for dinner - hard these days as I dont have time for cooking - hmmm think it will be pizza!  Does anyone actually cook from scratch these days - or is it all convenience - after my course Im going to start cooking from a cook book - proper meals and healthy ones!

Better get on with some more cross stitch.

Laine x

(Whats this tags thing at the bottom now?)


sarajanesmiles said...

Aww, Phil and Fern, I would like Fern to by my Mum, yes I would :o)
Well done your Sam, that is a mature attitude to have for a 14 year old - in three months time :o)
Happy stitching!
Sara   x

ally123130585918 said...

Laine you have done well with your cross~stitch ~ think your eyes must be aching :o) ~ Sam has a good outlook on taking his growth hormone ~ some adults arn't that sensible ~ seems all of our schools are doing exams at the moment ~ be glad for the children when they are all finished ~ LOL we very rarely buy ready meals much cheaper to cook from scratch and much healthier ~ and at least you know what you are putting in them ~ Ally x

sdrogerson said...

like Ally we cook everything from scratch cheaper  by far!

jmoqueen said...

I don't get the tag things either seems like a waste of time to me lol.......Bless sam for having such a good attitude.  I would love to cook healthier but don't get the time ~ my new plan is to cook at least one healthy meal a week ~ not doing so well at the moment lol


jlocorriere05 said...

I cook from scratch, I like to know what I'm eating! Most convenience meals have so much salt and flavouring in it. If you knew what went in it you wouldn't eat it! Well done to Sam for having a good attitude to his problems! Jeannette xx