Monday, 19 February 2007

Update on my friend

Hi all - just to let you know that my friend who's partner had left because he couldnt cope with her divorce affairs has come back to her and they are going to try and sort things out.  She thought I would be cross with her but I was so relieved.  I thought you might like to see the email I sent her.

Aww Sally why would I be mad at you! I want more than anything for things to work out with you and John - I want you to be happy - and if you are both prepared to give it a go then thats good! For all of your sakes.
Sally dont let Tony get inbetween you two! Dave nearly did that to me and John - My John went off his head once because of Dave - I really thought I'd lost him - John just couldnt cope and it wasnt me he couldnt cope with it was Dave.  Your love still is young and its fragile and can be easily broken. Don't let anyone break it - let it get stronger! It will get stronger and tell John not to be afraid of Tony and don't ever feel like he is a threat.  You have GOT to deal with Tony - John never has to deal with him - John doesnt have to have anything to do with him.  He just needs to listen to you and advise you. He needs to just be your support (show John this if you like!).  That's all I ever wanted my John to be - was my rock!! You need him Sally - more than probably anyone has ever needed him and thats hard for him if he has never had to deal with all this before.  It's alot for him to take on - You, your girls and all your problems.  He doesnt have to ever speak to Tony - you dont ever have to let Tony come to your house.  I never let Dave set foot near my door - the boys go out to him.
It will be hard Sally - hard for you and him.  Give John time - if he cant deal with stuff let him have his space thats the only way he can deal with it - its alot for you and its hard for him too - he probably hates seeing you get hurt.  Its hard for him when he is worrying about you and has to be strong for you all.  I'm not saying he is right in going away like that but it was probably good for him to clear his head and be away from the situation.
I do hope you can both work things out and if you ever want us to have the girls for a weekend so you have time just ask.  I think you make a lovely couple - it would be a shame to let one sad person split you up! Dont let him win Sally!!!
Remember love conquers all!!! Its true if you really love each other you can get through it!
Blimey Ive gone on a bit havent I.  Im relieved that your both gonna try and make things work.  You both have so much to lose! Think of the lovely times ahead - you, John and the girls. 
Anyway, good luck to you and John - Im proud of you Sally - your doing the right thing. Dont let a good thing go!
Love you lots and Im always here for you,
Dont forget we will be out celebrating when I get this blasted degree!!! LOL
Love Laine xxxxxxxxxxx
I hope and pray that things work out for them and that for my dear friend good times and happiness are on their way.
Laine xxxx


sugarsweet056 said...

I hope things work out well for them.
Wishing you a good week! {{{ }}}

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope they can work it out, it needs time and they've got to stand together!  Jeannette xx  

sdrogerson said...

love and compromise solve all things don't they?

jmoqueen said...

Great email to your friend ~ let's hope it works out for them :-)


sarajanesmiles said...

I'm glad they're giving it another go, and I totally agree with everything you said, you're a good friend m'dear :o)
Wishing them well.
Sara   x

ally123130585918 said...

Laine that is good news hope it works out for them both ~ Ally