Sunday, 25 February 2007

Sunday and Roast Lamb

Hi All,

Happy Sunday!

Sam and I having roast lamb for dinner - yummy - not had a roast for ages.

Feeling so much better about New York - keep looking at the pictures of the hotel - I think I will love it!!  My friends are all very happy about it too.  We are all different ages - Im 41, Erna is 66, Hilary is 56 and Hilary's daughter Jessica is 26 but Im sure we will get on just fine. I just spoke to Erna and she was so grateful for me booking the hotel - she sounds such a lovely lady - I only met her last week at the meeting for the trip! Hilary and I are on the same course together - I expect Hilary and I will stick together like glue throughout the week and Erna and Jessica will go their own ways. Erna has a friend who lives in Washington and Jessica's college friends will be in that dreaded hostel!  Hilary and I will get on famously as we both like coffee and lots of stops!! ha ha!!

I feel a bit funny with John today - he is getting on my nerves - oh I do love him so!!  But just lately he is annoying me and I dont know why! He gets so tired and goes to bed early and I go to bed late.  He doesnt eat healthily and that annoys me.  Im cooking a lovely dinner today and he doesnt want any - still we all go through stages like this dont we. I never stop loving him even when he does annoy me! And I will miss him so so much next week - I think thats why I feel funny - Im taking it out on him that I will miss him so much - does that make sense or am I totally mad!!

Awwwwwwww the snow gone in my Animal Crossing lil world - no more snowmen! Its kinda pretty though now you can see the grass.  I've got a fishing tourney today - so gonna catch a big one! LOL

I keep looking at my Sam and comparing him with Chris - as Chris is growing normally and is a normal size for a 13 year old - I can really see that Sam really isnt developing like he should and Im so glad that something will be sorted soon - its just now a matter of waiting for the hospital to send an appointment to see the consultant so he can explain it all to me. I said to John I musnt forget Joe in all this - he has his appointment in May to see how he is getting on - but if he is anything to go by then Sam will flourish on Growth Hormone and hopefully wont notice a difference between himself and his peers. 

John has just taken Chris home as he wanted to be home to watch the footie. So when John comes back, after dinner we shall take Oscar out for a nice long walk. 

Oh the rat problem - we have a man coming on Monday - we found the potatoes! They were over a gap in the step to the outside door of the garage - like they have tried to get them through the gap - and the gap leads to a cavity and oh dear its horrible but theyve been getting in the roof too!!  The boys did say they could hear something and we said it was just birds!!! OOOOH Grim!! Anyway so glad the man is coming.

I have got my work placement tomorrow - we have the planning for it with the teacher and the artist I will be working with. We are going to be doing digital photography with the kids. Should be fun planning it and even more fun doing it!

Anyway, bored you enough!

Take care xx

Isnt this just gorgeous - thanks Dianna. xxxx



tellsg said...

MMmmm, dinner sounds nice today.  We are having jacket potatoes with prawn mayonnaise and salad, its one of the kids favourites.  I don't always make a Sunday dinner, just tend to make the favourites the kids want that I don't have time for in the week.  I hope your son's treatment is successful as I know you are worried about it.  Have a great week with your placement.  Hugs.  Terry x

ukgal36 said...

I knew it was rats when you said about the attic...I am sorry but best to get it taken care of aye? You will love NYC I saw the Hotel you are staying won't be sorry.. it is in the heart of everything.. i have traveled all over the world but NYC is by far my favorite place.. have a great sunday..i wish i could have a bite of that lamb..yum!

bethjunebug said...

Hi Lainey!  So excited for you going to New York.  I hope you have a pleasant, safe trip. Only been there a couple of times, just passing through. My husband use to be a truck driver, and I would ride occasionally. Never had Lamb Roast. sounds yummy. It's sleeting and raining here. I had a terrible headache for a week now. I know it is sinus though. Taking medication eases it some, then its right back.  Oh well, it has to run its course. Have a nice day with your family.
Love ya,
Liz in VA. USA

jlocorriere05 said...

Men are strange creatures Laine! Maybe John's got odd cos he knows he's gonna miss you too! I'm glad you're getting the rat problem sorted before they breed! Jeannette xx  

labdancer51 said...

mmm...roast lamb!  We`re having roast chicken. Good luck with the work placement tomorrow Laine. Oh dear, you have a rat problem?  I hope it gets sorted soon.

Love Sandra xxxx

jeadie05 said...

Roast lamb we are having chicken ,being annoyed with men is parr for the course ,Im sure they feel the same about us on occasions lol

memes121 said...

Just drop in to say hello friend. Tammy

cherry2sweet2eat said...

all i see is x's okay never mind now its showing lol.

sarajanesmiles said...

Likes the siggy in this entry, Johnny Depp, mmm, pause to gaze at siggy again :o) :o) :o)
I have Pirates of the Caribbean, Dead Man's Chest to watch at some point, yay me!
Sara   x

jmoqueen said...

So a Johnny Depp fan huh??  LOL.............I bet you are feeling better about the hotel thing and I'm sure that even though you are all different in age it won't seem like it once your all out there.  I am drooling over the title to this entry ~ roast lamb is my favourite but coz I live alone I don't bother with roast dinners.  can I come to yours next time you do lamb?? sauce.......mmmmmmmmmm.........roast potatoes.......................... *must stop drooling*

Jenny xx