Friday, 16 February 2007

Another Entry for today!

I just don't believe it - computer says download new Explorer 7.0 so I do - now computer says NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Arrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhh I hate computers - who thought of them!!! I really do not know what to do - all of a sudden now I've installed Explorer 7.0 I cannot use it to go on internet - it keeps saying cannot display that page!!! It was perfectly fine before I flippin downloaded that. Oh and my Norton Anti-virus thing has decided thats not gonna play ball either and wont let me into my beloved Pogo games!!! GRRRRRRRRRRR

Any help??????

Laine xxxx

Hmm dont think my alerts are going out again either!!!! GRRRRRRR


aniracj said...

Go into your control panel, then into add/remove programmes. It should show explorer 7 once it has compiled the list and you could delete it......or do a system restore to a previous date and that will rectify it as well. Hope that helps! Oh and yes, I will let you have the recipe if it is successful, LOL!!

sarajanesmiles said...

I got an alert :o)
Best thing to do is ask our Stuart, he will know all the ins and outs of Explorer 7.0 :o)
Sara   x

sugarsweet056 said...

First go to Exploer7 & see if it has an unistall, if so click on it.
Go to control panel...then add/delete programs...find explorer 7 & delete it all. Then got & do a sytem restore to a day or 2 earlier than when this happened.
That's about all I can think of.

jmoqueen said...

I've heard that people who install explorer 7 have been having problems and even that the windows people know about it!!  Before you DOWNLOAD anything in the future of that scale set a restore point ~ if you have Windows XP it should be a system tool ~ you'll find it in the start menu.  If something goes wrong then you can restore your computer to the early time when it was working fine :-)

Hope that makes sense xx


sunflowerkat321 said...

Do a system restore back prior to when you installed Explorer 7.  You will not lose data....but it will return your system to the exact configuration  of the date you specify.