Saturday, 12 May 2007

4am toothache

It's 4am, and I'm awake! hmmm and its a toothache - a real bad one!

I broke my tooth over two years ago and it has never ever given me any trouble and all of a sudden it is throbbing - it has hurt before but not like this - this is typical just when Im soooooo busy and need to be ok for all my work to be done!  Im petrified of the dentist - that's why I never went to sort the tooth out - I'm hoping that it will go away just for now - then I'll go to the dentist when Im done with college.   It's so bad its hurts to swallow!! Oh dear!!! Me own fault - should have gone to dentist when I first did it! Then it would all be done now!

I worked really hard today (well yesterday really now isnt it - saturday anyway!).  Went with my mate Judy to work at a 70th birthday party. The house was gorgeous - huge, huge house with a huge huge driveway - with electric gates!!! Awww and in the garden was a swimming pool!!! The gardens were gorgeous! They had a huge summer house too! Wish I could have taken pics to show you all.  Hmmmm how the other half live! Anyway, we arrived at 10.30am (4 of us) and the elderly couple were so so nice (ooooh my dad is 70 and I dont call him elderly) anyway we did not stop from the moment we got there to the moment we left, 6.00pm!  54 people to cater for - there were 4 courses - I washed up everything! I was shattered and dont want to see anymore washing up for weeks! But I enjoyed it even though I was so tired.

My John is the best! When I got home from working I gave him half my money to spend on himself and he refused to take it - said I deserved to spend the whole lot on just me! Bless him. And, whilst I'd been out all day he had got all my photos printed and sized for the exhibition in Hastings station - so thats one job less for me to do. Isn't he a star!

YAY - watched Joseph this week. I'm sorry Stuart but I love it! Can't help it! hee hee.

James here this weekend - awww got all my boys this weekend! James said he was bored with his mates - bless him! I told him that I missed him! 15 year olds dont want to hear that do they LOL.

Toothache easing off - hopefully can go to bed soon. Taken disprin and bonjela! Disprin is the best for toothaches.

Now Im rambling and if your still reading - wow your not bored yet?

Feel in a wierd place at the moment! Can't wait til degree show over and I know what grade I got - I will be estactic with a 2-2 - disappointed if I get a 3 - don't think I'll get a 3 - hope I don't but at least that's a pass isnt it. Just be glad when its over now really -then I can do art for art and not for a stupid examiner. 

Some of us are forming an art group after college has finished - we can all exhibit together and meet up and stuff to encourage us to keep our art going.  Can't wait!

Anyway, I'll go now - this is a good place for me this journal - at the moment especially - it helps getting it all out on here - you don't have to read it all! Thanks for listening if your still this far though.

Love Laineyx xxxxxx



tellsg said...

Hi Laine, sorry to hear about the toothache.  You know I suffered a lot before I gave in and went to the dentist.  If it is aching like try putting a load of sensodene toothpaste on it, it really helps make the pain subside and in between keep cleaning your teeth with it.  I found it the best way to control it until I went.  Oooh, sorry.  Hugs, Terry x

louiseb411 said...

Hope your toothache is healing. You could try some clove oil, thats good for toothache. Glad you are getting on well with your work  Loulse

jlocorriere05 said...

Sorry about the toothache Laine, they always come at inoppurtune moments don't they? I hope it's eased off now but get it sorted before it happens again. Bless John for getting your photos done for the exhibition while you were out, he sounds an angel! I hope you have a good day today after all your work you put in yesterday, I detest washing up! Jeannette xx  

jeadie05 said...

Oh poor Laine ,you really dont need that tooth to play you up just now ,when this is all over I will be asking you about getting it done lol I too hate washing up ,but like you have done it for money in the past ,the things you have to do how lovely of John printing up your pictures for you ,enjoy your time with the boys Jan xx

gaboatman said...

I wasn't bored reading your post, actually I enjoyed it.  I am sorry about the toothache.  Aren't they just the worst?  The party you helped cater for sounded really nice.  A whole lot of work, but the rewards for a job well done are great!  I'm glad John let you keep the money for yourself.  He does sound like a nice guy.  I hope you are able to get back to sleep and get some rest.  Take care!

aniracj said...

I hate dentists as well, not been for years but teeth okay so will just hope they stay that way!!!  Other than your toothache it sounds like you have had a good weekend so far, hope it stays that way. love Joan

sarajanesmiles said...

You poor thing, toothache is the worst isn't it :o(
Glad it eased off.
Never bored with your entries m'dear, and of course I read it all!
Sara   x

jmoqueen said...

Glad your toothache was easing off ~ bless John for getting those pictures done and not wanting your money.  Glad you've had a good time with the boys xx