Saturday, 14 April 2007


Last day of work today, yay!

Day of rest tomorrow, double yay!

Phone arrived today, triple yay!

The phone takes fantastic pics - will post them soon.

O2 taking ages sending me my code to keep my number I had with them! grrrrrr

Then when eventually they send me the code it takes Virgin 5 days to activate it, double grrrrr!

I did sleep well last night Sara!

Watched Any Dream will Do tonight - awwwwwww its great! Made me cry at the end when one had to go!

It also made me happy coz I sang along to all the songs! hee hee!

I get to lay in tomorrow! First time in ages!! YAY

Got to get all my work done tomorrow for college, and yes John I like going out for walks too - we went for a lovely walk in the woods today - it was a beautiful day!

Laine xxx



jeadie05 said...

So pleased you had a good nights sleep Laine ,must be all the hard work you have been doing lately ,good luck with your college work tomorrow Jan xx

sarajanesmiles said...

Yay, yay and yaaay :o)
Glad you slept well, that's another yay, just a small quiet one though, in case you are sleeping again now.  
Was a lovely day today wasn't it, glad you and John had the nice walk in the woods, aww, sounds lovely that does.
Sara   x

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad you slept well Laine, it was beautiful out yesterday wasn't it? About 80 degrees in Brighton! Have a great Sunday. Jeannette xx  

jmoqueen said...

Lots of yay's :-)  Hope you had a nice lie-in today xx