Monday, 9 April 2007

Galaxy Chocolate (not an advertisement!)

You are all truly good for me - you lift my spirits up! I need them lifting at the moment - dont know why I feel so fed up! Yep - it's there, it's beside me - it's looking, it's beckoning and yep Im gonna eat it and Im gonna enjoy it! My bar of Galaxy.

John just taken the boys out - and my oh my what peace - we have got the three of them all week this week.  I'm working all week apart from Thursday - one minute I have no work - the next I have loads!!  So no decorating this week - in fact I have made a pact with the boys - they have to keep their room tidy or I wont be decorating it in the summer. Of course, I will buy them new beds but I wont decorate if they cant keep it tidy.  Im making a chart and if they get 15 crosses in the next 8 weeks then they wont get it done and Im sticking to it! I will be checking their bedroom twice a week.

My friend picked up her puppy yesterday a Boxador - awwww Im going to see her on Thursday and I promise pics of her on my journal that evening!!! (Cross Lab/Boxer!) She called her Purdy. Judy said that her family is now complete - how sweet!!!

Im a bit slow on reading journals but I will get round you eventually!

Take care

Laine xxxx

P.s. help yourself to my Galaxy if you want some! Especially Sara - as its her favourite!


cherry2sweet2eat said...

i wanna see the doggy too!

sarajanesmiles said...

I have helped myself... to the whole bar :o)
Mmm yum yummy it is too!
Sara   x

louiseb411 said...

Yum fav. I have a tick chart on my fridge for Harry so far he has no crosses so it could get expensive!! Louise xx

aniracj said...

My Galaxy is in the freezer, lol, think I may join you.....but I bet I'll be the only one to bite her tongue, LOL!!!

sdrogerson said...

chocolate BAH gies us a pie!

labdancer51 said...

That`s it Laine, eat the Galaxy, you know you want! ;o))))

Love Sandra xxxx

tellsg said...

The crosses are a good idea for the decorating, especially if you don't feel like doing it you can add a couple of extra here and there, tee hee!!  Hope work goes ok for you this week.  Hugs, Terry x

jmoqueen said...

Hope you saved me a piece of Galaxy ~ I sometimes prefer it to Cadbury's tee hee hee........That's what J-lands for isn't it?  to help in times of need.  Sometimes we feel fed up but there is never a reason, trust me when you least expect it you will snap out of it ;-)