Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Feeling better

Sara Choccie bar on the way to you!!! yay!!! Galaxy one it is!!

John away tonight! Im feeling all lonely - kids all busy with friends - Joe outside playing football - Sam on computer with his friend. Hmmm kids dont want to talk to me when they busy - even dog is asleep!

I bought two games today for my DS - dont like them - selling them on ebay now - silly me - why did I buy them - I bought Lunar Genesis and My Vet Practice - what the hell came over me - I really dont know!

I did some more of my cross-stitch today and sent one to John's mum - bless her - she is going to do one now - I now have a team of cross-stitchers - Sara, Mia, Lorraine, Zoe and John's mum. awwww arent they all nice to me. So thats five being done and I want to get ten done - Ive also got to get this video sorted out - Im thinking of displaying it on a small screen and giving the viewer earphones so they can just take it all in to themselves - still not sure how to display the cross-stitches - hmmm any ideas welcome - I want to keep them personal looking.

Im going to come round visit you all tonight while I have the chance.

I miss you all.

Laine xxx


jeadie05 said...

Is it allowed for someone else to do the cross stitch ?Igave up buying things for my Grandchildren ,I cant keep up with their tastes...love Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

Whatr inLunar Genesis about?

sarajanesmiles said...

Choccie bars are goood.
Galaxy choccie bars are sooo goood.
I won't share you know ;o)
Don't be lonely Laine, John will be back soon hon.
Knows you miss him when he's not there.
Have the ((((( )))))
Sara   x

jmoqueen said...

Glad everythings going ok xx That's a great idea about the video :-)