Monday, 23 April 2007

Nearly there.

I did my Career Development file - all done and handed in!

I did my presentation today - I did it about my time with Robsack Wood school on my work placement - it was received well and Im pleased with it. I did a power point presentation and Im just glad its all done now!

So far all the units I have completed for my degree have had good feedback and I have been graded well. But..................

My studio practice is not so good as I have been wrapped up with everything else I havent given it enough time - what with hospital trips and putting my all into the other units.  So therefore I only get a D+ at the moment as I dont have enough work to show - this is what my tutor said;

"Elaine came up with a sound idea in February - working with translating the immediacy of text messaging into the format of the sampler. Delivering the almost flow of consciousness texted message into the time laden and process heavy cross stitch of the victorian age. She is not interested in the sampler as an object but in the description of the time involved in recreating the text and in recording the sounds of life on the principles of the experience.

With only one short piece of film complete it is not possible to evaluate the potential for success at this stage and I have concerns that all considerable external pressures are impacting on this work. As a consequence at this interim point I have to grade this quite hard however, I do feel..." and then I need to get the next bit from him coz he photocopied it and I cant read it all - and I like howevers they mean positive dont they?

Anyway the grade he gave me is still a pass - just! I just got to prove him wrong that I can do this - hence why I got my workers beavering away doing cross-stitch for me - bless their little cottons - I really appreciate that! Anyway, I think that the cross-stitches are the important part so I dont know why he thinks that I am dismissing them - Im not - I think he wants me to do a film and Im not so keen - I will do a short piece of film but I really want to display the work as they are the living proof of my idea and they are important.  I just got to get my head down and work work work now.

Laine xxx


sdrogerson said...

take your time and reread it he is defining the nature of the cross stitch in relation to txt spk which is explaining that the cross stitch in itself is not the object. And all he is saying is that you have a great idea but with all the external pressures on your life you haven't made much progress and on what he has seen he has to mark it down at the moment - however he still has to see the completed project to see if you achieved your aim.

Be encouraged.

sarajanesmiles said...

Can I steal Stuart's comment?
He knows more than I do about that stuff :o)
I'm glad the career development file and the presentation both are done, yay you Laine, you are getting there m'dear.  And you've had good feedback too :o)  The however does sound like it's going to be positive!
I just finished the third row of text, J is tutoring me, he he, telling me which letter to stitch next, then inspecting everything closely when I'm done!!  
Sara   x

jeadie05 said...

Go for it Laine Jan xx

labdancer51 said...

Well done Laine! :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

tellsg said...

Get them cross stitchers to get their fingers out, so you can hand in the rest of it.  Well done for passing, it can only get better.  Hugs, Terry x

jmoqueen said...

You can do it girl xx Well done on the power point presentation