Friday, 27 April 2007

Just to clear up the sex thing

I just want to say that I agree with my friend Joan in her comment last night.  I really should have talked about closeness, being soul mates - being caring to one another and intimacy - none of those really need sex! Coz one day me and John might not be able to do that - one day a lot of couple cant do that - but its really how close you can be with one another and trusting one and other and being there for each other.  Im glad Joan you reminded me of that. But sex is good though hee hee - only Im lucky enough to still have that part of our relationship!

The friend I talked about last night has no closeness at all in her marraige - she would love her husband to hold her hand, brush her face - tell her he loves her - it would mean more than sex - sex is just sex isnt it - making love is different. Oh blimey Ive started myself going on now so I will stop!! hee hee

Im gonna have some chocolate!


Laine xxxx


sdrogerson said...

J is  my best friend I love her, hold her, talk to her bare my soul, cuddle her everyday - sex is ok but I would leave that all behind all I need it closeness an intertwining of lives and love. Does that make sense?

aniracj said...

Stuart has said it all; I agree sex is good....very good in fact if it is right in each particular relationship (and possible), but you can equally be turned off wanting it after suffering abuse at the hands (and other things, lol) of someone who claims to love you. I have found true love and respect with Rob, I don't honestly know what I would do without him.....and, believe it or not, in the 11 years we have been together we have never had a row of any sort!!! Thank you Lainey for understanding where I am coming (for want of a better word, lol) from........I still joke about it even if it is lacking, LOL!!!

jmoqueen said...

Completely agree, without the intimacy and someone telling you they want you and making it known you aren't gonna put out for sex are you.  I think maybe your friend has a point now and take back my last comment LOL