Tuesday, 27 March 2007


First of all, Happy Yay! Day! Sara!!!

And, please pop over to Stuart's journal and sponsor his girls!!! Go on do it!! Now! hmmmm what you doing still here!

Right, well seeing as your still here then I'll go on - but remember go to Stuart's journal after! OK.

Had a lovely day today - a bit of a yay day Sara LOL.  Walked to school, normally drive, well we drove halfway then walked the rest.  Was lovely!  Then I went with Carol and her dog to the park with my dog.  We walked into town (Hastings) and we stopped for lunch then walked back - it was such a beautiful day!  It was so nice to be out and about after working so hard stuck indoors writing that dissertation!  Then at 3'oclock because I didnt have kids to pick up I sat in the sun for 45 minutes and it was glorious!!! Loved it - oh I love the sun and the sun loves me - oh how happy we can be. LOL Sorry.

Sam is better today although he didnt go into school - I kept him off as his cough was still quite bad.  He will go tomorrow - Its Easter soon Yay!!! That means two weeks off for the kids and two weeks off for me too!! I still got tons of work to do - I must get back on with it - double quick!!!

Anyway, hope you are all ok - not many peeps coming to see me these days! Bloomin alerts!! Never mind.

Love Laine xxxxx



jeadie05 said...

It is lovely to see the sun again ,nice to know it hasnt forsaken us I went for a walk in the sunshine this afternoon too ,pleased Sam is better today ...love Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

yup  the sun actually peeped out today

sarajanesmiles said...

We've all been enjoying the sun today it seems... Yay us :o)
He he, Happy Yay Day!!

Was just telling J how it would be Easter soon, he's all confuselled by that of course, bless, but he knows that there will be chocolate eggs!

Glad that Sam is feeling alot better.
Sara   x

labdancer51 said...

Hi Laine,  It`s been a fabulous day today, let`s hope you have many more of them! I`m so pleased to hear that Sam is getting better. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

tellsg said...

Glad that Sam is feeling better today.  I can't believe that Easter is creeping up so quickly, it must be early this year.  My two are looking forward to their 2 weeks hols from school too.  Glad you enjoyed the sunshine today.  Hugs. Terry x

jmoqueen said...

Glad you had a yay day :-)  Hope the dissertation is coming along well xx Hope Sam is feeling better tomorrow.  Yay Easter short working weeks coming up lol



jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad Sam is feeling better, those coughs hang around forever don't they?! It was a lovely day here too, I love the sun too, it can never get too hot for me! Glad you managed to sit out in it a bit! You never know when it's gonna disappear. Jeannette xx