Thursday, 15 March 2007

Good day

Hi All,

Had great day at the school - my first day of work placement with the artist Susan Diab - click on the link and you will see who Im working with and the school.  What is on the website is the project they did last year with my Joe's year. This year we are working with year 3/4's - I can't post pics on here but you might see some on that website.

We have now finally succumbed to the fact that we have to buy a new fridge and freezer - in fact Im on my way to the web sites in a mo to try find them.  Hopefully can get interest free - we have not got much money at the mo - what with my trip to NY and we also have to replace 7 fence panels in our garden going to cost £540!!  Hopefully my student loan will be here soon!! Last installment!!! boo hoo!!

Thanks for all your comments - now Im wondering if Sara actually did google Dion and I wonder what you think of his art Sara!

Im at home all day tomorrow - so dissertation day again! Amazing how little time we have and how precious time is when you do have it!

Also after today working at the school - I really appreciate how lucky I am that my kids are brought up in a loving environment and that they are well behaved and lovely children - the teachers said to me today that they have never had such good children as sam and joe - how proud am I!!  I wonder if I will be able to be a good teacher - some of the children are very challenging!!

Nearly weekend!!!  Yay!!! 11 weeks left of college yikes!!!

Love Laine xxxx



jeadie05 said...

11 weeks ,youll do it ,You must be so proud of your boys ,,,are you getting my alerts ? Jan xx

jmoqueen said...

I hope you manage to get on your dissertation tomorrow xx  Glad you had a good day at the school placement and what a lovely compliment about your children :-)


sdrogerson said...

interesting entry - can you make you font a bit bigger though?

jlocorriere05 said...

I'm glad you had a good day Laine. I was always complimented on my kids too! I can't stand rudeness oor bad manners in children or in anybody come to think of it! Jeannette xx  

sarajanesmiles said...

He he, I did google Dion, but the Dion I found was the singer/songwriter Dion... then I got distracted 'cause I had to find him on Napster and have a listen!  
Well done Sam and Joe, sounds like they are a credit to you m'dear :o)
Sara   x