Friday, 30 March 2007

Friday feeling

Well its Easter hols now! Yay!

Awww I just chatted to my Mum and she said that my Dad bumped into my friend (who I havent seen for years) she told him to tell me her husband has left her for someone else.  It made me feel sick inside - I used to be very close to her and her husband and they were like the most devoted couple I knew - they both helped me through my divorce - I thought they were forever!  I cant believe he has done this to her! I felt awful then for not seeing them for so long.  I tried to ring her but no answer - I will ring her again over the weekend - wonder how she is coping.

I wonder sometimes if it is best that me and John are not married -yesterday I sat with my two friends and listened to them moan non-stop about their husbands. One of my friends's has only been married to hers for a couple of months.  She said she wondered if she had done the right thing.  All they do is moan, moan, moan - I do wonder why people stay together if they are so unhappy.  I no that I havent got a perfect relationship because nobody is perfect but if I was reduced to moaning about John to all and sundry I would certainly wonder if my life was happy!  We are happy and thats all that matters - we do want to get married one day but I wonder sometimes if that would spoil it all.  But, if we are that happy it shouldnt spoil it!

Then there is my friend who is married with kids and is seeing a married man.  She will not leave her husband and her married man wont leave his wife. What is the point! She keeps getting upset - she misses 'her lover' and her husband gets on her nerves. What kind of a life is that? I feel I should be there for her but I just get really cross when she goes on missing her lover and  moaning when he hasnt text her back! She cant stand the sight of her husband and she has told him but they stay together for the kids - surely the kids live in a very wierd atmosphere then.  I never know what to text her back so the other day I was very harsh and said leave your husband and I also told her that her man doesnt love her and he is just using her - Ive not heard from her since! She might not be happy with the truth!

Oh I cant be doing with everybody elses problems! Does that sound awful? But, it seems that everyone around me needs me to tell me their problems and really Ive got a lot on my plate at the moment.  But then Im someone who feel that they should be there for people when they need me. But then John tells me not to be and to think of myself more.

Anyway, I got to go work tomorrow so thats good - a bit of money!! Not worked for ages and ages.  Im only casual so only get called in when they busy.  But this is the longest Ive gone without work.  It will be hard getting back into it tomorrow. Still it will be good to get paid again!

Take care all and have a good weekend.

Bought loads of Easter Eggs today, Yum!

Laine xxxxx



jeadie05 said...

You can only take on so much ,John is right you need to ease up sometimes Jan xx

louiseb411 said...

John is right, sometimes you just cant help people even though you can see they are messing their life up. So long as you and John are happy thats the main thing. Have a good weekend enjoy work  Louise xx

labdancer51 said...

Hello Laine, there is only so much you can do to help other people, though I can understand why you do. It makes me wonder why so many people are so unhappily married nowadays. Perhaps it`s always been that way and it was never talked about at one time. I think it`s great that you and John are happy and that`s all that really matters. :o)

Love Sandra xxxx

tellsg said...

Sorry to hear about your friend's marriage, hope you manage to speak to her this weekend.  Ha ha that you are going to work tomorrow ... although I know the money will come in handy.  Don't eat too many of those eggs.  Hugs, Terry x

cherry2sweet2eat said...

yea jerihmy doesnt want to get married neither. He said you can love someone forever with out documentation lol.

jlocorriere05 said...

You need to ease up Laine, let others get on with the mess they're in if it's self inflicted like your friends seems to be. Lend support to your other friend whose husbands walked out by all means. Marriage doesn't seem to last forever nowadays does it? I've been with Andy for 22yrs and would never consider getting married again, I love living alone! Have a great weekend! Jeannette xx  

jmoqueen said...

sounds like there are a lot of problems out there but then relationships never do run smooth do they?  You remind me of my mate she's always trying to run around and sort everyone's problems out for them but doesn't pay too much attention to her own life.  I'm glad you set it straight with your mate ~ it's what she needs and people don't like to hear the truth but she'll come back I bet you anything.


sarajanesmiles said...

I know what you mean Laine... I don't know that I could ever be married again.  It is hard to end a long term relationship/marriage though, even if it's not a happy one.  I would probably still be with Gary now if he hadn't let me down so badly last year, and that doesn't bear thinking about!!
Hope work went ok m'dear.
Sara   x