Thursday, 1 March 2007


Tired today.

Hope rats dont make noise tonight - takes 4 days to kill them.

Keep having nightmares about them!

Wanted to do lots of work today - didnt get much done.

Bought flower Rescue remedy to help my nerves for the plane - hate flying - really scared - always think its gonna be my plane that crashes - its the turbulence I hate. But then I have had bad experiences on planes so that dont help.

Bought myself new straighteners today in Boots - they were reduced from £50.00 to £25.00 - so hair looking nice and straight and smooth!

Zoe and I found out a friend of ours was ok that we were worried about so that made us feel better!

Still not got into dissertation - got it out today and looked at it - thats a start - new deadline date 26th March - thats only 26 days away.

Not even started packing for New York yet - not sure if I have enough clothes - sposed to be cold there - so prob take my big coat. Gonna buy jeans there and converse hopefully.

Me and John had talk this morning, I thought he wasnt supporting me, he thought I wasnt supporting him. Had talk and a good cuddle - decided we both been distant with each other and now we cleared the air its better.  We always got to talk otherwise we will drift apart - probably be good for us to be apart next week.

Got Seminar at college tomorrow - not got any work ready for it! Also got to have interview with my tutor see how Im getting on.

Wonder why Oscar doesnt bark at the rats!

Going to have pancakes again tonight! Loved them so much the other night - want them again!! Naughty but nice.  Really don't know what to feed the kids.

Think we should share dinner ideas - what to give the kids - I keep running out of ideas!!!

I'll tell you one thing my kids love and they are fussy!! They like mince cooked in gravy (Bisto Best, has to be!!) and tomato ketchup (yes ketchup!) then with mash potatoe on top - yes just like cottage pie!! Coz it doesnt have any onions or chunks of tomato they love it!!  Might do that tonight.  Otherwise, all Joe eats is rubbish - wish he would eat better.

Right I've gone on long enough!

Better go and cook tea - when am I ever going to get time to do this dissertation - keep putting it off! that's because I got a phobia about it - scared of it - feel I cant do it!

New York next week!!!!

Love Laine xxxxxxxx

I was going to put in pictures but file manager wouldnt load - what a surprise!!!  Oh and Sam just said he dont want cottage pie!!! Oh well.


sdrogerson said...

diazepam much more effective for nerves!
Give them HAGGIS¬!

louiseb411 said...

Kids hate lumps of any sort dont they! We are having toad in the hole. Try not to dwell on the rats although I know I would lol. Louise x

sugarsweet056 said...

We just had an infant here get her lips & nose ate off by rats!!! Parents heard strange noise over baby monitor during night & went to check on her & found a crib full of blood. She's alive but OMG!
Hope the rats are cleared out soon. Keep close eye on Oscar.
Enjoy NY! Yes, it'll prob be cold. BRRR
Hugs, Sug

barbpinion said...

I hope you're rid of those rats soon. I'd not sleep at all knowing they were around. Hugs,

ally123130585918 said...

Lainey I hope those rats have crawled back to their nest to die ~ Glad you found out your friend was OK ~ I'm glad to know he/she is ~ Only a week to go before your trip bet you are excited ~ Ally

jlocorriere05 said...

The rats should be dead by the weekend hopefully! I'm glad your friend is OK and you found out before you left for the States. We do sometimes forget to talk to our partners, they're always there and we take them for granted! As Bob Hoskins used to say .... It's nice to talk!! Jeannette xx  

mariabritt5 said...

The rats will not want to move away from your home because you are always very welcoming. Your hospitality is excellent. Quick thought have you checked the dinner yet?

Don't worry about your flight, I just know everything will be alright as you have too many people at home who love you and will be awaiting your safe return. I will make sure everyone is ok until you get back. You know you can count on me. I will miss you though but I sincerely hope you have a whale of a time. Take lots of photos with your new camera. When you get back you must start your dissertation. Maybe your break away will give you inspiration. I know you can do it mate.

Your hair does look lovely so your new straighteners have paid off.

Love you

Your bestest mate mia xxxxx

jmoqueen said...

Oh dear I've missed saying goodbye ~ trust me to be behind in my alerts lol....I hope you have a great time in New York ;-)  I'm sure you'll be fine on the flight.  Hope you'll get started on your dissertation soon ~ you might get some inspirations from New York you never know xx