Monday, 19 March 2007


Feel funny today - can't put my finger on it.

Went to school for work placement - loved it! Really like being in a school - its a good atmosphere - there are so many troubled kids though - its sad - how do they know how to behave when their parents behave in such a bad way - some of them only know that shouting and swearing and storming out of a room is normal behaviour - how can you tell children off for that when that is all they know? All you can do is say that its not acceptable and hope they learn from the outside world and the world inside school - its very sad, very very sad.

One boy, who when we first entered the class was shouting and throwing things came out with such a beautiful statement it made me want to cry.  At the end of the day we were looking at the photographs we had taken and a picture came up of the sky and we asked the class what feeling it gave them. This little boy put his hand up and said 'freedom' - bless him - he said that sky is freedom there are no rules and no telling off - on the ground you get told off and cant do things.  Bless his little heart - he had so much anger in him - it makes you wonder what happens to him at home.  Can I be a teacher? Would I be able to do it? Its so hard!

I've got so much work to do - Im getting on with the dissertation - doing more and more each day - Im very confused with it though - and keep changing my mind on things - still got a bit of reading to do to - this is the list of other work I have to do:

Make power point presentation (15 mins) of my work or my dissertation.

Write a 500 word essay on what Proffessional Development means to me.

Keep a journal of work placement and write up how it helps me with my professional development.

Write a CV

Write an artist's statement.

Get together a folder with all my bits and pieces do with professional development - i.e. any emails, letters Ive written/received - any publications Ive been in or been part of, exhibitions Ive been to etc.

Make six promotional objects!

Do my actual artwork - which is cross stitch of text messages and film me doing it.

Keep a journal of my artwork too.

I think that is it - I might even have other little bits to do!!

Oh yeah I remember Ive got to get together a cd of all my pics in jpeg, and pfd or something cant remember got it written down somewhere. Oh blimey!!!

Well Ive got tomorrow, Ive got wednesday (thursday im in hospital having my hysteroscopy thing - got to rest all day after) and Ive got Friday - really want my dissertation finished by Friday then its got time to be looked over by tutor before deadline.

Sorry about all this - not interesting really is it but it really helped for me to write it all down - I really need all of you - you dont realise how much it helps to know you are listening! You have helped me through - especially Dianna - she is good at telling me straight - get on with it Laine!! LOL

Take care all

Laine xxxxxxx


labdancer51 said...

I really hope that you`ll make a great teacher Laine, it can`t be easy though for the very reasons you mentioned. Some of these poor kiddies don`t have a chance from the outset of their lives.

Love Sandra xxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

Aww Laine, have a ((((( )))))
I see the way some parents talk and act with their kids when I'm up at J's school, it is sad to see isn't it.  Sounds like you have a whole lot on your plate for this week m'dear.  Hoping you manage to get it all done, and of course, hoping things go well for you on Thursday.
Sara   xxx

jeadie05 said...

Your little school boy's answer to the question you posed ,really made me sad ,what ever prompted that ? Wow what a long list Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

that's a lot on your plate at once.
Organisation and Prioritisation is the name of the game.
Who knows what the future holds for you when you finish.
Pat who was at out party this weekend was at art school in the 70's now she is a top set designer in the world of film and tv...........

tellsg said...

Blimey, I can't believe the childrens' behaviour at school.  We would never have got away with it.  You are really under pressure at the moment, so try to find a few minutes each day to relax a bit.  Hugs.  Terry x

jlocorriere05 said...

We'd never have been allowed to behave like that at school. If we screamed and shouted we'd get caned, ensuring we wouldn't do it again! It must be hard being a teacher nowadays, I wouldn't have the patience. Wow, you have so much to do! I hope you get it all done and the hysteroscopy thingy goes well! Jeannette xx  

jmoqueen said...

I think you should get on with it too xx ;-)  You certainly have a lot of work to do!!  Glad you are enjoying the work placement ~ don't think I could work in a school either.