Sunday, 28 January 2007

Sunday Sunday

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I haven't stopped by to some of your journals - I've been busy with college stuff - got quite a bit done over weekend but still got loads to do!! I've got lots of cubes to make and I'm not sure yet how I'm gonna get the text on them.I'm actually starting to think its a silly idea - I keep doing that and doubting myself!! It's a confidence thing!

Now to tell you about the text messages I posted in earlier blogs - I got one today and it said 'I hate Sundays' - well its from a friend of mine and she is married with four children - all girls and she is dreadfully, dreadfully unhappy in her marraige - the thing is she is in love with a man that she has known for 25 years but he is married - he sees her now and then when he can - he has told her that they can never be together as he will never leave his wife.  My friend has told her husband she doesnt love him but he wont have it and he keeps texting her and bugging her all the time about them making a go of it.  I have told her that she should leave her husband but she cant because of her girls and her mum lives in part of her house - its really hard for her - but I think this lover of hers is using her big time - its hard to know what to say to her!!

Well that went on a bit didnt it - didnt write the whole lot as it would bore you!!! I'll put her messages as I get them.

Take care all.

Love Laine xxxx



sdrogerson said...

it is sad when people have messy relationshipds

jlocorriere05 said...

It's sad, you only get one chance at life and it's not nice when you've messed it up. It does sound like the other fella's using her, if he won't leave his wife why doesn't he leave your friend alone?!  I hope she gets it sorted out some day. I hope you can get your cubes sorted out too! Jeannette xx  

jeadie05 said...

Thanks for the explanation ,how sad Jan xx

ally123130585918 said...

Oh Laine I hope everything turns out well for your friend ~ I know I would tell her to get rid of that married man out of her life ~ but that is just my opinion ~ I just wish her well ~ Ally

labdancer51 said...

I do feel sorry for your friend Laine, she sounds so unhappy. The married man who never be the one for her though.

Sandra xxxx

barbpinion said...

How sad for your friend. I hope things work out for her. It is a tought situation, one I'd not want to be in. WIll be praying for her. How are things going with you?

jmoqueen said...

I think your right in saying she needs to leave her husband she can't feel happiness if she stays in that relationship but then she needs to leave this bloke on the side ~ like you say he is clearly stringing her along and the sooner she knows that the better.