Thursday, 18 January 2007

Going out

I'm really tired  - I'm really down but I'm gonna go out and meet my friends tonight! I feel guilty because I should be addressing my work but I'm so so tired. And they just both text me to say that if I'm down then I should meet up with them to get cheered up.  John said I should go. But thats not getting my work done is it!! I usually join them for swimming first but I'm just going to go for the drink after. My cossie still wet anyway LOL.

Anyway, more thoughts on my focus piece for my exhibition on 12th Feb.  I'm gonna make lots of cubes  - all white with lots of comments, text messages etc on them and put them onto a black cloth so they stand out.  It will show how much they do mean to me! How important they are and not just hid in a computer or mobile phone - it somehow makes them real!

Can someone remind me how I put nice pics and graphics and that on my blog - its a bit boring isnt it. Can someone kindly do me a nice Laine graphic that I can put on the bottom? I just tried to add a pic and it came up with this URL thingy - beyond me!! LOL

Love Laine xxx


jeadie05 said...

They are right ,you should go out ,you will come back fresh again Jan xx

sdrogerson said...

My Here to Help journal tells you how to do it step by step.
Kafka's World Forum >Computing> Bunny's Corner has a tutorial
Here to Help is listen on Specimen Days
Graphics can be borrowed from the free Graphics Blog on Kafka's World.

aniracj said...

You deserve a breather....have a good time and relax!!!!

jlocorriere05 said...

Hi Laine, Go on, go out with your mates! Although you've probably been and gone and got home again by now! If you have Photobucket just left click on the graphic you want to bring it up on another window then left click again, it brings yet another one up! You can copy and paste it onto an email ready to put on your entry. I hope the wind wasn't too bad for you when you went out with your friends! It blew me home pretty fast! Jeannette xx  

tellsg said...

Go out with your friends, a few glasses of wine will cheer you up no end.  Hugs.  Terry x

ally123130585918 said...

Going out with your friends will do you the world of good ~ Hope you had a good time ~ Ally