Wednesday, 10 January 2007

My ideas

Hello everyone and welcome to my new journal.


I am at the moment studying at Hastings college on my Fine Art degree BA hons. I started this course in September 06 and below is a quick overview to let you know where Im at now.


In my previous practice I was taking multiple images of trees and gathering these images together to make an installation.  I am now looking at these images again and using them as a source for my reflective practice.  I have realised within this reflective practise that the main focus of my work and my interests are based on multiples.  This has now become my theme in my experimentation.

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I have experimented with;


  • Drawings, using ink, pencil, charcoal and wax crayon.
  • Creating images in response to digital photographs.
  • Using photocopies of photographs and drawings (cut and paste) to formulate ideas.
  • I disposed of the digital images of trees – just leaving drawn responses.
  • I have used monoprint to discover new ways of creating these images.
  • I have also used scale to examine its effect.


This experimentation led me to understand that multiples were the key – single objects did not convey what I wanted to portray in my work. This led me to examine how multiples exist around us.


I then began to move on to a new enquiry of photographing multiples and manipulating them in Photoshop with the intention of creating multiples of multiples! This was to convey to the viewer that multiples are more exciting than just one single object and that one object when repeated can form an exciting image.


I began to collect multiples and therefore became interested in collections. I started to collect objects and formed my own collections with the intention of finding out why we are fascinated with ‘more than one’ and why I am so excited with multiples.


Whilst researching people and their collections I realised that I myself collect when I am chatting in internet chat rooms – I collect people ‘friends’ – and conversations I have with them.  The conversations are fascinating and interesting from all around the world.


This has generated the theme for my studio practise as I want to study this much deeper. 


I intend to include an image that depicts the essence of the internet its structure and form, and how via this structure and form it is possible for people to connect, relate, develop and form friendships and form a community a collection of people of similar mind.


I hope to also accumulate ideas from people who read my journal and I would love to hear about people's experiences on the internet and maybe collect your photos or chat to you on msn - my aim is to collect as many friends as possible to help me with my research.  It's going to be fun for me getting to know people but it will also help with my work!!!


If anyone has hotmail or yahoo (and would like to chat with me)- you can find me on there when I'm online.  My hotmail is and my yahoo is or you can contact me on



Byeee for now and I'll be back soon!!!



jeadie05 said...

Thaanks for the entry with the explanation I said Id be happy to help ,how ever you like ,,love Janxx

nightmaremom said...

thanks for the invite... will be watching.. hopefully I can help

jmoqueen said...

I certainly am gonna write to you about my online experience I wanna just word it right so I hope you don't mind if it might take me a few days before I respond ~ it's all sounding good, keep it up :-)


bluegrassmaria said...

I think that this will prove to be an interesting project and I will certainly be looking in on it regularly. Have fun doing it ! Talk soon Maria ( coleblue1 on pogo)

sallymew59 said...

Hi Laine

Well as usual you've got a lot to say!  You are doing soooo well with all your college work - especially as you have to hold down family life too - keep it up Laine and never give up on yourself.  You know you really are true friend to lots of us - that's because you are, like you say you, great with people.

Love you lots Laine