Friday, 19 January 2007

Friday feeling

So it's Jade evicted from the BB house - oh dear I wonder what will happen to her - I really don't know what to think - but she has apologised to Shilpa - crikey little does she realise what she has stirred up!! I don't envy her one bit.

I got lots of cardboard boxes from work today - they were throwing them away and were a bit puzzled when I got excited over them - Im an artist remember I said to them - oh yeah they said - then it was ok!! LOL

I'm excited about making lots of cubes with my messages on - it will be great to see them as objects and not just hidden on my phone! Blimey am I mad!!!

OOOh I better order some white paint, lots of masking tape and pva glue!!!  Oh and I must take pics of my last piece of text work to show you all - sorry not got round to it yet.

Must order that game Stuart has got - oh no!!! If I do Stuart I really wont have time to do my dissertation!!

My German Shephard Dog - Lucky - won first prize in an obedience competition today and I won £1000!!! How cool is that .......................... no not a real dog ........................... Nintendogs!! Its my relaxation just before going to bed - only play an hour a day but it really relaxes me - what a kid I am!!! Real doggie looking at me and saying tut tut mummy play with me instead!!

Was talking to a friend a work today and she has to make the decision whether to put her dog down or not - she is really old and her back leg is very limp and full of arthritis - isnt it sad - I really do not ever ever want my Oscar to get old!! He is 5 in March - can't believe how fast the time goes.

I'm really rambling today arent I. Diama!!! Thanks so much for my beautiful tag and when I can work out how to put it on here I will and I will leave a comment.  Thanks for all your help by the way on reminding me how to get pics in.  I promise to have the tag Diama made me on here soon!!!!

Have a good weekend all.

Laine xxxxxxxxxxxxxx



sdrogerson said...

We are on our third dog it always sad when you lose one.........

jeadie05 said...

Oh has Jdae gone ,we have been watching Lillies ,card board boxes oh your easily pleased dear lainey Jan xx