Monday, 15 January 2007

more thoughts on what Im going to do

Hi all,

More thoughts on what I'm going to do. I realised yesterday when walking my dog that I very much love meeting new people. Some people stop us because my dog is so beautiful! They want to stroke him and ask me about him. If I didnt have the dog with me they would just walk by.  Its because we had a commonality that we stop and chat - we like dogs!!  We all have a commonality on the internet, on journals or in pogo games.  We all choose to be there and we all want to make new friends.

Its different on the internet because we can ask questions - know each others names - talk to each other again because we add each other to our address book or buddy list.  It's like collecting people!!  When your out walking your dog - you cant say to that person can I add you to my friends list incase you see them again!!  You can do that on the internet and thats why I like it so much!

Maybe Im just nosey - I dont know but I find meeting other people very fascinating and on the internet you can find out so much about one person.  In our journals we open ourselves to anyone or anyone we choose in our private journals.  But, because we dont have to face anyone we dont feel frightened about opening up and saying what we want - we can let everything off our chest.  The one thing we miss on the internet is the physical contact and the facial expressions.  In the real world I think we might be choosy and sometimes prejudice - most people would walk past a person because of their appearance - either feeling too proud or too small to talk to them.  On the internet you cant see the person - you dont know who you are talking to - there are no prejudices.  Or may be there are but in different ways.  I dont know - what do you think?  These are just my views.

Laine xxxxxxxxx


jeadie05 said...

I think you are bang on ,though it is possible to,sometimes make judgements ,reading between the lines so to speak Jan xx

midwestvintage said...

 I think your correct on that.  We are too polite to go up to strangers and start a conversation.  With our journals we can write down our thought and then see if anyone wants to comment.  No invading of our space, can do it in our PJ's, can reply at our leasure after we have had time to give it some thought.  Good entry.


sdrogerson said...

found you at last!

mariebm56 said...

It's nice to see you posting again.
Love the new photo in your "about me" section!!
You're right about people talking to you when you have a dog....too many people want to communicate but don't have a reason.....dogs give them a reason, just like the internet....we somehow connect thru our journals.....we want to connect~

dizarra said...

Yes, I DO remember you! Lanie from the UK, glad your back with a new journal,
and I always liked your entry's very much; your new nephew is a little beauty!
I have placed you on my alrt's, again-lol-and I hope we will be reading eachother
from here on-again! lol I'm promising to write more myself, I feel like I can open up more, now that I have incouragment from all my J-land friends; I too think I'm
a little nosey, at times-but I do like to see how different people live all over the
United States AND the UK; feel free asking me anything you might want to
know-or just 'clear up', concerning my journal; today is not only Dr. Martin Luther's
birthday, but also my son's, who has been dead for 7 yrs now-he would be 27
if alive-I'm going to try to post some pictures of him today, in myjournal, in his
honor. Don't be a stranger! ~Diane~

rivercitygirl1 said...

Hi Laine,
Thanks so much for stopping by my journal.  It's great to "meet" new people.  I will add your journal to my list as well.  I also added you to my alerts.  :)

barbpinion said...

Hi, How sweet of you to  visit my journal, America. I love my country very much, and love sharing it, especially with people in other countries. I like your journal, love making new friends too, so will, no doubt, be back again. I love keeping journals. Online journals are great - especially for people wanting to make friends but who are shy in public. It is easier for the majority of people to talk to a stranger..than a friend. At least that's what people tell me. lol I am a pretty open, approachable person, so have no problem sharing. Have to get started on chores so will sign off for now. Have a GREAT DAT!

labdancer51 said...

Hello Laine and thanks for the nice comments you left on my journal. I certainly agree about meeting people whilst walking the dog, I never realised I had so many! I have noticed that if we walk without him nobody speaks to us very often at all. Dogs are very good at breaking the ice.  I think with the internet we can hide behind our monitors without being judged by others, that`s the beauty of our little J-Land community. I`ve put your journal on alert and I`ll be back to learn more about you. :o)

Sandra xxxx

sarajanesmiles said...

That's something I've noticed since having my Buddy, sooo many people talk to me now that never did before.  Other Mum's in the school playground, their children, other dog owners... mainly it's all about the dog, but it's still nice.  Online, I have been talking through journals to people for over two years now, many that read my journal have been there for alot of that time.  And of course, I read theirs too.  So many changes in peoples lives over those two years... people have had more children, fallen in and out of love, Grandchildren, it's lovely to share in those happy times, and then to help each other out when things aren't going so smoothly.  Have never met such a caring group of people :o)  Some of them I hope I will know forever!
Ooh Laine... long comment... sorry hon!
Sara   xxx

sunflowerkat321 said...

The real interesting thing is...

When you meet someont from online face to face, you start at a whole different place.  We know enough about each other that the conversation is easy when we get together.  I have been please with how each meet up I've attended has be such a nice visit.